MOOD April 2015 | Enjoying Paris and exciting new projects !

31 March 2015

Hi dolls ! I can't believe we are in April already ! It feels like Christmas just happened and now we are in Spring time ! If you have been following me on my social media, you might already know that I am currently in France, Paris to be more exact, visiting family. I didn't spend that much time in Paris in forever and it feels good to be able to fully enjoy my favourite places. I tend to always go back to the Champs Elysées to shop and eat a crêpe or macaroons. 

I have a lot going on this Month and I should be able to share more with you in the coming weeks. It's so exciting and stressful, but it feels great ! I want to do more with my blog, better photos in different places, not just on my balcony like the usual. The only down side is that right now, I'm travelling, I don't have access to proper internet and I don't always have someone ready to take pictures for me. So it will take a few weeks before you guys can see a big difference but I'm working on it. 

I feel like these past months, I focussed more on the technical aspect of blogging with giveaways, my Ebook (Check it here), trying new blogging techniques. Right now, I just want to have fun and experiment with my content. I want to share new content and see what you think about it. Paris is simply so amazing and inspiring, I have a lot of ideas and I can't wait to start working on it with Dariusz. 

Until then, my blogging schedule will slow down for the first time since December. I am no longer daily blogging simply because I don't have the time to come up with content nor a good enough internet connexion for it. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know if you are excited for my new projects and ideas. What would you like to see more on the blog ? Let me know below ! I wish you a lovely day !

Waist trainer review part 1

29 March 2015

Hi beautiful dolls ! I am back with another review that is pretty different from what I am used to ! In March, I had the opportunity to collaborate with CCJ BEAUTY DIRECT ACCESSORIZE and review some of their waist trainers ! You may have already seen some on celebrities like Kim Kardashian or her sister Khloé. They both have gorgeous figures. The waist trainer is kind of a bustier that helps reshape your body. A lot of people on the internet say that it doesn't work but I think History of fashion around the world has proven that women can change their body shape in some pretty incredible ways. 

The first time I tried to put it on, it felt like I could never close it. It was really tied and it took a few minutes. I honestly thought it was the wrong size but I remember what the note said, it's normal that it feels too small at first. So I kept it on. Since it was the first time, I couldn't handle more than a few minutes. But with the days, it became easier and easier to close and wear. I had it on me for a shopping day in Paris, I was walking down the streets, up the stairs in the shops, the metro, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. But it did become a little too much after the 3rd hour. I'm at a stage right now when I can't wear it more than 3 or 4 hours in a row while doing exercises like fast walks in town. 


• Felt very uncomfortable the first times and almost too small 
• Website says the truth, it gets really easy to close after a few uses 
• Amazing for sitting posture. I tend to sit with a round back but not with my waist trainer on me. 
• Keeps you warm under your clothes 
• Looks almost invisible under clothes like t-shirts and jeans, so you can wear it everyday. 
• You need to remember and breath deeply. It didn't cut my breath but when I was wearing it while walking, I needed to breath deeper than usual.
• Right after I remove the corset, my belly feels tied and smaller, but the result is so far temporary.

 This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what you think about the waist trainer, do you believe in reshaping your body ? Is it something you'd be ready to try ? I will be back in a few weeks with another updates on this. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below ! I wish you a lovely day.

YOSO LASH review

26 March 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! I am back with a review from the website Beauty Crowd ! This tool is the new love for the eye curler kind of girls ! This heated pen will give a long lasting curl to your lashes for a dramatic result. I got scared when I read the warnings that came with the box because it was saying that it could burn my eyes and all. But when I put it on, the pen didn't heat that much, I could touch it with my fingers perfectly. 

Sadly, this review won't help you much simply because I already have very curly lashes and I didn't see difference on my eyes. I am sad not to be able to inform you more about this product. If you are looking for something that will curl your lashes , you can always check out the Beauty Crowd's website !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know if you curl your lashes or if you don't feel like doing it. I wish you a lovely day ! 

