Freedom Makeup London Pro Melts Lipglosses

29 July 2015

Hi babes ! Today is the first post of a long series. I am super excited to introduce to you Makeup Revolution new brand called Freedom Makeup London. This is a new line of makeup called "Pro Makeup". The quality is still really good and the prices are still super affordable ! I received quite the amount of products that I am using daily and that I decided to share with you in separate blog posts. 

This lip melts do not have a glossy finish. They are super moisturising and extremely pigmented as you can see on the pictures above. There is a selection of really cute and wearable colours to have fun with your lipstick everyday. They all have quite an opaque finish on the lips, which I love except the blue one. For some reason the formula is very different from the other and is less opaque. 

These lip melts are 3£ each but there is an offer on the website, you can have them for only 18£ which is such a bargain ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys are excited for this new collection ! I have more blog posts coming your way ! I wish you a lovely day. 

Polette Sunglasses Oceano Peach

26 July 2015

Hi dolls ! I am back with another pair of Polette sunglasses ! If you follow me on Instagram (@crimeofashion) you already saw these babes a lot ! I have been wearing them to death this month. I love the orange shade with the blue mirrored glass. I didn't know if I could style them a lot since the colours are quite unique paired together but it was way easier than it seems. They are super light and protect from the sun. Another crush from Polette ! Check out their shop for more super cute and affordable models ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed, I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

Boho printed H&M trousers Bershka crop top

Outfit :
Top : Bershka
Pants : H&M
Sunglasses : Polette
Bag : Jennyfer

Hi babes ! This Summer I have been rocking the printed trousers trend with crop top to death. I just love how comfortable they are, you don't need to over think the look, just a casual top, some sunglasses and you are good to go ! This is the perfect outfit if you are on vacation and you just want to be at ease in your clothes or if you are just like I was that day, going for a casual walk in town. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what is your go-to piece of clothing this Summer. I wish you a lovely day. 

Etude House June Pink Box | Open your eyes

24 July 2015

Hi babes ! I am back with another adorable Etude House Pink Box ! I really got excited when I opened it and discovered all the adorable goodies. The mascara is my favourite for sure. As usual, the box was full of cuteness I really enjoyed the small items to glue on your makeup product, such a nice touch. 

The eye shadows are looking lovely, the shades are beautiful for Summer and very shimmery. It's the kind of colour you can apply all over your eyelid with some mascara and go. 

I have a few of the 101 Pencils, I use some of them daily. They are extremely creamy, they blend perfectly and they are nice to apply in the water line as well. Some are too rough but it's not the case with these. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what is the products you'd love to try from this month's box. I wish you a lovely day. 

Paris, France

Pimkie Orange dress and Mango Shoes

21 July 2015

Outfit :
Dress : Pimkie 16€
Shoes : Mango 54€99 (sales HERE)
Bag : Jennyfer 26€
Belt : Bershka 2€50 (sales)

Hi babes ! I am finally back with an OOTD that has proper photos ! I got this dress in Pimkie and I must say I am more and more loving this shop ! A few years ago it used to be too young for my taste my they recently changed their style and I am loving it. I often find piece that I really like such as this beautiful and simply cut dress. It has a great colour for Summer. I styled it with my new shoes from Mango, such a great bargain ! These shoes go with everything and I cannot wait to show you more looks featuring them. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@crimeofashion) you already know that I recently bought this gorgeous Mac Cosmetics lipstick shade Margherita. It's a limited edition and I am in love with the shade and texture. You are going to see a lot of it in the next weeks ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. I wish you a lovely day !

