Spring 2016 Trend | Bright Yellow

30 March 2016

Hi babes ! Spring has finally come and it is that time of the year again when the shops are offering a lovely selection of bright women clothing. I don't believe that people should wear black in Autumn/Winter and colours only in Spring/Summer. Wear what you love when you want. But I gotta admit, last year same time, I was all about yellow !

I have noticed recently in the stores full of trendy clothing items that yellow was getting big this spring. It is such a beautiful colour, that makes any look more cheerful but that can appear intimidating to most people. Yellow is one of these colours that goes well with many others but we just don't dare. So if you are loving the trend but don't know where to start, a little clutch is a great beginning. This one from H&M is only 10€ ! The perfect Spring/Summer accessory that won't cost you much but make any outfit so much more stylish. Shoes are also a great simple option. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what do you think about this trend, is yellow your colour ? I wish you a lovely day ! 


Paris, France

H&M Printed Maxi Dress

27 March 2016

Hi babes ! Spring is finally here and it's time for printed maxi dress and fedoras ! When I saw this dress in H&M a few weeks ago I knew I had to have it. It was even better when I found out it costs only 20€ ! It is the perfect transition season dress. The long sleeves are great for colder days. But you could totally rock this dress in warmer days thanks to the cuts in the front bottom and the low neck.

I love the bohemian vibe of this dress. It's high quality, affordable and definitely a statement that is enough on its own. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what clothes you are looking forward to wear this Spring ! I wish you a lovely day !


Best Spring Perfumes of 2016

24 March 2016

Hi dolls ! Perfume has always been something very dear to me. Coco Mademoiselle was my very first fragrance ever given to me by my mother. It is said in France that by her 30s, a woman should have found her signature sent and never change for the rest of her life. I never knew this was an actual "rule" but most of the women I know are always wearing the same sent for decades. So I guess it's a thing. I personally am happy not to be there yet and I don't know if I'll ever be able to keep on wearing just one. Collecting perfumes, keeping the empty bottles (but not totally empty so you can still smell the product) is something I have been doing since my first bottle of Coco Mademoiselle. 

At the moment I rotate between this one, Narciso Rodriguez and Chloé. I have a very special story about my Chloé bottle and I think one day I'll share it with you in a specific blog post. Dior J'adore is one of my favourite perfumes ever. 

I recommend all these fragrances to women in their 20's and 30's. They are mostly floral (which is my favourite), very light on the skin, youthful and fresh. I personally would wear them all year long but they are also perfect for Spring and Summer. If you want to switch from your regular sweet/musky perfumes, here is my selection. I think my next purchase will be La Petite Robe Noire de Guerlain, which I've been wanting for years now. 

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know if this helped you choose your next fragrance or if you already own some of these. I wish you a lovely day ! 

French pharmacy wish list | Filorga skincare

22 March 2016

Hi beautiful babes ! My skin has been all over the place recently. Back in November, I invested in some Kiehl's skincare, such as the midnight recovery serum (that is still almost full even though I use it daily, totally worth the money !). But it just doesn't work so well. I wake up in the morning and it's like my skin drank all my moisturiser and nothing is left. I am now at that state where my skin gets so dry and dull I'm thinking of investing in more expensive skincare.

I popped in a French Pharmacy on the Champs Elysée just to check out what they had. The lady there told me I had combination skin which I never though I had. I was confusing my dehydrated skin with dry skin. No wonder why my I kept having breakouts on my T zone while the rest of my face kept staying dry. I tried cleaning my face more often : got more break outs. Tried moisturising it (and drinking a lot of water) : kept breaking out.

This lovely lady after opening my eyes to a whole new world of skin care, the one for combination skin, informed me that I needed a more gentle and deeper routine. My skin had to be softly cleaned to avoid further break outs but needed a moisturiser that would go deep in my skin and stay there. Here are the products she recommended to me from the brand Filorga. It's quite an expensive routine and I am currently saving up for it. I am still sharing these products with you because this brand is quite popular and the reviews are very positive. I will let you know when I finally invest in it and how are the results.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if you are interested in French Pharmacy products wish lists and reviews. I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

Crime Of Fashion x Boohoo.com | PART 2

20 March 2016

Hi beautiful dolls ! I am back with the second part of my Boohoo.com collaboration. The point of this awesome collab is to share my 2016 fashion resolution which was for me, to include more bohemian items in my winter outfits. It is still super cold in Paris and having a nice pair of trousers that are also a statement piece makes an outfit. 

These flared pants are so affordable (14€ right now !!) and the quality is incredible. They are super thick and will keep you warm. Because that day was sunny but still quite chilly, I paired these trousers with a stripped top and a light trench coat. To give a Parisian vibe to this look, I added my new favourite hair accessory : a newsboy hat that, to me, puts the outfit together. 