Paris, France

Paris OOTD | H&M Green Bomber jacket and black skinny jeans

25 March 2015

Outfit :
Jacket : H&M 45€
Jeans : H&M 20€
Shoes : Bershka 35€
Bag : Primark 5€ (old)
Scarf : second hand shop

Hi dolls ! So sorry for the long silence ! I have been blogging daily since December and I actually miss not being on the blog everyday. I told you in my last March mood that I was working on some projects and it takes a lot of time. I am currently in France, visiting family and I don't have access to a good enough internet connexion to keep my blog going. 

As you may have noticed, I am in a much different background for this OOTD. These pictures were taken in Paris near the Jardin des Tuileries, in the Rivoli street. Love this place so much ! 

For this look, I decided to focus on this gorgeous H&M Green Bomber Jacket. I really wanted one for Spring that wouldn't be too warm and too big. It's the perfect jacket is you know the weather isn't gonna get too cool. Which wasn't the case that day ! For jeans I finally found my perfect high waisted black skinny jeans for only 20€. 

This is a very casual look, street wear inspired. Perfect for the girls that want to feel comfortable in their clothes when they know they have a big day ahead !

This is it for today, hopefully I will have more to come this week ! I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you prefer this new Parisian background ! Have a lovely day !

French stripes and red trousers

20 March 2015

Outfit : 
Top : Primark 12€
Trousers : Primark 15€
Shoes : Bershka 35€
Necklace : Sammy  4€
Lipstick : Menow 1$ (Review HERE)

Still getting out of my comfort zone with this outfit. I have been wearing a lot of black and grey all winter, like many of us, and I just got tired of it. This year I am crazy about red suits,this is why I got really excited to find these trousers in Primark for 15€. To me, the easiest way to style coloured trousers is to pair them with a simple blue and white striped top and some white shoes. That's a look I have been pairing with my neon pink river island trousers as well. I am looking forward to seeing warmer days and finding other ways to style these hot tomato pants

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about the red trousers trend, if there is any strong colour you are looking forward to wear for Spring. I wish you a lovely day !

Favourite Cheap Spring Nail Polishes

19 March 2015

Nail Polishes :
Barry M Cosmetics shade Blueberry 2£99
Barry M Cosmetics shade Mint Green 2£99
Barry M Cosmetics shade Mushroom 2£99
Barry M Cosmetics shade White 2£99
2 True shade 15 1£99
2 True shade 30 1£99

Every seasons I have a few nail polishes I gravitate around for the days I don't know what to wear or want something that will fit any of my outfits. For Spring, here are the colours I am loving. Very basic with a selection of blue shades (that I love), nudes and a white. White nail polish is so fresh and elegant, I am obsessed with that colour all year long. It looks particularly good during the sunny days, especially with a tan ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what are your go-to nail polishes shades for Spring, any recommendations ? I wish you a lovely day !

Lime Crime Spring Lipsticks Wish List

18 March 2015

Hi dolls ! I have been wanting to buy some Lime Crime lip products for ever but I never did since this brand is constantly associated with so many costumer services dramas. Here are the lipsticks I would love to order. Instead, I am thinking of going on a hunt to find the perfect dupes. I already found a cheap Cashmere dupe, I will share it with you very soon on an independent blog post. 

Lime Crime or not, to me, these shades are so perfect for Spring. Especially the orange ones like Cosmopop, Rocket and Suedeberry. If you already know some affordable dupes, feel free to leave them in the comment section ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what are the shades you are looking for to wear this Spring, these are the ones for me. What do you think about all the Lime Crime drama ? I wish you a lovely day ! 