My essential oils for Summer

17 July 2015

Products :
Mixa Solaire Peau Sensible (sensible skin) HERE
L'Oréal Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil HERE
Nuke Huile Prodigieuse HERE 

Hi babes ! I am all about moisturising my skin all year long since it is usually super dry. But during Summer, I don't wear as much makeup, you show off more skin so it's important to improve my skin care. These past years I decided to spend a little more on my skin care, for some it would be crazy expensive and for others it's not enough. But these are my top three oils that I use daily. They all feel super moisturising and then don't stick to the skin. Once you applied it, let it dry for a minute and then you are good to go, not looking greasy at all. I feel like using that many oils could only work on dry skins and if you tend to be oily, you should probably avoid piling it up like I do. 

I start with the Mixa, to protect my face and body from the over 35°C we are experiencing here in France. Then moisturise with L'oréal age perfect oil and for some glow I finish with Nuxe on my chest and shoulders. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what are your favourite skincare for Summer. I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

Casual Maxi Kaki Dress

16 July 2015

Outfit :
Dress : Small shop in Chatelet (Paris) 15€
Belt : Bershka 2€50 (sales)
Shoes : Small shop in Chatelet (Paris) 10€
Earrings : H&M 10€

Hi babes. Today is another blog post that I didn't plan. Today before work, as I was supposed to just stay home and watch tv, I decided to go with Dariusz on a short walk by the Seine. This is why I put on this casual outfit , a simple maxi dress and a belt to give it some shape. Recently I have been wearing to death my BIRKENSTOCK shoes. It's just the perfect pair for this weather. I used to hate them but now I totally understand the love and wear them with everything ! 

As I wasn't planning on an OOTD at all, Dariusz took some pictures with his phone, very casual. This is a look I have been loving wearing recently. This dress is so light and looks so gorgeous, it feels less effortless than it really is ! I'm sure I could dress it up for a night out. 

This is it for today, I wish you a lovely day. Let me know what you are up to recently ! I wish you a lovely day !

Mood July 2015 | All work no vacation

12 July 2015

Hi dolls ! I am spending my days dreaming about vacations, time off, tropical places. But I am, this year again, working my entire Summer. No complain, having a job is awesome but I'd love to see Greece, Ibiza, or go home to Morocco. Until then, I am enjoying my time here in Paris. It is a totally new lifestyle and everyday feels like vacations somehow. Maybe because I'm surrounded by tourists all day everyday. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you are up to this Summer. I wish you a lovely day !

L'Oréal Age Perfect skincare review

10 July 2015

These past years I have been all about skin care and being more healthy. I started upgrading my routine about last year, when I decided it was time to start using products against wrinkles. I know I'm just 24 and still pretty young but this when you are supposed to start, before the wrinkles actually appear. I also have an extremely dry skin on my face, I need product that will do the job without feeling greasy and heavy. 

I got these two products on sales at Monoprix, 40% off. The oil is so soft and dries really fast. It doesn't stick on my hands and leaves my face totally moisturised. The cream is a little heavier and so fresh. It penetrates the skin properly and feels like a big glass of water for my face. I sometimes use one of each or both, according to how my skin feels at the moment. I don't have breakouts, dry spots or anything anymore. My skin feels fresh, plump and healthy. Totally worth the purchase !

This is it for today I hope you enjoyed ! Let me know what is your favourite moisturiser of the moment. I wish you a lovely day !

All black and silver boho look

5 July 2015

Outfit :
Top : H&M 7€
Skirt : Primark 13€
Shoes ; Small shop 10€
Sunglasses : Forever 21
Necklace : Primark 5€

Hi babes ! A little blog post looking a bit different today. A few days ago I was quickly in town, not thinking of doing an actual OOTD photoshoot. But I decided to still share these pictures with you since this is an outfit I have been loving wearing. 

All black fashion is my thing, especially in Summer time. I feel like black looks great with a tan. It's just not as sad as during winter time. I love wearing silver jewellery with it. To be honest, the weather is way too hot right now in France to be wearing a faux leather skirt, I tried a few times but I need to give it up. I love how this look which is super simple looks like I have actually been trying. Just with a couple of accessories you end up with an easy and casual outfit, perfect for a chill Summer day. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know how hot it is where you are. I wish you a lovely day !

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