Paris, France

Polette giveaway | 5 winners !

25 February 2017

Paris, France

The suede skirt with

18 February 2017

MOOD February 2017 | Cruise control

12 February 2017

Hi beautiful babes ! February barely started but so much has happened in the past weeks. I am finally getting my rhythm under control. I feel like there aren't enough hours in one day for me to do everything I'd love to do, but that's exciting. 

I am living by the idea of doing me, what I love and not letting anyone taking me down (again). February is going smooth, my schedule settled in and I am almost back with the blog. Honestly, I don't know how bloggers find the energy to take photos outside when it's 0°C. I know that has made it even more challenging for me to be motivated. But all your nice comments, views and support make it all worth trying harder ! 

Let me know what you are up to this month. I wish you a lovely day !

Marrakech, Maroc

Marrakesh diaries

6 February 2017

Paris, France

What's in my bag | Gym Edition

2 February 2017

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