Paris, France

Forever 21 printed Jumpsuit and Michael Kors Heels

30 May 2015

Outfit :
Jumpsuit : Forever 21 22€ HERE
Jacket : Small shop in Chatelet 13€
Earrings : H&M 9€
Shoes : Michael Kors
Lips : Mac Cosmectics Lip Pencil shade Cork 15.50€

Hi beautiful babes ! I bought this jumpsuit earlier this month in Forever 21. I fell in love with the prints and the cut. I styled it this time with a jacket bought in Chatelet, in a little shop I can't remember the name of I need to check it out. Every Spring/Summer, like many other girls, I'm all about the boho/gypsy vibes. But this year, I especially love the 70's and get very inspired by this decade. This vintage look is put together but actually very casual and easy to wear for a shopping day with some friends or a night out. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about this look and the 70's trend at the moment. I wish you a lovely day !

River Island Swimwear wish list

28 May 2015

Hi babes ! The weather has been so lovely recently in France, it already feels like Summer ! There is one thing I didn't get to wear in my last 4 summers in Ireland, that's a bikini. It was never warm enough to enjoy the beach or the sun. So this year, I'm already looking online for some designs that would look great. I used to always buy two pieces swimsuits but this year I am more into one piece swimwear. I just find them more elegant somehow. Of course, it's all about the pretty prints, colours and the chic cut. I especially love the all black and all white ones. Or tropical prints as well. 

This is it for today I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if you prefer bikinis or swimsuits. I wish you a lovely day ! 

Etude House April 2015 Box

Hi beautiful dolls ! I feel like I apologize in every blog post for not updating so much anymore. At least I am more present on my Instagram, so feel free to follow me at @crimeofashion ! Not having internet at home (yet) makes my blogging schedule such a nightmare. I received this gorgeous Etude House box last month but I just didn't have time to blog about it ! Better late than never, here it is !

This month's box was super adorable as usual, with great spring colours and amazing packaging. I especially loved the lipstick, the shade is great for the season. The blush goes amazingly well with it. These are beautiful colours for any skin tones. As usual, the concealer is a little too pale for me but I use it as a highlighter under my eyes. The texture is just so light and fresh, I love using them.

This is it for today, let me know what you think about this month's box. I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

Forever 21 Shorts and Nike shoes

23 May 2015

Outfit :
Top : H&M 15€ (similar here)
Sweat Pants : Forever 21 16€ (HERE)
Shoes : Nike

Hi dolls ! I'm very excited to share with you my first blog post of my new section on the blog ! Dariusz and I decided to create a men section and share men's fashion outfits and who knows ? Maybe some skin care, accessories etc. It will depend on how much you guys are interested in it. 

Men in Paris have a great sense of fashion ! No matter their style, they just look good. Dariusz have been loving wearing some street wear items for the moment. These short sweat pants from Forever 21 can be styled in so many ways. For this look we went for an urban casual vibe. I really love this super long tee shirt from H&M. Their men collection this year is really gorgeous ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what you think about the new section and my photos ! Would you like to see more ? I wish you a lovely day !

Paris, France

Royal Blue Jumpsuit and Kimono

18 May 2015

Outfit : 
Jumpsuit : Unknown shop 25€
Kimono : Gift
Shoes : Bershka 35€

Hi dolls ! I'm so sorry I haven't been updating the blog as often as I used to. I still don't have a proper internet connexion that allows me to be on top of my game and work takes a lot of time. Anyway, the weather has been pretty amazing here in Paris and I have been loving wearing my new Royal Blue jumpsuit from a little shop in Chatelet. I love shopping there but I can never remember the name of the place, I need to write it down someday. 

Royal blue can be a pretty intimidating color to wear but it looks great with a tan and a red lipstick. If the lipstick is too much for you to pull off, then keep it nude. Since it's quite a dressy look, I toned it down with some white sneakers that are stylish and comfortable. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about this colour, is it the kind of jumpsuit you could wear ? I wish you a lovely day !

Polette sunglasses PUEBLA

10 May 2015

Hi dolls ! I am back with another Polette blog post ! I am so excited to share with you another pair of sunglasses that they were kind enough to send me. These are called the Puebla. This glasses are looking so gorgeous and I am loving the vintage vibe of them with the shape and colour. I am also obsessed with the line joining both sides. These glasses are looking retro, casual and vintage. They as well protect your eyes from the sun efficiently. I have been wearing them non stop since I got them. It has been very sunny here in Paris and they are always in my hand bag ! 