This was the second and last part to this collaboration. I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what are your fashion resolutions for 2016, are you following them ? I must say I have been doing pretty good for now and you'll know all about it in my future outfits of the day ! I wish you a lovely day !


GIVEAWAY | Win 5 custom phone cases with Egosketch

18 March 2016

Hi dolls ! I am so excited to be FINALLY sharing with you this awesome giveaway with EgoSketch ! The brand was generous enough to offer a custom phone case to 5 of you ! I received mine a few weeks ago and I cannot begin to tell you how much I love it. 

I never had a great phone and don't get me started on how ugly my phone cases were. But this year I invested in a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I couldn't be happier to pair it with a custom phone case from EgoSketch ! All you have to do is getting a high quality image, the website is very easy to use. You drag your image to fit the case the way you want and here you are with a case made only for you.

The quality of the product is amazing. It fits my phone perfectly and it actually feels so expensive. Only 20€ for a product that exists only for you, it's quite incredible. They also offer free shipping worldwide

As usual, all you have to do to have a chance to win is follow the widget bellow. This giveaway is FREE and INTERNATIONAL. The winners will be selected randomly via Rafflecopter and announced on my Facebook and Twitter. 

This is it for today. I hope you guys are excited ! Do you know what design you are going to pic for your next phone case ? With EgoSketch, the possibilities are endless ! I wish you a lovely day and good luck to you all !
Paris, France

Finding the perfect jeans with Levi's

16 March 2016

JEANS : Levi's 501

Hi dolls ! I have been on the hunt for THE PERFECT pair of jeans for about a year now. I knew exactly what I wanted. My jeans had to be high waisted, light color and I absolutely wanted buttons. I don't know about you, but all of the zips on my jeans stop staying up after a while and I look like a weird girl who didn't close her jeans. So these were the elements and I understood quite fast that I as actually looking for a Levi's 501. It's iconic, timeless and makes anyone look good. I also love that vintage vibe to it that goes perfectly with my personal style. 

My weight has been changing since I arrived in Paris and I couldn't commit to go to a store and buy a 110€ pair if it wouldn't fit me in a few weeks (like it does with all my other jeans). But I got lucky one day as I went in a thrift store and found these, brand new with tags on, for only 40€ ! The only pair, my size, it was destiny. 

However, my perfect jeans didn't quite exist. Or at least, not for that price. So I took them to a professional to get them altered. I got the legs skinnier bellow the knee to give it more a modern, feminine shape. The original Levi's have quite wide legs that made me look ten times bigger and shorter. It cost me only 10€ in my home town and you can't see the work done, it's so discrete. 

Now I have the jeans I always wanted, they fit me perfectly and were so affordable, getting them altered was a great investment. This is a very Parisian way of life to buy expensive, quality, branded items and then getting them altered to fit your body perfectly and now I understand why. It just looks different when it was made for you. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know if you found your perfect jeans, how they are, if you got them altered to fit you perfectly. I wish you a lovely day ! 

5 Easy Tips to Work with Brands

13 March 2016

1. Negotiation isn’t about getting what you want

Back in College when I was studying for my Business Master Degree I had negotiation classes that opened my mind to a completely new vision. Before, I used to think that negotiation was about getting what you wanted. However, in my first class the teacher said that the best negotiations were when both parties left the table with a deal that both made them happy. If you want to work with someone, you don’t want them to feel cheated or mistreated. You want them to enjoy this experience and want to keep it going. To some of you it might seem obvious but that was the first time I properly understood negotiation. 

The point isn’t to get what you want with your blog partners, but something that could both profit you. Of course, the smaller your blog, the smaller the leverage. However, no matter your statistics, you shouldn’t be aggressive and think “business is business”. Sometimes a good deal will be writing a blog post for a brand in exchange of a share on their social media. Sometimes it means free goodies or even money. It’s up to you to decide what you are willing to do/give up to work with that brand. Sometimes exposure brings more to your blog than goodies or money. 

2. Just be yourself

A lot of new bloggers are terrified to talk to brands, to contact them and want to sound as professional as possible. I perfectly understand since I used to feel that way. I would speak in formal English/French and make everything sound official. However, not so long ago, I realised that emails are simply more enjoyable when they start with a “hello xxx, how are you today ?”. This tip goes perfectly against all my business classes but being a blogger is different. Brands like to work with us because we are not corporate, we are people closer to their customers. Also, it’s always more enjoyable when you remember that behind the email, there is a normal person probably super excited to be working with you. Show your personality, it’s what makes the difference between the billions of other bloggers and yourself. 

3. Show interest and thankfulness

I am at that state in my blogging “career” where I made the decision to only work with brands that I honestly enjoy and have a real interest for. I don’t do “meeh” projects anymore for 2 reasons : I don’t have time for those and it’s my creative choice. Collaborate less but better. 

