Notre Dame, Paris, France

Missguided Swede Biker Jacket

31 January 2016

Hi babes ! Last Monday was surprisingly warm here in Paris. It got up to 15°C that finally allowed me to trade my good old Forever 21 black winter jacket with this Missguided swede biker jacket. I got this huge scarf at H&M on sales for 5€. It was the perfect accessory to protect my throat from the cold wind that was still going around, even on this warmer winter day. 

I love this jacket so much because it's a classic with a serious stylish twist. You can never go wrong with an all black look and a biker jacket but you take your style to the next level when the jacket is mustard swede. I love the boldness of the colour and texture while staying a simple, classic item with its cut. I added a warm red lipstick from Mac Cosmectics shade Dangerous. The sunglasses are coming from a small shop in Chatelet, they cost me 10€ and they remind me so much of the actual Ray Ban Sunglasses. I bought them to see how much I like that shape before spending all the money and maybe regretting it later. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what do you think about this jacket. Do you like your outwear to be bold or on the contrary, you keep it simple ? I wish you a lovely day !


L'Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile, 75017 Paris, France

Crime of Fashion x | PART 1

27 January 2016

Hi babes ! I am super excited to share with you my collaboration with ! Boohoo is a brand I discovered when living in Ireland a few years ago. I always loved their products and huge range of choice. Also, they always tend to have a Boho vibe to their selection so it can only be good !

For this collaboration, I had to make a fashion resolution that I need to keep going this year. A few posts ago, I was mentioning that I wanted to integrate more bohemian elements to my outfits, that I tend to drift away from during winter. This is why working with was the perfect collaboration, this was time for me to commit to my fashion resolution ! I need to incorporate more boho vibe items in my outfits and I started with this gorgeous shirt from their website.

The material is very light and elegant, the quality is great and I love that I can wear it inside or outside my jeans. This shirt is a timeless bold piece that will boho up any outfits, like it did with mine ! It will look great with some black denim, shorts or a pencil maxi skirt. This is a versatile shirt that I'm excited to style in the future !

Stay tuned for PART 2 where I share another look from my Fashion Resolution with Don't forget to check their website for affordable and stylish items. I hope you enjoyed and let me know what are your fashion resolutions ? I wish you a lovely day !


25 times my mum was right

25 January 2016

Hi dolls ! In celebration of my birthday I decided to share 25 times my mum was right, and probably yours too ! Since the past few years, celebrating my birthday looked more like saying thank you to my mother and to God for what I have more than just go out and party with friends. My birthday became a moment of thinking and evaluating my life. How can I improve this year compared to last year ? How can I be a better person everyday, work to become the best version of myself ? Of course in these moments,my mother is always my best inspiration. 

1. College is always a great investment

2. As long as you have an ID and a VISA you are never in trouble

3. Boys are a waste of time, invest in a serious man

4. Use anti aging skincare in your early 20s

5. Always protect your skin from the sun

6. Don't go grocery shopping with an empty stomach

7. Invest in key items to build a timeless wardrobe

8. Always save up some money

9. Always treat yourself from time to time

10. Have just a couple of real friends

11. Stop wasting your time trying to be someone else

12. Blood is thicker than water

13. When in doubt, wear black

14. Do not put your hand bag on the ground

15. Always wear clean shoes

16. Better wear no nail polish than wearing a chipped one

17. Don't plug your eyebrows

18. Don't wear makeup too young, learn to love yourself first

19. Relax

20. Don't let your boss/co-workers abuse you

21. You deserve the best

22. Don't wash your hair everyday

23. Your teeth, hair and skin are precious, take care of them

24. Be independant with your mind, body and money

25. You'll understand when you are a woman

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this different blog post ! Stay tuned I have so much more to come such as other giveaways ! I wish you a lovely day !

How to organise your jewellery (affordable tips !)

