Pay Day Wish List | Missguided, Zara, Bershka, Undiz

30 August 2015

Shop the list :
Coat : Zara 99€95 HERE
Rain jacket : Bershka 39€99 HERE
Boots : Bershka 49€99 HERE
Suede Biker Jacket : Missguided 56€ HERE
Underwear : Undiz 9€95 HERE

Hi beautiful babes ! It's almost pay day and the weather in France is starting to get uncertain. We had some very rainy and cold days that made me realise that I just don't have a proper Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I'm pretty obsessed with warm colours at the moment like brown, beige and mustard. I used to feel really depressed when I first saw Autumn collections in the shops but I now start to be excited about the new season. I will always want more sun but I can't wait to start experimenting with my style this new season. I knew fashion in Paris is amazing but I forgot how amazing it actually is. Everything looks great in the shops and I can't wait for pay day ! 

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed ! Let me know what you'd like to get yourself, maybe share some links ! I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

Striped maxi dress and red lips in Paris

29 August 2015

Hi dolls ! This Summer I have been mostly wearing midi dresses. This striped one is one of my favourite. I love the elegant cut that can still be styled down like I did that day or up. I went to a sushi restaurant during my lunch break, My look was very casual, parisian boho as usual this Summer.

I kept the look super simple and just added a red bold lipstick from Mac Cosmetics and some stylish sunglasses to give edge to the outfit. My bag is from Pauls Boutique, I'm so in love with it. The cut is super neat and chic. The quality is amazing and it's worth penny.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. I wish you a lovely day !

The perfect handbag, Pauls Boutique Paris

26 August 2015

Hi dolls ! I received back in July this gorgeous bag from Pauls Boutique, that I have been wearing to death. I am super excited to share this item with you, especially since they now have a shop in Paris, in the Galeries LaFayette. Paul's Boutique accessories have been worn by celebrities including Rita Ora, Lana Del Rey, Pippa Middleton, Leona Lewis and Kelis and have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Cosmospolitan, Company, Grazia and many others.

What I love the most about their designs is the clean cut of their bags. They all look super chic but have one detail that make them unique and stylish. I personally fell in love with this gorgeous white bag with crocodile like effect. A woman always needs a good quality handbag that she can trust and carry around while looking great. Mine is coming from Pauls Boutique and I will for sure shop their again ! Thank you Pauls Boutique for this gift.

This is it for today; I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what do you think about their collection and which one you prefer ! Have a lovely day !

Etude House July Pink Box 2015

23 August 2015

Hi dolls ! This month's Etude House pink box was super exciting ! In this box was featured some of the most adorable skin care products ever ! They look super cute and they feel great on the skin. I would totally recommend Etude House skin care products, they are usually very soft and delicate, perfect for sensitive skins.

I collected so many Etude 101 Pencil over the years and the boxes. I use them every single day. Especially my nude and black one. I love that you can use them on your eyes, lips and even cheeks ! They are super creamy and multifunction. 

Of course I can now pack all of this in my new super cute makeup bag and leave it in my purse. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed !  I wish you a lovely day. 

Affordable Statement Necklace from Happiness Boutique

15 August 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you must have already seen this gorgeous necklace coming from Happiness Boutique. I have been wearing it every single day since I got it. It feels heavy in a good way, like actual material. I am in love with the details and how nicely packaged it was when I got it. Thank you so much Happiness Boutique for this gorgeous gift. This it the type of statement necklace that can be worn all year long, even in the Winter time. 

This is it for today; let me know what you think about this chunky necklace and the store in general. I wish you a lovely day !

GIVEAWAY | Blogger Boss Guide Ebook (5 winners !)

12 August 2015

Hi babes ! I am back with a giveaway I have been willing to do for a long time ! Last winter I realised my very first ever ebook and shared all I know about blogging. I am thinking of writing a french version of it at the moment. But until then, you have the possibility to buy the book or win it on my blog ! I am giving away 5 copies, it's international and free !

All you have to do to win one of these is to enter via the widget bellow.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you all are excited and I wish you good luck ! xx

Paris, France

African vibes and blue mascara

9 August 2015

Necklace : Happiness Boutique
Bag : Paul's Boutique
Mascara L'Oréal

Hi babes ! I have been loving wearing a headscarf recently. I love going back to my African roots with simple details like a headscarf and a large necklace. I got my new bag from Paul's Boutique, it's such chic and practical. 

That day I had a lot of fun with my mascara from l'Oréal. That was the first time I was wearing blue on my eyes. I enjoyed the tropical vibe of it. It's a simple way to spice up your makeup and bring more colour to your look.

This is it for today, Let me know what you think of head scarves and blue mascara. I wish you a lovely day. 

Paris, France

Perfect date at the Tuileries Garden Funfair

8 August 2015

Hi dolls ! I am still enjoying as much as possible my first Summer in Paris. Not going on vacation made it possible for me to simply do more little fun activities outside work. Dariusz and I had this perfect date at the funfair in the Tuileries Garden right next to the Louvres. We went on the big wheel to see this amazing view of Paris. 

This is definitely something to do during the Summer even to chill and have some churros

I hope you guys enjoyed, I wish you a lovely day !

Freedom Makeup London Pro Now lipsticks

5 August 2015

Hi dolls ! I am back with another Freedom London Makeup review ! They have been blessing me with so many goodies it's pretty hard to combine all the items in one blog post, so be prepared to read often about them on my blog in the next weeks. This time again, I am introducing a lip product. They have an amazing selection of colours that all look super gorgeous. I have 5 colours to share with you today.

The texture is creamy and moisturising. I am more the type of girl "go bold or go home". I want my lipstick to be completely pigmented and matte but sometimes, it's really nice to add just a bit of colour, especially if you are a teenager or working somewhere where bold makeup isn't appropriate. 

Again, these lipsticks are amazingly cheap ! The quality is there, the pigmentation stays on for a long time, even if it's not matte or bold, you will have some colours on your lips for hours ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. I sure do love these and I had so much fun taking the pictures above. Let me know what you think.

Mood August 2015 | New blog, Boho life in Paris

3 August 2015

Hi dolls ! Since I moved to Paris last March, I have been struggling with having an internet connexion. I still have troubles with my company which is why it has been hard for me to keep updating the blog as often as I used to do. I really miss daily blogging to be honest. 

I reached a pretty big and somehow pretty normal step with my blog. You may have noticed that te address changed and that now, the link is . Buying a domain name was always something so serious. If I have been working my head off for this blog, I somehow never was capable of financially committing to it. Some people pay for templates, SEO or domain names, I never did any of it. But it feels great, I knew I had to do it someday and a few nights ago, I thought "what the hell, just do it, this name is yours anyway". So now, I own and I'm so excited ! Maybe the next step will be to get a custom design. 

This month of August, I am totally feeling the boho vibes. I have been all about them for months but I am even more inspired now Summer is coming to an end. It feels sad but I'm enjoying the fact that it could be an interesting fashion challenge to keep the vibes going during the Autumn and Winter times. 

This is it for this month, let me know what you are up to, any great news, projects vacations, anything, feel free to let me know ! I wish you a lovely day !

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