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Like a disco queen

5 January 2018

I have been obsessed with 70's fashion for a few years now. It might not always translate in my every day style but I actually do. There is something so effortless and both chic/casual in 70's fashion. From the bohemian to the disco, I just get inspired. Of course the holidays brought their fair share or sequin and glitter as usual but I feel like it should be all year long ! 

I got this gorgeous dress from . They have great sales and free shipping if you're interested. This dress is just perfect if you want that disco glam vibe. The cut, the quality, the length, it's all good. Boohoo has a great selection of other types of dresses and I'd recommend checking them out. 

The 70's disco glam vibe inspire me so much , I need to keep this style going throughout 2018. What do you think about this trend ? Is it you thing ? Let me know in the comment section bellow ! Have a lovely day !


  1. gorgeous!

  2. You're so beautiful! 70's style is really cool, I'm all for it. The wide leg pants, huge afro and everything else! Your dress looks so good on you! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thank you so much Demilade ! I so agree with you !


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