22 January 2016

Hi beautiful babes ! I have on one of my shelves a huge makeup bag where all my necklaces and earrings are tangled together. To the point where I pretty much don't wear jewellery anymore because I can't be bothered to look for anything in that mess. Then a few weeks ago, as I was watching some videos from Khloé Kardashian's channel, she was awesome enough to share her organising secrets. Khloé is known for her amazing organising skills, her house looks flawless and it is a real inspiration. 

In her video below, she talks about how she re-purposed some plastic boxes to store her accessories. I decided to order a bunch of small boxes from Aliexpress and do pretty much the same. 

The box I showed on the pictures above cost me 2€50 (no shipping fees) and is perfect for that purpose. The compartments are adjustable to the different sizes of earrings (or pretty much anything else !). As you can see on the pictures, I just put all the separators in one compartment inside each box so I don't loose them for future use. I have a bunch of these on the way, I can't wait to get my entire collection organised ! Plastic boxes are the best way to store anything, protecting your items from the dust and any shock, as well as being transparent so you know what you have in there ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what do you think about these storing tips, if you want to see more of them. I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

The Little Black Dress with SammyDress

20 January 2016

Hi dolls ! I am very excited to share with you one of the looks I created for . I have been shopping on this website for yeaaars now. Especially when I was in College and couldn't afford much. Now I can, but still regularly shop on their page ! 

Sammy Dress is an (extremely) affordable website, where you can find anything you want for small prices ! I am particularly loving their accessory and shoes sections. They manage to always keep with the trends and offer a large amount of choice. Since I have been shopping there for a while now, I can tell you to really check their size conversion section for every item, measure your body, don't just think "I'm usually an L so I'll take an L here too". Sizes are very different from the European ones. They have a good and quick costumer service. When I had orders incomplete, I'd receive the package right after contacting them. Also, apparently it's normal, they often ship separately. In general, Sammy Dress is a website I love and I already have a huuuge wish list full of Summer items I can't wait to order such as bikinis and cute playsuits !

For this dress, I must say I have a love-hate relationship with it. Simple because the dress is way too short for me. It's 83cm long and I wish it were at least 90. Other than that, it looks so chic, it is surprisingly warm, I didn't need a scarf or to even close my jacket (and it's -2°C !). Definitely a winter dress ! For this look I had to pair it with some opaque tights and my new love from Forever 21, this gorgeous winter jacket (that I couldn't find on website anymore, sadly). 

In general, Sammy Dress is a website where I often shop myself and I particularly love. For this dress I had the bad surprise of finding it too short but that's the risk with shopping on the internet. At least now I know that 83cm long is not enough. Besides that, the quality is great and the price makes it even better ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know if you heard about Sammy Dress, if yes what do you think ? I wish you a lovely day !


L'Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile, 75017 Paris, France

Giveaway | 1 Year With Polette Sunglasses

17 January 2016


Hi beautiful babes ! I can't believe that already a year ago I was doing my very first collaboration with Polette ! Working with them has been (and still is !) so much fun, so humbling and I feel really blessed to keep going another year ! My style in 2015 has totally grown alongside Polette. For every mood, every look, I always had the perfect pair to match. Sunglasses are my favourite accessories, they are useful, chic or fun (sometimes both) and tie an outfit together. 

If you are new to Polette, this is a French brand now based in Amsterdam that specialises in high quality glasses (for your view or just your style) at very affordable prices ! They manage to offer low price glasses while keeping up with the quality by being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer. The frames and lenses are provided straight from the workshops. 

On top of being quality and affordable, Polette offers (sun)glasses that are always on trend and fashionable ! They are my go-to store and I'd recommend it to anyone of you (which I already do with my friends all the time !). 

To celebrate this one year of collaboration, Polette is offering you all the opportunity to win 1 pair of Sunglasses ! Enter via the widget bellow and the results will be announced on my Twitter and Facebook in two weeks ! 

This giveaway is free and international. 

This is it for today ! I hope you guys enjoyed. Please leave a comment sharing the pair of sunglasses you'd love to win ! I wish you all good luck and a good day !

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