Khaki Jumpsuit and white sneakers

17 March 2015

Outfit :
Jumpsuit : Primark 18€
Tank Top : Primark 2€50
Shoes : Bershka 35€
Necklace : Sammy Dress 4€
Nail polish : Orly shade Glowstick 8$50

Hi dolls ! This Khaki boiler suit for women is my new Spring favourite ! I love this one from Primark because the cut is very sexy and elegant. I decided for this first look with that piece to style it as basic as can be. I paired it with a simple white tank top and my good old Bershka sneakers as well as this gorgeous orange red lipstick. As the only accessory, I put on my Sammy Dress gold chocker necklace. This look is great for Spring Summer , especially with a tan. This is a super easy and comfortable way to be stylish and put together. I look like I put a lot of thoughts in my outfit but I am just wearing a jumpsuit and sneakers. It can't get more comfortable than that ! 

For this look, I paid attention details such as the lipstick and nail polish. Khaki can very easily be a boring colour to wear but the moment you pair it with a neon green item (or in this case nail polish) and a gorgeous matte red lip, you add some serious edge to the look ! 

I will be styling this jumpsuit in the coming weeks, showing different ways to wear it for different occasions.


This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about khaki for spring, do you like it or not ? I wish you a lovely day !

Fashion Inspiration, Spring Trends

16 March 2015

I have been blogging daily since December now and even if I have been enjoying it, it can be quite draining from times to times. There are days when I don't feel inspired taking pictures for the blog or updating my Instagram. There is one place that always get my inspiration up and that's Tumblr. When I don't know what to blog about or even how to dress, I go on my Tumblr and look back at photos I love. Here are several I have been enjoying, hope you will too.

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed ! I wish you a lovely day ! 

How to get more likes and followers on Instagram

15 March 2015

Hi babes ! Today I am sharing some tips extract from my Ebook The Blogger Boss Guide. I have a huge chapter on social media for blogging. Here is a shorter version for you today to increase your followers on Instagram !

  1. High Quality Photos : Often, you will see blurry low quality photos getting a lot of likes. It will be because the author has a large amount of followers already or because that photo is still attractive somehow. It is better to focus on high quality photos with a good lightening and nice composition. Take a minute to think about your photo, try another angle and see how it looks. For the lighting, natural light is always the best. 

  2. Selfies : according to the Georgia Tech Instagram study, photos with faces get 38% more likes on Instagram. So if you want more likes, get shameless and start taking selfies, people love them ! 

  3. Work your angle : there is no secret, the only way to always look good on a picture is to know your face and what to do with it. It’s all about finding that right angle that makes you look prettier but still natural. When taking a picture of your full body, ask the photographer to lower the camera a little. Slightly shooting up at you will make your body look taller and thinner. For selfies, it’s better to have the camera a little higher. 

  4. Upload more than once : Instagram works around the clock. Unlike other social media, there are no good or bad times to upload a photo. One to two pictures a day is a good amount. Any popular account on Instagram is updated more than once a day. You’re not addicted, it’s an Instagram rule… 

  5. Hashtag : The one hashtag you should use is #Nofilter. Adding this hashtag to your photos represent 10% more chances to get likes. However, the hashtag #Drunk isn’t a bright idea. Studies have showed that it decreases likes by 40%. There are no clear rule on how many hashtags you should add but 10 is considered to be reasonable. 

  6. Filters : custom filters are appreciated. Take time to play around and see which ones make your photos look better. The filters that engage more likes and interactions are Willow, Normal, Toaster, Mayfair and Sutro. 

  7. La vie en Bleu : photos with dominant colours of green and blues (cold toned colours) get 24% more likes than pictures with warm tones (pink and orange). 

  8. Stay social : Follow people, tag them on your photos (when relevant), even brands if you are taking a picture of an object or a place. However, avoid spamming, people hate that.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! If you want to know more about blogging and social media for bloggers, check out my Ebook, it's 20€ or pay what you want. Any amount above 1€ will be accepted ! Check out the link bellow for 20 pages for free ! I wish you a lovely day !

Polette Sunglasses Phoenix Gold

14 March 2015

Hi guys ! I am back with another pair of sunglasses sent by the lovely team of ! I had the opportunity to chose an item of their collections and I was seriously crushing for these ones. They reminded me a lot of the Dolce Gabbana sunglasses HERE.  

