Bershka oversized grandpa blazer & boots

27 September 2015

Outfit :
Jacket : Bershka 45€99 HERE
Belt : Bershka 7€99 HERE
Shirt : H&M 15€
Skirt : Primark 15€ (old)
Shoes : Bershka 49€99 HERE
Bag : Jennyfer 26€99

Hi dolls ! I am super excited to share with you this outfit. I am wearing this grandpa style blazer that I got from Berhska. The actual collection is super gorgeous, they have really nice outerwear to choose from for this Autumn. I also fell in love with these boots that are extremely comfortable. You can walk all day with them, they won't hurt and the heels are very easy to walk with. 

There is a belt sold with the blazer but I preferred to buy another belt to add my own touch to the look. To keep it chic I wore this super cute shirt from H&M. The material is very light and comfortable. It is still pretty warm here in France so I am wearing this look without any tights but soon I will add some thick black tights with it. You can even add some thick socks that can be seen from the top of the boots. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about this look. I wish you a lovely day ! 

Beauty Review | Freedom Makeup Pro Contour

25 September 2015

Hi dolls ! I am back with another Freedom Makeup London review ! This Summer I received a large bag of makeup from the brand and I am still going through it, trying and testing. 

Today I am reviewing the Pro Contour Kit palette. It has two colours perfect for highlight and contour. The light shade is perfect to set your concealer under your eyes. The texture is very thin and brightening. The contour isn't too red. The pigmentation isn't extreme which is perfect since it avoids applying too much product in one go. It's very light on the skin and it's easy to blend. This is the type of contour powder that I use for the days when I want a natural makeup look but still add some colours to my face. 

In general this is a great palette. The colours are perfect for my skin tone, easy to use and good quality. I love how compact it is, perfect for travelling. The price is extremely affordable, you can't really go wrong with this one. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what products do you use for your highlight and contour. I wish you a lovely day !

Date night outfit for him with Tommy John

21 September 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! I am back today with a very special blog post featuring Dariusz and Tommy John. I was inspired by the new colours from Tommy John to talk about men's fashion and underwear for a specific occasion : a date night

For this look, Dariusz was very casual and went for a classic denim shirt with a gorgeous old school Levi's belt that matches his shoes. The look is effortless, it's perfect for a casual date at the restaurant, a romantic walk or a movie. I selected three boxer shorts for this look. Boxer shorts are the perfect type of underwear for a date night. They give you comfort, style and won't create any weird forms under your skinny jeans. 

I picked three possible colours of boxer shorts. A navy blue one to match the shirt and is discrete but also elegant. As well as a yellow and orange one that are matching some of the colours of the Marvel t-shirt. These can be fun and playful especially when your dates moves around and the boxers show a bit. 

On a date night you want to make sure to be wearing comfortable underwears that give you confidence but also make you feel good. Make sure to check out Tommy John's new collection, it's always a great gift for someone you love or yourself !

This is it for today, let me know what you thought of this look ! I wish you a lovely day !

Mac Cosmetics Haul (Foundation, highlighter, lipsticks, Fix + etc)

19 September 2015

Mac Cosmetics matte lipstick shade Candy Yum Yum 19€
Mac Cosmetics matte lipstick shade Antique Velvet 19€
Mac Cosmetics Prep and Prime shade light boots 22€
Mac Cosmetics Prep and Prime Fix + 15€50
Mac Cosmetics Mineralize Foundation shade NC25 35€

Hi beautiful babes ! These past three months I have been shopping regularly at Mac Cosmetics store. This is the first time where I have an actual store in my city so it's very exciting to be able to go every once in a while to buy a few bits. I am always saying that makeup doesn't need to be expensive to be good quality but I am a huge lover of Mac Cosmetics matte lipsticks. I don't even try to buy any other brand anymore, they have every shade possible and I'm always excited. 

I have been using all of these products for months now so if you want detailed reviews please let me know in the comments below. Right now I can tell you that I am very happy with my purchases and I don't regret spending a little more. Especially since the products tend to last pretty long. I have been using most of them since June for my everyday makeup, so if you want an idea of how they look like together, you can always check my instagram at @crimeofashion

This is it for today; I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what Mac Cosmetics products you like the most, would recommend or would want to have a review of. I wish you a lovely day. 

Paris, France

Bershka trench coat and boho vibes

18 September 2015

Outfit :
Trench Coat : Bershka 39€99 HERE
Hat : Street vendor in St Michel 20€
Jeans : Forver 21 16€
Bag : Jennyfer 26€
Shoes : Small shop 10€

Hi beautiful babes ! Summer is almost ending here in Paris but not exactly. The weather is still quite warm, just enough so I could throw on this gorgeous trench coat from Berhska with a cropped top. I got this jacket a few days ago and I already can't wait to style it in different ways. For this outfit, I was going to Paris for a short shopping session, I was on the go and I wanted to be really casual. This is why I went full boho by wearing the jacket with some sandals and a fedora hat. I love how these two elements can add some serious boho vibes to any outfit. This jacket can be styled up or down, you have a lot of option, it's a great staple item for Autumn

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about this jacket and how you'd wear it. I wish you a lovely day !

