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16 July 2016

GIVEAWAY | Win a custom phone case !

8 July 2016

Hi beautiful dolls ! I am back with another giveaway and this time you will be able to win one phone case from Caseapp ! This giveaway is free and international ! But firts, let's see what I think of these ! 

I have been using these phone cases for a few weeks now and I really enjoy them. The price is affordable and they have such a large selection of phones and laptops to choose from. So no matter what device you are using, you should be able to find something you'll love ! 

The website offers two options : you can select a pre made phone case like I did above. There many to choose and anyone can find their style. They are trendy and cute. Or you can create your own. Of course, the delivery would take a little longer if you create your own. 

The material is super light and the design looks exactly like on the website. I especially love the aluminium one that has such a cool and chic effect. They come nicely packed in a cardboard box and they are very easy to put or remove. I hate phone cases that seem like they are going to break in your hands as you try to remove them. These don't. 

In general I am super excited about these phone cases. This is why I couldn't be happier that Caseapp offered to sponsor this giveaway so you guys can have a chance to win a phone case ! To enter it's easy, simply follow the steps on the widget bellow ! 

GET 20% DISCOUND WITH THE CODE : coque personnalisée
Here is a selection of phone cases I love !

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you love giveaways, if you want more on the blog ! Good luck to you all ! 

VIDEO | Welcome home Pistache !

3 July 2016

Hi dolls ! If you follow me on social media you already met our new baby Pistache (meaning Pistachio in French). She is a kitten born behind the restaurant where we work in Paris and we decided to adopt her. Adopting a feral cat was such a hard process but full of emotions and happiness. 

Pistache is half siamese (which I usually am not a fan of but somehow to me she's now the cutest little kitten ever), half stray cat. We used to feed her mother and the babies she gave birth to last September. It took us months to be able to pet them without scratches and this is why we were worried it would be as difficult with Pistache. 

It took me two hours and two packages of ham to catch her in a cage but I just couldn't go home without her. Having a kitten was definitely not part of our plans when we moved in our new flat a couple of months ago. But we saw her at work and we knew she had to be in the family. 

Pistache is the kindest kitten I have ever encountered. The poor thing was so scared she didn't even try to bite or scratch once. She would just sit there and shake. It broke my heart to separate her from her mother but when we realise how delicate she is, we knew she wouldn't last long in the streets of Paris where rats are bigger than her. It took her days to eat, but she was clean from the beginning. For the first week we couldn't get her from under the couch and when we did, she'd run under the bed. 

Thankfully, we are now finishing her second week and she is looking like a happy kitten. She still acts scared around us if we move a little too fast but she purrs the moment we grab her and she loves sleeping with us. Pistache is also showing her personality, she's playful, cuddly and she loves to jump very high. She also killed one of my plants jumping to catch the leaves ! 

We are so excited to have her in our lives, I am obsessed and already took too many photos of her. So I apologise in advance if you see her too often on the blog or social media, she's just too cute to me ! 

Shein Favourite Summer Clothing

30 June 2016


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