I am obsessed with sunglasses, they are the perfect accessory for me during Spring Summer, especially since when the weather gets hot, I can't stand having necklaces, rings or bracelets on me. So having some really funky and stylish sunglasses is a way to ad some edge while being comfortable. 

Polette has an amazing selection of sunglasses and glasses that you can order online. This French company offers great quality products at an affordable price by reducing the production chain. These small prices don't mean that the glasses are cheap in quality.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think about these glasses, if you love funky ones or more classic. I wish you a lovely day. 

70's Inspired look with Primark Printed harem pants & Michael Kors Shoes

12 March 2015

Outfit :
Jacket : Primark 9€ (sales)
Top : Primark 2€50
Pants : Primark 15€
Belt : My fiancé's
Shoes : Michael Kors

Hi dolls ! I am back with an OOTD I am so going to rock this Spring Summer featuring my Primark printed harem trousers ! Between the palazzo trousers and the harem pants, these are a must have for the coming seasons. The prints can seem a little too bold and intimidating but they are actually quite easy to style. I have been obsessed with 70's fashion recently and I decided to channel this decade in this look. I paired these high waisted trousers with a large leather belt for men that belongs to my fiancé to highlight my waist line. 

Of course, I had to style these wide leg trousers with some gorgeous leather high heels from Micheal Kors. Paring this type of large trousers with a pair of thick square and wooden heels is the perfect combo for a chic Summer look. To add some edge to the look, I picked my good old faux leather jacket. I have been wearing this one for almost three years but I just don't have enough of it. This fringed leather jacket is another must have in a boho wardrobe. Again, because this is me, I applied a neon pink matte lipstick.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this look ! I am very influenced by the 70's this year and as every single Spring Summer for the past 2 years, I am again, all about the boho / gypsy fashion, so be ready for more looks like that. Especially with these printed harem pants that I love ! 

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Review

11 March 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! I am back with another Makeup Revolution review ! I didn't expect to have so many products to share with you this March/April but the team has been really generous to me once more. They sent me these adorable blushes, so here is what I think ! 

PRICE : 4£99 it's very cheap for the size of the blush. You get a fair amount of product for your money.

PACKAGING : I know it's the name of the collection, but the fact that it's a heart shape just bugs me. I am having so much trouble storing my makeup when it's square or rectangular, having to fit something that shape and that thick isn't easy. I travel all the time and because of the packaging, I already know I won't take any with me. Just too big for my taste.

PRODUCT : I was very surprised and happy with the texture of these blushes. It literally feels like nothing on the skin, face or finger. I really loved the finish, almost like water. They have a gorgeous shine and the texture is extremely light. I don't how else to describe it. The product feels very soft and yet, you can't tell by touch the difference between the powder and your skin. I am seriously loving it. Especially that gorgeous highlighter. The texture reminded me a lot of the Kiko water eyeshadows that I use as a highlighter as well.

In general, the shades and textures are very good. You can achieve a lot for a very small price. I really like these blushes but the packaging is a serious turn off to me. I know it's totally irrelevant to the quality of the product but again, because of their size, I can't travel with them.My favourite of the three is the highlighter that I'd recommend to anyone.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what do you think about these blushes, is the packaging of a product extremely important to you ? I wish you a lovely day !


Solange Knowles style inspiration Spring Summer

10 March 2015

Hi dolls ! I admit to know Solange Knowles more for her fashion style than her songs. I just love this vintage with a modern touch vibe she has going on. She always looks like she didn't try that hard to look that amazing. There is something very natural and real about her. Also, I am obsessed with her afro ! Her clothes are always very colourful, a pop of colour on her lips and killer shoes. She is a great inspiration for Spring Summer if you want to be super stylish and yet, don't want to look like you spent hours getting ready. Solange Knowles is the queen of casual fashion. 

This is it for today, I hope this inspired you. What do you think about her style, is this something you'd wear for the coming seasons ? Let me know what trends you are looking forward to style ! I wish you a lovely day ! 