This is it for today I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what you think of these glasses, if you'd wear them yourself ! Maybe, tell me as well which ones from the website you'd love me to style ! I wish you a lovely day !

Sephora single eyeshadows

8 May 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! I have been saying this for the past couple of months, this Spring, I'm all about colours. I usually wear black and grey all year long but this time, I want to get out of my comfort zone and I have been doing it pretty well since I got in Paris ! I feel very comfortable wearing yellow, or royal blue and now, it's time to be more daring with my eyeshadows

It's always complicated when you buy an eyeshadow palette. Usually, I don't use half the shades on it. This is why since I wanted to get some really unique and specific colours, I decided to go to Sephora and buy single eyeshadows. In Sephora, they have this promotion when you buy two eyeshadows, the palette is free. I didn't know which other colour to get, so I just took two. I think that these sea green and royal blue colours are amazing for Spring and Summer. It's the best time of the year to get colourful and dare to wear something a little more different. You can wear them as a smoky eye or on the bottom line of your lashes. Amazing with a tan ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what do you think about these colours and if you'd like to see some tutorials ! I wish you a lovely weekend. 

MOOD May 2015 | I moved to Paris !

6 May 2015

Hi dolls ! If you followed my blog for the past weeks, you already know that I have been back in France since March. I was first visiting family and friends and I have now officially moved to Paris ! This is so exciting ! Moving from a country to another isn't an easy process, even if I'm going back to my home land, it's still complicated. Especially now I have Dariusz with me. I have been moving so many times these past 5 years, it's great to start in a new city like Paris. I used to go there as a kid and a teenager but I never had the opportunity to simply live there. I have now the time to discover this city, discover new favourite places. I will share as much as possible with you my new life in Paris, especially since I know that a lot of you would love to know more about Paris. 

I am still at that crazy stage where I have a new place, no proper internet yet, new job and everything. It has been so stressful but the fun that Paris is really made it better. You can't have a bad day when you go for a morning walk on the Champs Elysées, just because it's close to where you leave. Or chilling in the sun at the Louvre with your best friend. I am already in love and I can't wait to share more with you. 

This is it for today; I hope you guys enjoyed ! Make sure to follow my blog and/or social media for more updates about my Paris lifestyle ! Let me know what you'd like to read ! I wish you a lovely day ! 

Mac Cosmetic Pencil Genuine Orange

4 May 2015


Hi babes ! I didn't buy any product from Mac since November and that was my Mac Lipstick shade Taupe. One of my best choice ever since it's a timeless colour. This time I decided to go with something clearly more bold and fun. If you follow my blog, you know that I LOVE to rock an orange lipstick during Spring and Summer time. It's fun, cute and less sexy than red. This Mac Pencil shade Genuine orange can also be used as an eye pencil. This colour can be very intimidating to most people. I personally love it. The first time I put an orange lipstick on it felt very different and almost weird but now it's one of my go-to colours ! This shade goes very well with a tan an minimal makeup. Be aware that such a warm colour will make your teeth look more yellow that they really are, avoid coffee or tea when wearing this lipstick ! 

In general, I'm very happy with this pencil. The texture is extremely pigmented and moisturising. It's only 16€, a little bit less than the lipsticks. Also, a pencil won't melt while sitting in your bag during a hot day like a lipstick would. No need to fear, you can touch up any time !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what do you think about this shade. Would you wear this colour ? I wish you a lovely day !

Style Inspiration Vanessa Hudgens

2 May 2015

Hi dolls ! I have been loving Vanessa Hudgens for years now. Actually, since I first saw her in High School Musical. Yes, I was young, in high school, I watched all the movies ahah ! I found her so gorgeous and stylish, which is still the case many years later. Vanessa is a great example of growing sense of fashion. She is now on point with her style ! I love how she balances boho vibes with casual and smart chic outfits.

Even when she looks super put together, she always has this "didn't try so hard" vibe to her outfits. I especially love her long black dress with a biker jacket (classic) and her brown/mustard outfit, great for transitioning from Spring to Summer ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what you think about Vanessa, about her style. I wish you a lovely day ! 

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