Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR review

29 June 2015

Hi dolls ! Summer has arrived and it's time to get that shine on ! I am all about oils and moisturising my skin, especially since it can be very dry. I got this gorgeous and amazing smelling oil from Nuxe a little while ago. It's perfect for your face, body and hair. I personally use it only on my face and hair since it's quite expensive and it's only a 50 ml. As you can see already on the photos, this oil will also leave a delicate shine on your skin and your hair which is perfect for Summer time. If you don't like wearing highlighter or even makeup but you still want that glow, this oil is for you. It dries very fast, doesn't feel sticky at all since it's a dry oil and smells amazing. It will moisturise your body and hair instantly. It's a new favourite of mine. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what oil you use for Summer or if you prefer creams. I wish you a lovely day ! 

Kaki midi dress Nike Air force 1

27 June 2015

Outfit :
Shoes : Nike Air Force 1
Bag : Jennyfer 26€

Hi dolls ! Long time I didn't upload an OOTD ! I have been working around the clock recently and I'm pretty much 6 days a week wearing my uniform and on the 7th day, I just want to chill instead of running around town and shooting pictures. But don't worry, sales have started in France, I already got some new gorgeous pieces, outfits pictures are coming ! 

I bought this dress when I arrived in Paris months ago but I just can't get tired of it. It took me to turn 24 to understand that midi dresses where the ones that fit my body the best. I am curvy, I hate my knees, so let's just hide them and wear dresses that highlight my curves in the right way. I love how this simple dress can be worn up or down. I didn't plan on doing an outfit post for this look that day. It was a casual day out, I had errants to run , I needed to feel comfortable.  This is a super simple look that I have been wearing a lot recently. Especially with my Nike air force 1

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what is your favourite go-to dress at the moment. I wish you a lovely day ! 

My Summer beauty essentials from Nivea Men

21 June 2015

NIVEA Men 48h Invisible Anti-Transpirant
NIVEA Men Sensitive Aftershave Balm

Hi babes ! I tend to constantly upgrade my skin care routine. Summer has been in France for at least two months, we had many days above 26°C and I just hate to sweat. However, I feel like women's deodorant, no matter what the label says, don't really prevent you from sweating when the weather reaches a certain temperature. This is why I decided to take the bull by the horns and simply buy myself a Nivea Men deodorant, cause if that doesn't help, then nothing will ! I don't have any spots on my clothes, white or black and this product simply provides me from sweating at all. I feel protected and fresh all day. 

I also heard Nikkie Tutorials, a youtuber I have been loving for a while now, check out her videos, she's amazing, saying that she tried her boyfriend's after shave cream. It was the Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave Balm, she used it as a primer to keep her face looking amazing and hold her makeup all day. My fiancé happened to have the exact same product (mine is from Poland) so I couldn't resist and tried it. It does work, your makeup really holds on to the face unlike other primers that I tried and felt more like a moisturiser. This one is a base that will keep your makeup on even on a very hot day. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if you use some products from the men's department. These are my two favourites, especially for Summer ! Also don't forget to check out my new giveaway with Polette Eyewear. It's free and international, ENTER HERE. I wish you a lovely day !

Mood June 2015 | Summertime, no makeup, dream vacations

20 June 2015

Hi babes ! This is the first time in a while that I didn't put on my Mood of the Month right on time. I used to hear from my elders that the more you grow up, the faster time goes on. They were right. My years in school and college felt soooo long, but now I finished, with work, new life in Paris, everyday is a new adventure and time just flies. I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of Summer as well as my mother's birthday. This is my favourite time of the year and I'm so happy to be spending it in France, under the sun. 

If you don't know this about me, I am a Muslim and the Ramadan started a few days ago. Alongside not being to eat or drink anything during day time, I also cannot wear any makeup. I spend my days with my face free of any products, only moisturisers. It's a great time of the year for many religious regions and also beauty wise. I usually don't buy any makeup any more and start investing in better skincare products. I love going back to basics and taking care of my skin instead of hiding it under foundation. If the canvas is clear, your makeup will be flawless. 