5 things to know about Paris

16 September 2015

Casual is the chic 

When I moved to Ireland, I started to see my own culture from the outside and realised the image foreigners had about France and Paris. Most people told me that Parisians are always so stylish and elegant. I have been living in this wonderful city for 7 months now and I can tell you, casual is the chic. The elegance here comes from the attitude and small details. You will see women wearing a suit with Adidas shoes and a bold red lipstick with messy hair. An oversized grandpa blazer with a faux leather mini skirt and flats. The Parisian chic always comes with some chill attitude and elegant pieces. 

In case of doubt : overdress 

In Paris, any single time you have to get out of the house is an opportunity to show off your wardrobe. You won't feel guilty about looking too chic in the supermarket because half of the customers here are wearing Chanel. In Paris, if you are invited for a drink and you don't know what to wear there is one rule : in case of doubt, overdress. It will always be better to look a little bit more put together than being the one that just “didn't care to try”. 

Expensive is relative 

I spent my life living in small cities, even when I was in Ireland. When I arrived in Paris, I realised how expensive the lifestyle was. You pay for transportations, drinks, rent, food (that is always a bit more expensive than in any other Carrefour in the country), etc. But after a while you get used to it. Somehow your finances adjust (or not and you just don't care), and you find yourself saying things like “I just paid 30€ for lunch, that's so cheap !”, “this jacket is only 100€ !”. 

Fun is also for the broke 

But money isn't a reason not to have fun in Paris. There are so many things you can do for free. A lot of museums are for free, concerts, comedy clubs, gallery openings etc. You can have fun for an entire weekend and only pay for transportation or food ! 

Ain't nobody got time for that 

I used to roll my eyes at Parisians when they were saying that they “just don't have time” for anything. But one day I had a coffee with my best friend and the next time I saw her, a month had past. Time flies in this city. People have unique jobs with weird schedules (especially since Paris never sleeps). Deciding on meeting with your friends takes some serious organisation. And before you even realise, it took you two weeks to find the right time to go get a coffee with your best friend cause you just don't have time.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you thought about this Paris blog post. I am thinking of sharing my experience about the city. So if you want more articles like this one, make sure to let me know !

Autumn nail care routine (base and top coats)

14 September 2015

Hi dolls ! I have recently changed my base and top coat routine. I have very fragile nails this is why I decided to go for Essie and simply spend a little more. Honestly, there are some product in cosmetics that are not worth spending a lot if the base isn't good. Such as powder, or eyeshadow. In this case, none of my nail polish can look good or stay longer if my base isn't right. This Essie base coat really gets my nails stronger and has a pretty soft pink colour. 

I also discovered the brand Peggy Sage and I'm loving it ! Their entire makeup collection is gorgeous and this top coat is very nice. It gives my nails an elegant shine and dries super fast. I love to wear both nail polishes on their own, it looks very chic on my hands. 

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed ! Let me know what are your favourite top and base coat nail polishes ! I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

Missguided biker jacket and Eiffel Tower

13 September 2015

Outfit :
Hat : Street vendor in Paris 20€
Jacket : Missguided 56€ HERE or HERE
Sunglasses : Polette Puebla $19.99 HERE
Top : Bershka
Jeans : Forever 21 14€
Shoes : Nike
Bag : Jennyfer 26€
Lipstick : Mac Cosmetics shade Dangerous

Hi beautiful ! If you saw my last Pay Day Wish List you already know that I have been obsessed with this gorgeous jacket from Missguided. I just saw it and new this would be the perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe. This jacket might seem a little difficult to style due to its unusual colour but it is actually way easier than it seems. Mustard is the colour of the season, especially with the 70's being that trendy right now. For this first look I decided to be very simple and casual, I didn't go too bold. But you can be sure that even in a city like Paris, people will notice you and tell you that your jacket is looking gorgeous ! 

I have a second one in size 42 (UK 14) simply because I ordered it too big and then didn't return it in time. So I now have two jackets ! This size 14 is on sales on my ebay account, brand new with still all the tags on so if you want to buy it click HERE.

Paris, France

Extremely distressed Denim on denim

10 September 2015

Outfit :
Shirt : Levis
Shoes : Nike Air Force 1
Jeans : H&M Mum jeans
Lipstick : Mac Cosmetics shade Dangerous

Hi dolls ! When I got back to my home town I found in some boxes my old Levis denim shirt. I used to wear it often before forgetting about it. I now fell back in love with it, especially since the weather cooled down here in Paris and is more denim friendly. I have been loving the denim on denim trend at the moment. It's such an easy way to dress, to hustle, you just wear all denim and you are good to go ! These jeans from H&M used to have way smaller holes but I simply worn them to death and now they are extremely distressed. But I actually love it !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about this trend, I wish you a lovely day !

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