Favourite matte brown lipsticks

28 February 2016

Hi dolls ! Like many other girls, I have been loving dark brown lipsticks these past years. I always go for Mac Cosmetics because I'm never disappointed with their matte lipsticks selection. I have been wearing to death the shade Taupe for over a year now and recently I bought Whirl which I believe is Kylie Jenner's lip colour. And my most recent purchase but already a favourite of mine, my NARS audacious lipstick shade Leslie. It's such an elegant shade that can fit so many generations. It's not as bold as Ruby Woo or Lady Danger but I love it. It's a dark warm red that is perfect for daily wear. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what are your favourite lipsticks of the moment ! I wish you a lovely day !

Mac Cosmetics lispticks shade : Antique Velvet / Whirl / Taupe

Rue Pierre Lescot, 75001 Paris, France

They say don't mix Adidas with Nike

25 February 2016

Hi babes ! How many times did I hear that you are not supposed to mix Adidas and Nike together ? Well let's just say that I don't care about that rule at all. 

I got myself this Adidas origanl sweater for my birthday at the end of January and this is pretty much the only sweater I have been wearing the entire month of February. I wear it all the time it's just so comfy, so warm and chic. 

To keep this outfit Parisian street chic I paired it with my long jacket from H&M and my gorgeous Zara leather bag. I have it since October and it never left my side since then. This bag goes with everything ! 

This is it for today I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know , are you more a Nike or Adidas kind of girl ? I must say I'm both ! I wish you a lovely day !


Esqido Lases Voila Lash review

23 February 2016

Hi babes ! I am back with another Esqido Lashes review ! For Valentine's Day or all year around, having a great pair (or more) of lashes can make a huge difference in your makeup look. With my lipsticks, I'm go bold or go home. I love my lips to be matte and have a strong colour while keeping the rest of my face quite nude and natural. But to balance the lips, my eyebrows and eyelashes always need to be on point. So what better brand than Esqido Lashes to upgrade my eyelashes game ? 

These lashes are gorgeous and extreme. They are totally out of my comfort zone but yet super easy to apply and very comfortable to wear. It took me a few minutes to get used to the extra weight (mostly because I never ever wear any false lashes) and then I was good to go. These lashes are looking so real and natural that as crazy as it sounds, my fiancĂ© actually though I went harder on my mascara and didn't even think they were fake. Us make up girls would notice that straight away, but it's nice to think that the high quality mink hair lashes can appear to be real to some people ! Also, their packaging is just gorgeous ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what do you think about false lashes, are they your thing ? I wish you a lovely day !

MOOD FEBRUARY 2016 | Overworked, ready for spring

21 February 2016

Hi beautiful dolls ! I usually post my mood bars of the month during the first week, but February is almost over and to be honest, it took me that long to feel inspired. I created this mood bar several times and it never felt right until today. 

I'm not gonna say that I'm going through a hard time because my life used to be so much worst I can only be thankful. However I am quite stressed out and overworked. Being a blogger while having a full time job (cause you gotta pay these bills !) is more exhausting than much people would think. After a while, blogging is still a fun hobby, but with the followers come deals with brands, expectations, ambition and obviously : stress. During December and January I accepted more contracts with brands than I usually do and ended up really quickly with a huge pile of boxes on my couch near my desk. I could see every day all the items I was supposed to shoot, review and blog about. And in between that, I wanted to incorporate blog posts with my personal shopping not to drawn you with collaborations. This month I am seeing the end of this huge pile, I just have about 2 blog posts left to do and after that, I'll take a few weeks break from the brands. 

Working with brands as a blogger is a great opportunity but as it happened to me this winter, it can be a really stressful experience. I over estimated myself, accepted short deadlines while having hard days at work. If you are starting, don't forget that yes, working with brands is amazing, but also learn to say no when it's right. What actually saved me this Winter was that half of my contracts were with brands I've been working with for at least a year. Amazing people that knew my work and trusted my schedule. This is why I usually work with the same brands or don't work twice with some. I choose my partners very carefully because for them it's their main job but for me, it's still not. Meaning that I can't put my blog before my day job and everything blog related will always have to wait a little. 

I wrote a blog post about it a while ago, still relevant so I leave you the link here. I also talk about this more in detail in my blogging ebook The Blogger Boss Guide. I share how I learned to negotiate and not to be scared to ask for what I want or at least say no. 

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know how you feel about working with brands, is it a goal to reach, something you like in moderation or that you do as much as possible ? Do you get stressed out with your blog ? I wish you a lovely day !

Sammy Dress Kaki Jumpsuit & Black boots

18 February 2016

Hi dolls ! As you may already know if you follow my blog for a little while now, I have been loving Sammy Dress since they started. I feature them on my blog whether because it's a collaboration like today, or with a personal order ( I have several coming my way at the moment !). 

Shopping on this type of website can be tricky for people who are not used to it. The sizes are usually not the ones we are used to so the best solution is to simply measure every part of your body, even your feet. Don't pick a size M because you're usually a M, check in centimetres/inches what it means. 

I got this gorgeous kaki jumpsuit from their page. It's super comfortable, the size is perfect for me but I must say the fabric looks a little cheap. I could totally get away with it in Summer time but in Winter time it just doesn't really fit. It's ok, I'm going to keep it for these warm days when I want to look put together while being super comfortable. I love kaki jumpsuits because they can be worn down with sneakers or up with heels and jewels. It's a versatile item to have in your wardrobe. 

I wanted heels like those since for ever. I love the pointed toe shape and the elegant cut of the boots. However, now I know for sure that my square heels are my most comfortable ones. These boots are not made to walk in Paris all day. Especially since the front part is extremely thin, so your feet will feel absolutely everything on the ground, after a short while (about 30 minutes) it feels like you are walking bare foot on rocks. Very painful to be honest. So if you get these, I'd recommend investing a little to make the sole a little thicker. Other than that they fit perfectly and they are amazingly affordable ! 

This is it for today; I hope you guys enjoyed ! I general I never regret my purchases on Sammy Dress, it's always the same with the internet, you can't really know what you have until you have it. Their costumer service is quite fast and efficient, I never had a real problem with them in years ! Let me know what do you think about this website ? I wish you a lovely day !

Fenty Puma Rihanna Fashion week

15 February 2016

Hi babes ! If you don't know yet; Rihanna became in 2014 the brand Puma's creative director. You can totally recognise her signature, mixture of goth, sexy and urban style. My favourite look of all is the first picture with the maxi dress. This collection reminded me a little of Yeezy but she took it next level (to my personal opinion). The outfits are still very urban, over sized, over sexy, but there is this edge, this attention to details that made Puma  high fashion. These looks, sex down a little (or way more !) can totally be recreated and worn every day. Also, since it's a sportswear collection, it looks super comfortable ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what is your favourite look from my selection or the entire collection. Did you like Rihanna creation for Puma ? I wish you a lovely day !

Gigi Hadid outfits you can totally copy for less

14 February 2016

Hi babes ! Gigi Hadid is a model I've grown to appreciate this past year. Her style just got better and I love how she always looks somehow casual and girl next door. She has a very simple and chic style that is actually quite easy to recreate with items coming from your own wardrobe. I tried to link as many affordable items as possible to make it easy for you. Always remember that to dress like a celebrity whose style you love, you don't need to buy the exact same (expensive) clothes, simply copy the cuts and textures. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what do you think about Gigi Hadid and her style. Also, do you like this type of posts ? Whose style you'd like to see here ? I wish you a lovely day ! 


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