I am going to be working all Summer. No vacations for me this year and it has been that way for the past 4 to 5 years now. It doesn't provide me from dreaming of all the beautiful places I'd love to visit. My dream vacations at the moment is going to the beach, somewhere really hot and tropical, boat rides, amazing food and serious chill everyday. What would you want to do ?

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. I have a giveaway on the blog at the moment with Polette Eyewear. You can win a pair of sunglasses. It's free and international !

I wish you a lovely day !

Polette Sunglasses Elektra Black (and GIVEAWAY)

18 June 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! I'm back with another Polette Sunglasses blog post. This one is even more exciting since it's a giveaway !!! If you follow my blog since last winter, you know that I went super crazy on giveaways around Christmas and my birthday in January. Almost every week you had something new to win !

I have quite a large collection of Polette Sunglasses, here are the blog posts where I am wearing them so you can have an idea of how they look and which ones are my personal favourite.

You have today the opportunity to win a pair of your choice from the website ! All you need to do is to enter via the widget below. It's super easy and quick. This giveaway is free and international. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys are excited about this new giveaway, I know I am ! Let me know which pair you'd love to win or already own. I wish you a lovely day. 

Primark Midi Dress and White Sneakers

17 June 2015

Dress : Primark 11€
Shoes : Bershka 35€
Necklace : Primark 5€
Lipstick: Born Pretty Store 

Hi babes ! I am back with a quick OOTD. That day I wasn't even supposed to shoot any pictures since I was sick like a dog. Spring was killing me, my allergies were all over the place and this is why I look so moody and angry on the pictures. I thought about not keeping them but it's something different. I'm not always smiling, so that's how I look when I have fever and I'm always about to sneeze ahaha ! 

That day, I didn't know what to wear, I wanted to look put together without having the strength to try super hard. This is why I went for my (very) old Primark midi dress and my white sneakers from Bershka. A bit of red lipstick, a chunky necklace and I was ready. 

This is it for today,I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what is your go to outfit when you are sick but you still want to look good. I wish you a lovely day ! 

Etude House June Box

Hi beautiful dolls ! I am back with another Etude House box. Since I moved to Paris, time is passing so fast, I can't believe it's been a month already since the last one. This month box was all about skin care. Summer has already started here in France and it's getting a bit too warm for foundation plus concealer. This is why I was super excited to get these items for a clearer skin. As usual, the cushion is too light for my skin tone but I can use it as a highlighter under my eyes to brighten my look. The mask is amazing for dark spots. 

I would honestly recommend you checking the Wonder Pore collection on the Etude House website. They have a large selection of products that is looking incredible. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what is your Summer skincare, I need new products to try ! Have a lovely day. 

At home pedicure with Scholl

10 June 2015

Shop the products :

Hi beautiful babes ! Feet are a part of the body that we tend to take for granted all year long. Then comes Summer, we want to wear sandals, open toe heels but we realise our feet have been treated badly all winter ! The good news is that Scholl has an amazing foot care range that allows you to give yourself an amazing pedicure at home !

SCHOLL EXPRESS PEDI : This machine is great ! I'm not going to lie, the first I heard the noise it made, I got scared it would hurt me but it actually doesn't at all. It feels super soft on the skin but still gets rid of all the hard parts. No pain, all gain ! This is one of the fastest and easiest way to give your feet a second youth !

SCHOLL VELVET SMOOTH SERUM : After you cleared your skin, you need to moisturise it. This gel product has quite a stick feeling but don't worry, it disappear after a few minutes. Your skin is left super soft and moisturised without making your feet slide on the ground.

SCHOLL PARTY FEET : These are an essential whether you are wearing heels or flats. Some shoes just don't have the right amount of support and your feet feel like they are dying under the weight of your body. I put a pair on some of my favourite heels but I have some for my flats as well. It always hurt on the front part when I stand too much. It's good to have some for the back of the feet as well. They work as a cushion that massages your foot while you are walking or standing.