Menow 1$ matte lipsticks review and on lips swatches

9 March 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! Finally, the review I have been announcing for weeks now ! You've seen me wearing these lipsticks on every single photos on my Instagram and Twitter as well as blog posts. These are the only one I wear at the moment and here is why ! 

I was on the Internet a few weeks ago looking for a Lime Crime Cashmere Dupe since the original one seems to always be out of stock. I came across these Menow Liquid Lip glosses (wrong name I must say, these are full on matte). I did a lot of research about them, I watched many reviews on youtube to compare the shades and see what people think. In general, girls seemed to be super excited about them but there were some saying that it wasn't drying fast enough, some said it was taking about 20 min. Others were complaining about the texture being tacky etc. I decided to still get them and give these a try. I'm so happy I did ! I didn't experience any major issues these girls had, proof that a review is only a personal opinion here to guide ! Now, to the review !

PRICE : About 1$, some can be 3 or 4$ each, it really depends on where you buy them. Sometimes you can buy them individually, or often, it's a set of 12. There are 38 shades available !

PACKAGING : Simple, looks quite cheap which I usually don't like but I am so in love with these I don't care at all. They are that good. The applicator is like the ones you get in glosses or any liquid lipsticks. I usually have troubles applying dark colours since mistakes are visible but with this applicator, I had so much more control. It's fast and easy to apply the product ! 

DRYING TIME : Some girls were complaining it could take up to 20 min to feel totally dry. Personally, I never had to wait that long. Within a minute or two, it's done. Some shades like the #27 are even more amazing and dry instantly. You have to be really quick when applying the product. Also, I tried several techniques and yes, if you intent applying more than one coat, it will take for ever to dry. These are one coat kind of matte lipsticks. 

LASTING : For ever !!! You can eat, drink, talk, this thing won't come off easily. Matte lipsticks tend to last longer, but these ones are even better. They won't come off. Of course, the more your drink, the more it fades. Some people complained that it was too hard to remove, I personally use a drop of my Makeup Revolution makeup Remover and it's clean. 

TEXTURE : They look amazing even on dry lips, they cover the lines and patches instead of highlighting them. Very mosturising, it feels like nothing on the mouth. 

SHADES : Can we please take a look at the lip swatches ? How gorgeous are they ? I only have 12 and there are 38 to chose from !!! #4, #6, #10, #12, #14, #23, #24, #29, #34, #36 have some glitters. I am already thinking of getting some more. The swatches on the page are very true to reality, I wasn't disappointed at all. Also, the shade #38 IS NEON. Neon people ! It looks incredible in day light, and with a tan, that lipstick is amazing ! Obviously, some shades are much better than others, but even the ones I wasn't blown away by are still very good. 


  • Don't apply more than one coat or it will never dry properly and feel tacky.
  • A little goes a long way, the amount of product that comes from the tip is actually what you need.
  • Start from the middle and work your way to the inner corners. Try to apply less product there so it won't feel sticky.
  • It dries really fast so if you apply it wrong somewhere, clean asap.

NOTE : 9/10
I am loving the finish, the texture is amazing, you have an incredible range of colours. These are almost the perfect matte lipsticks. I won't give it a 10 simple because some shades do feel a little more sticky than others but nothing too crazy or uncomfortable. I wish we could apply more than one coat but if you do, it will move the product instead of building on. I still give it a 9 because I have been wearing these while my lips were extremely dry. I was worried the lipsticks would look nasty on my mouth but no. Instead, it covered the patches and made my lips look so full and kissable. Also, they are worth only 1$ ! What's not to love ?

This is it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed my in-depth review. Let me know if you'd like to read more of those. Also if you'd want a giveaway of these lipsticks in the future, I'll try to see what I can do ! These are some serious dupes for Mac Cosmetics, Lime Crime and Anastasia Beverly Hills, I'll blog about these individually soon, so let me know if you're interested ! I wish you a lovely day ! 

How to work with brands when you have a small blog ?

