That Bomber Jacket

30 October 2015

Outfit :
Bomber Jacket : Môka 40€
Top : Forever 21 10€
Jeans : Forever 21 20€
Shoes : Nike Air Force 1 80€
Bag : Jennyfer 26€
Lipstick : Mac Cosmetics Dangerous 20€

Hi dolls ! I have been looking for a good affordable bomber jacket for a while now. It's very trendy here in Paris which means that I have a lot of choices with shapes, colours and prices. I found mine in one of my favourite shops ever called in Môka in Paris Chatelet

That day I was going out just for a few errants, my outfit was very simple. High waisted jeans, Nike air force 1 shoes and a red lip. The Bomber Jacket was the key item that put the outfit together. 

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what do you think about bomber jackets, is it your thing or is it too urban ? I wish you a lovely day ! 

How to style Pink for Autumn/Winter

27 October 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! I am very guilty of wearing too much black and grey all year long. But this year I have been loving pink fashion. It started with a simple item, my pink Kiko Nail Polish that I happened to love more than I though. Pink was always too girly, not mature enough to me. However, I have seen some styles around the Internet and Paris and I must say that it's way prettier than I used to think. Here is a selection of look that inspire me and that I hope will inspire you as well as this British Vogue video.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what do you think about the pastel pink trend this Autumn/Winter, are you tempted ? I sure am thinking of buying a pastel pink coat ! I wish you a lovely day.

Etude House September Box

25 October 2015

Shop the box:

Hi dolls ! I am back with another Etude House Pink Box review !  Let me say that I am super excited about this month box. I received a series of skin care products that I have been using this past month. 

They all have in general a very light and fresh texture. My favourite has to be the Moistfull collagen cream. This product feels so moisturising on my dry skin and let me tell you about the smell. I am particularly loving the sent of this product since it reminds me of my grand mother' skincare, with a touch of rose. My favourite. 

I didn't wear the BB cream because I still have my Summer tan and the shade is a little too light. But I have been testing it on my skin for the sake of the review and I can tell you already I will be wearing it this Winter. It's very light, it blends with the fingers so easily and the coverage is pretty opaque for such a light product. It is worth a try. 

I am still using and loving all of these products, I honestly recommend them all. This is it for today; I hope you guys enjoyed ! I wish you a lovely day ! 

Paris, France

Autumn leaves under the Eiffel Tower

23 October 2015

Outfit :
Jacket : H&M 60€
Top : H&M 15€
Skirt : Forever 21 18€
Boots : Bershka 49€99
Hat : Forever 21 13€

Paris is looking so different from a season to another. Autumn is usually a beautiful time of the year, but it's even more amazing when you get to see these gorgeous colours around the Eiffel Tower, the Seine and so many other places. 

Parisians tend to wear a lot of black and I'm very guilty of that as well but I am trying to incorporate some colour in my outfits, other than my lipstick. I found this cute thin jumper in H&M. This green is so rich and beautiful, I couldn't resist, especially for the price ! I styled it with this adorable skirt from Forever 21 that I'm pretty sure, I will be wearing in Spring and Summer since the material is so thin. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit. Please take a few seconds of your time to vote for my blog, every vote counts ! It would mean the world to me. Thank you so much , I wish you a lovely day !

Tall boots made for walking

20 October 2015

Shop the list :

Hi dolls ! I never ever was the type of girl to wear tall boots but I must say, this year, I'm seriously thinking of getting a pair. Here is a small selection of some that I find super gorgeous ! I have been trying some in the shops as well and they do keep your legs super warm, they are seriously perfect for Winter. Tall boots are a great way to keep warm while looking stylish and feminine. 

This is it for today, I hope you enjoy my selection, let me know what you think about tall boots. Are they your thing ? I wish you a lovely day ! 

Easy tips to get more followers on Twitter Chats

18 October 2015


Twitter chats are one of my favourite things ever on Twitter. They also are a great way to earn a lot of followers in just one hour. How ? Twitter chats are a gathering of people talking about one subject related to their niche. It’s a great way to remember the main point of Twitter : talking. Sometimes, us bloggers, we are so caught up in our blog promotion that we forget to just chat on Twitter. These chats can be very overwhelming at first but once you know the drill, they become easier to handle. 

How to find a Twitter chat ? There are websites that have the list of schedules of each twitter chats according to the niche. To find your chat on Twitter simply search for the established hashtag on the search bar. All the tweets using the hashtag will appear. That’s your chat. 

How to get into a Twitter chat ? It’s super easy. All you have to do is simply tweet something (relevant) and adding the established hashtag somewhere in the tweet. As long as your tweet has the hashtag in it, it will be visible for everyone in the chat.

Twitter Chats Etiquette :

  • Know what the topic is. It is ok to ask, but most of the time, the influencers will announce it a few hours before.
  • It’s not made to advertise your blog. It’s a place to share your opinion about a specific topic. Make sure to stay relevant. If people want to check out your blog, they know the link is in your bio, no need to put it out there. 
  • Don’t forget the hashtag ! That’s a mistake I make quite often, especially when I have a large flow of tweets coming. 
  • Get chatty. It can be intimidating at first, you might not know what to say and it’s all right. If you really have nothing to say to start a conversation on your own, reply to other people’s tweets. The more you tweet, the more chances to get noticed. Of course, it has to be relevant. And don’t spam, people hate that. 
  • Stay polite. These chats are organised by influencers and often sponsored by brands. You don’t want to be noticed for being rude and mean. Keep calm and show a positive mind. It’s the internet, if you see something you don’t like, you always have the option to ignore it.