This is it for today. Thank you Scholl for sending me these amazing products ! I had the opportunity to test them these past months and I have been loving them ! Feet are not the most glamorous subject but during the Summer especially, you need to make them look their best, and Scholl has the best selection for that ! Let me know what is your favourite item for the list, mine is the express pedi . I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

Forever 21 Bodycon Dress Bershka jacket

9 June 2015

Dress : Forever 21 15€ (old)
Jacket : Bershka 35€
Shoes : Small shop in Paris 18€
Bag : Jennyfer 26€
Glasses : Polette 22$99

Hi dolls ! It has been feeling like Summer for a while here in France. I love the smell in the air and the feel you have in the early morning when you open the windows and you can hear the birds, the air is warm already and you know it just gonna be a beautiful day. Sunny days make me so happy, especially since I moved to Ireland I thought I'd never see them again. I had to leave France to realise how much I loved Summer times. 

This is a dress I bought in Forever 21 years ago but never got the chance to really wear it. This is a really fun and easy to wear tropical print bodycon dress. You don't really need anything else with it, the dress speaks for itself. I love the fact that the neck is quite high, especially since the dress is quite short. To keep it casual, I wore it with some simple flats and my good old yellow jacket from Bershka. It's a colour I happen to wear more and more this year. My sunglasses are obviously from Polette, one of my favourite places to shop now ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you love the most about Summer,I'm curious to know ! I wish you a lovely day !

Born Pretty Store Makeup Review

8 June 2015


Hi beautiful babes ! Being in Paris without proper internet connexion yet makes it quite difficult for me to blog and to keep track of my reviews to be published. This one was long due and I am still as excited to share it with you guys ! 

Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me these gorgeous items. I have been particularly obsessed with the lip pencil that has this gorgeous Kylie Jenner look, just a little bit more to the pink side. It's very creamy and matte. The lip gloss (that I can't find any more, sorry) has quite a minty smell on it but I personally don't mind. To me, it feels more like a lip tint than a gloss. It's nicely pigmented and looks very natural on the lips if you apply only one coat. It's the perfect type of orang red that you want to wear on casual days. The lashes are so full and soft on the eyes, they weight nothing ! It's not the first time that I get my false lashes on Born Pretty Store, if you clean them properly after using them (by that I mean removing the glue from the lash line) they can be used multiple times. 

These products are extremely cheap and very nice quality, I'd recommend them to anyone ! The great thing about it is that you can have 10% by using the code IRH10 ! Feel free to order !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if you ever got products on Born Pretty Store and what it was ! I wish you a lovely day. 

Makeup Revolution Ultrabrow palette shade dark review

6 June 2015

Hi beautiful dolls ! This review was long due and there is a reason why it has been delayed so much. The Makeup Revolution team and I wanted to launch a giveaway as I published my review but these palettes are too often out of stock. Which is great for the brand, not so much for you guys. I have been waiting over two months but I feel like it is time to just do the review and try to launch the giveaway later. 

PRICE : As usual, the price of this product is incredibly low, especially for 2 eyebrow wax, 4 eyebrow powders, concealer, brow highlighter, 1 pencil and brushes. 

PRODUCT : I am simply amazed by it. I was always doing my eyebrows with just powder (from Makeup Revolution) but using wax changed my game. My eyebrows look so natural. I sometimes use the wax and then the powder but I've noticed with time that using just the wax is good enough. It doesn't move all day, it's natural, light on the skin and simply pretty looking. I only use the angle brush everyday and it does an amazing job ! Small and practical. 

SHADES : You can find your colour easily with these palettes. I use more often just the black one but when I feel like going more into details I actually mix the waxes to have a softer but still dark eyebrow colour. Using the powder on top of the wax really intensifies the look. 

PACKAGING : As usual, the black and sleek packaging by Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite. It looks super fancy while still being cheap. I really love how you have everything you need for your eyebrows in one palette. As well as the huge mirror. 

In general I am in love with this palette. I totally understand why it's constantly sold out, it's amazing. The shades are gorgeous, the texture is sooo easy to use. I never tried wax before but using this one was so easy. It takes just a few minutes everyday and I'm ready to go ! I completely recommend this palette, especially for the price !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what do you use for your eyebrows ! I wish you a lovely day !

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