8 March 2015

During the past #fblchat , I realised a lot of bloggers were just scared and intimidated to simply engage with brands. The truth is, brands are a group of people. As simple as that. Back in College, I had business English classes where they’d teach us how to write to professionals. It was quite difficult and I thought I had to use that level of language every single time. Turned out, as long as you are polite, excited about the brands, that you have ideas and all the main information for them to make a decision, you’ll be fine. I am very casual with the people I deal with and some are starting to even feel like friends ! 

If you want to work with a brand, don’t stress. What is the worst that can happen ? They’ll politely say no. That’s it. And this wouldn’t even be a failure simply because you’d learn from your mistakes. Practice makes perfect, but to save you some time, here are some elements that always help me.

It’s like a job interview

I said that many times in my ebook : contacting brands for the first time is like going to a job interview. You need to be prepared. It’s not extremely complicated but it will guarantee more chances of success. Here’s how I do it : 

• Research the brand : this is the most important part of the process, even more important than your numbers. In my book, I go deeper into what is your branding, but to be short and sweet, you need to contact brands that feel connected your blog. Don’t go around the internet asking for collaborations with brands that don’t suit your image. Be selective. Does the brand accept working with bloggers ? Check the FAQ section, often the info is in there and it saves time for everyone. What is their branding ? Casual, edgy, grunge, minimalist ? Do you feel like this brand is you ? You need to ask yourself these questions before contacting anybody.

• Media Kit : a Media Kit is basically like a resume for your blog. It has to represent you and your space online. Just like for a job interview, the brands should know if you are right for them with one glance. Unlike a resume, your media kit is a space of creativity. It has to be like your blog : fun, bold or simple. Make sure to include essential stats (check out my ebook for more details on how to build yours and free media kit templates to use)

• Speech : Another seriously important part of the process. I said many times that researching was crucial, so is your speech. Having these two on point can make up for small stats. Now you know everything about the brand, what they look for in a blogger, the customers they target, you need to convince them to work with you. How you do that ? This is a quote from my ebook that I found great to resume the situation : 

“When contacting a brand, like on a job interview, it’s not about why you want them, but why they should want you.” - Sara Chergui

Be excited about the opportunity, come with ideas, be engaging. Your speech in your email is your chance to compensate small statistics with creativity. You’d be surprised how many brands actually value more creativity and inspiration than a large amount of followers ! 

At the end of the day, contacting brands seems scarier than it really is. There are real people on the other side of the computer. Be polite, engaging and simply ask them to check out your blog. Always tell them what you’d do with their products, don’t be scared to show how excited you are. And again, the worst that can happen is a polite no. We all had to go through this. Just don’t give up, keep on working and understand that this is your path. Keep trying and before you can even realise, brands will be fighting for a spot on your blog. Good luck ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! This is a topic I talked about more deeply in my ebook The Blogger Boss Guide, I decided an entire chapter about it and there are also free Media Kit templates available in the book. Make sure to check it out if you want to know more about the subject. I wish you a lovely day !

French casual and matte red lips

7 March 2015

Outfit :
Hat : Paris St Michel street vendor 20€
Jacket : Primark 9€ (sales)
Top : Primark 12€
Pants : Primark 14€
Shoes : Primark 11€

Hi beautiful babes ! I am sharing with you a look I rock anytime I don't know what to wear but I still want some style. This is a basic French inspired look. All black, french stripes and a red lips to add some life to the look. I didn't brush my hair, just put on my good old fedora hat and I was good to go. Sorry for the tired look on my face on the pictures, I was seriously sick that day, huge fever. But I really want to share an outfit on the blog, so that was the best I could do ! 

On my lips is my very new Menow liquid lipstick that I have been wearing for weeks. I am just obsessed with this colour ! I have 12 Menow liquid lipsticks, the full review will be on the blog next week, make sure to check it out ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed my outfit. Let me know what is your favourite go to look when you feel uninspired or too lazy to think about your clothes too much ! I wish you a lovely day !

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