How to build a media kit for bloggers

30 November 2015

Hi dolls ! In a previous #fblchat the subject of Media Kit came out and as usual, a lot of new bloggers didn't have a clue what it was. It is very common and I didn't have my own for such a long time as well. So if you don't have one or don't know what it is, don't worry, today I'll help you figure it out !

I always describe a Media Kit as a resume for your blog. That's how I understood it years ago and that's how I build it today. In other words, a media kit is a document (1 page or more) that is meant to help brands understand what is your blog, who you are and what is your branding. Some people create very detailed media kits with pages telling their stories, explaining their goals etc. My personal choice was to make it short and sweet. I have been studying business and marketing for 5 years in College and if there is one thing I've learned from it (also with my blogging experience) is that if they gonna love you, they gonna love you from the first look. This is my personal opinion, blogging is a visual world, they need to like your style and be attracted by your numbers. But some other bloggers like to share more about them and their blogs, which is totally fine ! 

There is no real right or wrong on how to build a Media Kit. The one thing people seem to agree on is that you need to insert your main statistics. Don't try to cheat and put bigger numbers than you really have. We all had to start with small blogs, it's totally ok. Just to be clear on one point, I decided to hide my stats for this post not because I don't want to be transparent but simply because all blogs, therefore all statistics, are different. To some bloggers, my numbers will seem extremely small, and for others it will seem like a milestone they'll never be able to reach. And that's what I particularly want to avoid. Don't let numbers bring you down, don't compare your beginning with someone else's middle. This post is to help you boost your blogging confidence, feel more professional, this is why my stats are hidden. It doesn't matter at the end of the blog post. 

Anyway, here is a list of elements you should add to your Media Kit :

  • Blog title
  • Blog link
  • A photo
  • Blog total pages views
  • Blog monthly pages views
  • Total comments
  • Collaborations
  • Most popular posts
  • Readership by countries
  • Social media followers
  • A paragraph about you the blogger
  • A paragraph about your blog
  • Awards, features, interviews

When my blog was way smaller, my Media Kit was 4 pages long. I had a page for collaborations with photos, one for statistics, one about me and my blog and one with screenshots of where my blog was featured online. It is up to you to decide what you want to show. Just like with a resume, after a while, you can't put everything, it just doesn't fit, so keep the best. If you just started and you feel like you need to fill up the space, then add a chapter about you, your projects etc. It never hurts. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed and found it helpful. If you don't know where to start you have now two options : I wrote a blogging ebook with chapters on Media Kits, working with brands (even with a small blog) etc it's +1€ so feel free to check it out ! Or, you can email me at and I can make you a Media Kit (price on demand). Let me know if you have more tips to share on Media Kits and if you want to read more blogging tips. I wish you  a lovely day !

The dark lipstick that works with every skin tones

28 November 2015

Hi babes ! It has been a few weeks now that I've seen these pictures from Robin Black the person behind the amazing blog Beauty is Boring on the ELLE website. With these photos, Robin Black proves that she found THE lipstick other than red and nude that goes on every skin tone ! I have been totally obsessed with finding this "magic" lipstick which is actually Tom Ford Black Dahlia. I am currently on the hunt for it, trust me the moment I put my hands on it, I'll share some pictures on the blog. Right now, I have a selection of other lipsticks that are pretty close to it. Some are a little more red or purple, when this Tom Ford Black Dahlia  has the perfect neutral balance. Which is exactly why it goes so well on so many different skin tones. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what do you think about this lipstick. Do have it ? Do you have something similar ? I wish you a lovely day ! 


Paris, France

Polette Sunglasses MYCONOS

25 November 2015

Hi beautiful dolls ! I am back with another Polette Sunglasses look ! You know me, sunglasses are one of my favourite accessory ever and Polette is one of the best place on the Internet to get some stylish affordable ones all year long. The weather in Paris just started to get grey and cold. But I love being able to pop out my new babies called MYCONOS when the sun comes out. Even in Winter times, you need to protect your eyes. 

Polette is a French brand that sells online affordable and very trendy sunglasses as well as prescription glasses. So if you are looking for glasses that will look good and will be great for your eye condition, you can check out their website !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know if just like me, you wear sunglasses all year long or just during Spring/Summer. I wish you a lovely day ! 
Le Marais, Paris, France

Marinière & newsboy hat

22 November 2015

Hi dolls ! I am sharing with you a very simple, classic outfit that is quite French. All year long I love my stripes. I'm obsessed with them and I have way too much striped clothing. But it just somehow puts an outfit together. It's one of the easiest print to style and it's always chic. This is what I call a "uniform" look. Skinny jeans, biker jacket and boots. It's easy, it never goes wrong and all you need to do is change the jacket or boots and you get a totally new look. To make this outfit a little more stylish even on this casual day, I simply aded a newsboy hat and a red lipstick from Mac Cosmetics shade Dangerous

It has been a few weeks now that I have been obsessed with finding a hat like the one above. I used to be all about the beanies, then the fedoras and now it's the newsboy hat. I still love all the hats in my collection but this one is my new love. It's a nice change from the many fedoras you see around Paris. I like the tom boy effect of it, especially on messy hair. 