Esqido Mink Lashes Review

11 October 2015

Hi dolls ! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be sent some gorgeous mink fasle lashes from the website To be honest, I almost never wear any false lashes. I don't have the technique to apply them properly, they are an additional weight on my eyelids that feels very weird. 

However, these lashes are extremely good quality and made out of proper mink hair. They are super light and their natural shape made it easier for me to apply them. I was able to achieve this look above after (only) 10 minutes ! For someone as new to lashes as me, it's pretty awesome. It felt weird at first having more lashes on my eyes but after a short while you get used to them. I have also been using their eyelash glue that is pretty amazing. You only need a little amount, wait about 30 seconds and you are good to go. 

I don't need to get in details about how gorgeous and natural these are looking. I wore them quite often these past weeks when I was so into 50's/60's baby doll fashion (OUTFIT HERE).

Since these lashes are very good quality, you only need to clean them after each use, remove the glue and they are like new ! Of course be extra careful, these false lashes are made out of real hair so they will fall as easy as when you pull on your own natural lashes

In general, these lashes are perfect for the girls that love wearing some on a daily basis as well as the girls that feel fine with their natural eyelashes but want a little boots everyone now and again. They look extremely natural and are very easy to manage. 

This is it for today , I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about false lashes, are you wearing them often or almost never ? I must say that these made an impression on me and I wear them quite often now ! I wish you a lovely day !

Mood October 2015 | VOTE FOR ME Golden Blog Awards

9 October 2015

Hello dolls ! October is going to be very exciting month ! The Golden Blogs are officially launched. You guys have the opportunity to vote for my blog and give me a chance to be nominated for the Best Fashion Blog here in France ! So please PLEASE take 30 seconds and click on THIS LINK and  give me some love and support ! You can do it as many times as you want ! 

This is pretty much it. This month of October I will be focussing on gathering votes for this contest, please feel free to share the love and get more votes for me ! :D I wish you a lovely day and give you all kisses !

Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France

Late night walk on the Champs Elysées

7 October 2015

Outfit :
Jacket : Primark 9€ (sales, old)
Dress : Forever 21 (about 15€)
Belt : Berhska 2€ (sales)
Boots : Bershka 49€99 HERE

Hi beautiful dolls ! Last week Dariusz and I went for a late night walk on the Champs Elysées. I love the fact that this place just doesn't sleep. Unlike the rest of Paris , the shops are open till midnight and even on Sundays. It's always busy, full of tourists and cars, it's noisy but somehow we love it. It's even better when you can find a bench and sit there to chill in the parisian vibe. 

That day we were not planning on doing a photoshoot for the blog, we actually had to go to a shop and on the way back Dariusz wanted to try some photography tricks. This is why on some of the pictures you can see that the cars are nothing but a blur. It looks very awesome to me ! Hope you like it too, let us know !

This is it for today,I hope you guys enjoyed it. Very casual and simple, it's a look I put together on the go. I wish you a lovely day !

Favourite Cheap Sunglasses from ZeroUV

6 October 2015

Hi babes ! I am back with a wish list from the website If you have been following me for a while now you should already know that I have a serious obsession with sunglasses. This is why when I found this website with sunglasses at 10$ I had to share them with you ! Here are some of my favourites but they have such a huge selection, you'll find what you love for sure. 

This is a short and sweet blog post, just sharing my new find and loves. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you already know about the brand, if you like someof the sunglasses I selected. I wish you a lovely day ! 

Paris, France

60's baby doll and mermaid clutch

2 October 2015

Outfit :
Sunglasses : Polette Puebla $19.99 HERE
Top : Forever 21 10€
Skirt : River Island (old) 15€
Shoes : H&M 15€ HERE
Clutch : New Look 19€99 HERE

Hi babes ! I have been loving the 50's/60's at the moment (even thought the 70's is the trendy decade right now). These are decades that I have always been obsessed with. I feel like people were always chic and casual at the same time. I found in old boxes my skirt from River Island which is an old love of mine. It took me about a year to find the perfect faux leather baby blue midi skirt. This is why after loosing over 10 kilos I had it adjusted to my body. I am now wearing it non stop. Here is one of the many ways you can style this key piece of clothing. 

I went for a retro vibe with a thick top and flats. To keep it chic I added my new trench coat from Bershka which starts to be too light for the changing weather here in Paris. To make this look way more modern I put on my new love : the mermaid clutch from New Look that I just bought. When I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. The price is extremely affordable, it's quite big and you can wear it on the shoulder as well. Because it was very sunny that day I put on my favourite sunglasses from Polette

This is a very simple look with a vintage vibe. I was wearing this outfit while visiting The Louvre as I often do on my days off. I just love going through the Tuileries Garden (where Paris Fashion Week is happening) or simply sitting on a bench in front of the palace and having a nice chat. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what you think about this look and be sure to see that skirt and clutch soon again on the blog ! 

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