This is why I’ve realised that brands were genuinely surprised (and pleased) to notice that I was happy, flattered and thankful for the opportunity. Even if they contacted me, even if they have way less social media followers than me, if I love the collaboration, I tell them. And they love it. Some bloggers think that working with brands is normal and comes with the job but it is a privilege, especially when you happen to love the project. You can always add at the bottom of your email a sentence saying : “Thank you for the opportunity, it’s an amazing privilege and I’m excited to be working with you.” Just be honest and kind, it always works. 

4. Build your blog’s policy 

By that I mean having a list (even if just in your mind or a notebook) of do’s and don’ts with brand collaborations. Mine was built thanks to my many experiences, trials and errors. Now I know what type of projects are not for me, for the blog and my readers.

My blog policy for my giveaways is pretty strong and I usually hate having to drift away from it. Of course, sometimes you have to sacrifice something to get something else more important. I have been doing giveaways for years and I know exactly what works for my blog/lifestyle and what doesn’t. In one of my latest giveaways I didn’t respect my policy and did things differently and it was a huge inconvenience for me. I now know that next time, I’ll rather not do anything than not doing it my way. 

I don’t mean build some rules and then never change them ever. But you need a guideline to base your work on. With experience, you’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t. So if in the future a brand asks you to do a collaboration you already think doesn’t work for your blog, it’s up to you to decide “no I’m not doing it again” or “I’ll give it another try”. 

Have your guidelines but don’t be scared to experiment. I did the same mistakes a few times to be sure that yes, it doesn’t work for my blog. It’s not because something doesn’t go well once that it won’t in the future. Also, don’t simply say no, offer several options, show the brand why your way is the best way for the both of you. Most of the time, I explain the brand step by step of I deal with giveaways and they just say “yes let’s do it your way you know what you are doing anyway”. Experience talks louder than words and asking never hurt anyone.

5. Don’t accept more than you can handle

This is a problem I experience at least once a year. I get excited, ambitious and accept a lot of collaborations/giveaways and then I end up stressed out. If you are working full time on top of blogging know that over two collaborations a month is already plenty. How is your schedule at work/school ? Do you have time to blog for yourself as well ? Are the deadlines too short ? These elements should be part of your blog’s policy. You can’t accept deadlines under two weeks, not more than 2 collaborations a month, 1 giveaway a month etc etc. These are examples. At the end you need to follow your instinct. If you are already stressed out at work/school taking on many collaborations isn’t going to be easy. Ask the brands if you can extend the deadlines but always before accepting any deal. Quality over quantity.

This is it for today; I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know in the comment section bellow if you want more blogging tips posts. You can also check out my Ebook The Blogger Boss Guide 1€ only ! I explain everything in more details. I wish you a lovely day !

MOOD March 2016 | 1 year in Paris

11 March 2016

Hi beautiful dolls ! Last year on the 11th of March, I was flying from Dublin to Paris. I first spent a while with family, started a new job and getting everything ready for Dariusz to come and join me. He had to stay in Ireland longer to finish packing and send our stuff to our new address in France, give back the flat, quit his job, while I was getting new jobs for us and a place. 

It has been such a crazy year for us, especially since we never planned to move to Paris, it wasn't really a decision we had to make, it just happened. But I'm so happy it did. I never used to like Paris to be honest. Like many French people living in the country side, I used to find Parisians arrogant, aggressive and always speeding to go nowhere. It's a huge city, very impressive that can feel dangerous when you don't know where you are going.

But I don't feel that way any more at all.  I got used to Parisians and their attitude, the craziness of the city and I can't imagine myself in any other city right now. 

I wish I could say this year, unlike last year, I will be able to slow down in my life and focus on my blog but I have other projects coming, some are blog related. All is very exciting and I can't wait to share them with you. 

In the coming days I will be launching a great giveaway that you will all love I'm sure. 5 of you will be able to receive a prize ! Make sure to follow me on my social media and bloglovin' to know when that happens. 

Let me know what you have going on at the moment. What did you achieve since last year same time ? I wish you a lovely day. 

Paris, France

Casual french stripes and bright orange lipstick

9 March 2016

Hi dolls ! I am back with a Spring friendly outfit. To be honest, it was freezing cold that day and the weather isn't warm enough for flats. But these are some of my favourite shoes EVER. I wish they didn't have the skulls on them, simply because I could then style them with more outfits. 

This is a super simple look. That day I was meeting with my BFF for a coffee at Starbucks and wanted to feel comfortable. I got this jumper years ago in Primark, back when I used to live in Ireland. It's the perfect in between seasons jumper. You could wear it in Spring without a jacket or in Winter like I did with a heavy coat. For my lips, I went with an orange instead of a classic red. It's a great alternative if you want to make any outfit look more unique without going too bold. 

This is it for today I hope you guys enjoyed ! I wish you a lovely day ! 


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