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30 April 2016

Hi beautiful babes ! I can't believe I missed a monthly Mood this year. There was none in April and that didn't happen in a long time. This year, from May 2015 to May 2016 has been full of changes and challenges. Dariusz and I moved to France, started new jobs in Paris, moved homes several times. It has been  full of events that you didn't get to see on the blog (because most of them were not fashion related). But it translated for sure in periods of absence online. Thank you for your patience and support, now my life is slowly getting together, I am hoping to being back on my regular blogging schedule meaning a post every 2 days. 

Last year, Spring and Summer were all about work. I have 6 days week at work, often I was working 10 hours a day. I didn't have much of a life and it frustrated me. Thank god being in Paris made is so much nicer and worth it. But this year, I don't want to watch other people living their lives while I'm sitting at work 6 days a week. I need to remember living my life and not focussing on work so much. 

This is it for today; let me know what you are up to in May, what inspires you. I wish you a lovely day !
Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Wandering in the red city

27 April 2016

Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech, Morocco

Jardins de Majorelle Marrakech

24 April 2016

Minty Coco Review

13 April 2016

Hi dolls ! It has been a long time but I am finally back with a review. I have been trying for the past weeks a whitening kit from Minty Coco. This is a 2 week kit that is supposed to get your teeth looking whiter. As you can already see on the pictures above, it did work on me. But here are more details. 

My box had 14 minty tubes to be used over 2 weeks. The packaging is adorable and simple. I really enjoyed the little book that explained the entire process, how to use the product and why you should use it that way. It made everything super quick and easy. 

Everyday for 5 to 15 minutes, you keep the liquid in the tube in your mouth and swirl. I personally kept it for 5 minutes the entire time because this was how long I could stand it. If you can do it longer, you probably should for better results. 

Use the tube before brushing your teeth, keep it in your mouth for 5 to 15 minutes and then spit it out in the bin. Why in the bin not the sink ? As the package said, it's because the little tubes tend to get harder in colder temperatures so you could clog your pipes. It's safer in the bin. It was nice that they mentioned it on the package since my first reflex would have been to spit it out in the sink. 

As you can see, it did get my teeth whiter. The results are not as dramatic as any other chemical product but this one was soft on my mouth, I found my brushing routine less painful as well, as if the oil was helping my gums. From the first use you will notice that your teeth are looking brighter. 

In general, this was a positive experience. It was kind of hard for me to remember using it before brushing my teeth at first but it gets easier with time. I guess you would get a more dramatic result with other kits but this one is at least staying healthy and natural. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if you ever tried this kit or any other and what did you think ? I wish you a lovely day ! 

French Riviera casual with Apricot

1 April 2016

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