This is it for today; I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit. Let me know what is your go-to outfit on lazy days ! I wish you a lovely day !


10 tips on how to be a shopping queen

19 November 2015

Going shopping can sometimes be overwhelming. Personally, when I moved to Paris it felt very difficult to remember what was my style because I kept being inspired by so many people, so many looks all the time. Here are some simple little rules that help me keep my style and (most importantly) my budget under control :

1. Know what you have

This happens often. You think you need a new black blazer because you just don't have one. Well before getting your card out, check in your closet, old boxes in your home and even at your mum's in your teenage bedroom. You may will find some pearls you forgot about (sometimes with the tag still on). At least now you know what you really have and miss.

2. Make a list

I always do my best shopping when I have a list (same with grocery shopping). If you know what you need or what item to check out in store, less chances to buy something that isn't quite right or that you don't need at all. I personally save the photos of items I want and check the list again before going out. Shops and street style can be so inspiring, it's easy to forget your style and items you will actually be able to wear on a daily basis.

3. Buy the right size

It's so easy to have a crush on an item that just doesn't fit well. If the size is wrong you have two options : it's a small alteration like shortening the sleeves or adapting the waist so you can take it to your tailor. It just doesn't fill well anywhere, so put it down, if it's meant to be you'll find it again at the right size. You can also always check online or ask if they have it in another store nearby.

4. Don't shop cause you are bored

Shopping can easily become a hobby (which is clearly one of mine) but also extremely expensive. Shopping too much, having too many items in your wardrobe will only blur your style. Make sure to let a few weeks go by in between sessions. Wear what you bought yourself, find new ways to style them. Because the more you shop (without real crush and inspiration) the less stylish you will be, your creativity will become lazy.

5. Buy in store if possible

This is a rule I am recently applying now I live in Paris. I understand that when living in a small town it's difficult to buy in store but if you can, do it. It's always better to be able to try on the items before purchase simply because it often looks better on the photo than in reality. The return policy is also way easier.

6. Go empty stomach

I hate shopping on an full stomach. I find myself being lazy to look for items or try on clothes. Also, my belly is always so much larger after I drink or eat so I end up buying a size too big for no reason.

7. Check the cleaning method 

You are about to buy an expensive high quality item but you are still not the best at doing laundry ? Make sure to check the cleaning method required and if you can actually handle it. You don't want to buy something beautiful and ruin it after the first wash.

8. The first feeling when you put it on is the one to remember

From all the tips, this one is one of the most important. I try to always remember it. If you don't feel quite sure or quite pretty about an item when you first put it on, chances are, once it's sitting in your wardrobe, you'll never take it out again.

9. When in doubt, remember you can always bring it back

The fitting rooms are full, you are running out of time or you just don't know if you should buy it or not. Sometimes, it's good to remember that you can always bring the item back to the store and get a refund. I did that with a pair of boots that I looooved but they just didn't fit great. I waited two weeks but when I brought them back, I knew it was for good. You should do this if you have the money and if (just like with my boots) it is one of the last item left and you are not sure to find it the next day. Nothing haunts us more than the things we didn't buy

10. Can you picture 3 outfits to go with it ?

We have some items in our wardrobe that we will almost never wear because they are too specific (like a prom dress, a wedding guest dress, the perfect but oh-so-painful heels etc). It's ok to have a few of these in the closet but to shop more efficently, you should always be able to picture at least 3 outfits with your new item. If you can't, it means it's another thing you will never be able to wear (so is it worth it ?) or it's an impulse buy and it will rest in peace in the back of your wardrobe. 

This is it for today I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what are your personal rules when going shopping and if you are using some similar to these ones. I wish you a lovely day !

The little black bag

17 November 2015


click on the photos to shop the bags

Hi babes ! I have a true obsession with handbags at the moment and I found happiness in Zara. Their actual collection is to die for. They have different sizes, shape and prices, enough to please everyone.  What I love the most is their sleek cut, very chic and high quality while keeping some edge. It is quite difficult to find the right little black bag. You want it to fit with everything so it has to be simple but also, it needs some edge. And Zara is delivering that perfectly. 

So if you are looking for an affordable, high quality little black bag here is my selection. This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know how you perfect little black bag should be ? I wish you a lovely day !

Rue de Venise, 75004 Paris, France

Paris style Autumn trench coat

15 November 2015

Hi babes. This is a look Dariusz and I shot on Tuesday in Paris and after what happened on Friday 13th the French government and the city of Paris simply don't recommend getting out of the house if not necessary. I don't know how long it's gonna take until it will feel safe again to go around town and take more outfit pictures. For now, here is the very last look we shot before it all went down.

This is a look I actually often wear when the weather isn't cold and I want to look put together without trying too hard. There is nothing more French than a trench coat and a pair of flats. These are my favourite jeans from H&M. I bought them last Summer for 40€ and wore them to death. They didn't use to have these huge wholes everywhere. This is an extremely casual look, even with my hair, it was barely dried, I simply put it in a bun. This is one of my go-to look when I have to go out to run some errants but I am also too lazy to try harder. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. I want to say a special thank you to my followers on various social media that sent me messages to tell me they were happy me and my loved ones in Paris were safe. Thank you so much. I wish you a lovey day !


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