Balmain Paris Fashion 2015 (Get the look on a budget !)

31 January 2015

Hi babes ! If there is one thing I love doing is recreating looks from expensive designers with items found in affordable shops. I have seen these pictures of this Balmain Collection and I fell in love with it. 

On the first list are some items you can find on the Balmain online shop that I really loved and wish I could afford ! I especially loved that red, black and white Balmain Dress that Kim Kardashian was wearing a little while ago. She looked amazing that day, one of my favourite looks of hers ever ! 

Since we can't all afford a 16000€ dress, I went a round the internet and tried to find items that would capture the vibe of the collection. A lot of Aztec, lace and leather with very modern and bold cuts. That pretty much makes it an incredibly stylish collection. I really love that blazer dress from Missguided ! Such a bold and chic piece. And if it's too short or too daring for you, you can always wear a midi skirt or some palazzo pants with it ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if you like when I recreate designer looks at affordable prices and I'll blog more about it ! Also, tomorrow my Ebook The Blogger Boss Guide will be officially launched !!! I am so excited ! Everything you need to know about blogging is in there so if you want to have a look before the launch READ 20 PAGES HERE ! I hope to see you all get a copy ! I wish you a lovely day ! 

My eyebrow routine (2 drugstore techniques)

28 January 2015

Shop the products :

Hello beautiful babes ! For about a year, I have been using the very same techniques and products when it came to my brows. I was loving the result and I didn't feel like I need to change. But this Autumn/Winter, I decided to be a little experimental and try other products. I have been using both techniques for a long time, they are part of my makeup routine and today I am sharing them with you! As you can see on the pictures above, both looks are very very different. The result on the first one is natural and quite discrete when the second one is really "bam! eyebrows on your face!" . I personally prefer really strong eyebrows but I shared both looks so you guys can decide what you'd prefer for yourself. 

Eyebrow pencil : I always use a clear mascara first to brush my brows and give them shape.Then, with the Makeup Revolution eyebrow pencil side I darken and create the shape of my brows. I use the super fine felt trip to draw really light lines on my brows, to give it more the impression of hair. It's the best eyebrow pencil I've used to far. I finish with Maybelline Brow Drama, going over the eyebrow, and using the left over on the brush to do the front with very light feather strokes. I don't like my eyebrows starting too strong in between the eyes, this is why I always apply product from the middle to the end and then, with the left overs, I gently touch up the fronts. The eyebrow mascara can even be used on its own if you want a really natural look.

Eyeshadow and angle brush : This is the first technique I ever used and after being on a pencil for months, I am loving it again. I think eyeshadow is just my thing. I coloured my hair black back in December and my old palette didn't have the right shade. I was so excited to find the perfect black shade in one of my Makeup Revolution palette. To find your perfect eyebrow eyeshadow shade, simply use any matte colour (no shimmers!) that doesn't have any red undertone. The one I am using is a very dark grey, almost black. Intense enough for the look I am going for but not too much as well. I always start with the clear mascara, then with the angle brush, I start by drawing the lower line of my eyebrows. I never start right from the beginning of the brows, to make it appear a little more natural. Then I draw the upper line and start filling without touching the front. With the left over product on the brush, I stroke the hair in a vertical direction very gently. I finish with Maybelline brow drama, going over the front again to harmonise with the rest of the brow, almost like an ombrĂ© effect. 

This is it for today; I hope you guys enjoyed ! This is all the eyebrow makeup I use to do my brows in the past 6 months. Let me know what is your favourite way to do your brows ! I wish you a lovely day !

Fashion & Beauty Inspiration #2

27 January 2015

Hi beautiful babes ! Today I am sharing with you some photos that have been inspiring me quite a lot recently. I have been so busy with the birthday giveaways and my Blogging Ebook launch this Sunday that there are days I just don't even know how to dress, what makeup to wear etc. This is why I love going back to my Tumblr, go trough the pictures I selected and find things that inspire me. 

This is quite a short and casual blog post for today, but don't worry, it's only because I am preparing 2 more giveaways coming your way from Makeup Revolution. I have been talking about them with the team since early December so I'm excited to finally launch them ! I am also doing the final touches for my Ebook, waiting for a few reviews to get back at me before the big day. I'm not gonna lie, I'm so nervous. I have been working on this all Winter, it has been months now ! I really hope you are going to enjoy it ! 

Until then, I leave you with these gorgeous pictures, I'm going back to my birthday giveaways. There is still my Minga Berlin giveaway on check it out HERE. I wish you a lovely day ! 

Black Palazzo Pants and White Sneakers

26 January 2015

Outfit : 
Hat : Paris St Michel 20€
Jumper : Primark 10€
Pants : Peacocks 20€
Shoes : Bershka 35€

I have been looking for the perfect Palazzo pants for at least a year now. You can't even imagine how happy I was when I found them in Peacocks as I was just killing time ! The only problem I'm having is that I'm in between two sizes right now and these pants are meant to be fitting your body perfectly. I took the size up, hoping I'll be able to modify them in the future. 

Palazzo pants are so gorgeous. I love the high waisted cut and the long legs. It the kind of pants that you can dress up for work with a blazer or down like it did, or even with a 70's/40's vibe. I decided to wear them with a large jumper, my must worn a of the winter actually and some sneakers for a real casual look. But I already see myself wearing it with delicate tank top this summer, some statement jewellery etc. I really can't wait for the sunny days to come back and style again my favourite items without hiding them under big jumpers and large coats. These pants are going to be a classic in my wardrobe !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! I have a Minga Berlin giveaway on the blog right now and 2 Makeup Revolution giveaways coming this month and in early February, so make sure to stay tuned ! I wish you a lovely day ! 

Makeup Revolution Makeup Brush Anti Bacterial Cleaner Review

25 January 2015

Hi dolls ! I had the amazing opportunity to receive some Makeup Revolution Makeup Brushes cleaners to review, so here's what I think ! 

I didn't wash my makeup brushes in waaaay too long, which was the perfect opportunity to try these two products. The Brush Shampoo is pretty much a shampoo, as simple as that. You wet the brush, apply the product and massage it into the hair. Some foam will appear. I kept shampooing my brushes until the foam stayed white and didn't turn brown anymore due to left over product. As you can see on the pictures above, there is a real difference between my dirty brushes and after being cleaned. The Shampoo smells really nice and is very easy to use. I enjoy the fact that it's antibacterial, since dirty brushes are a clear cause of spots and breakouts on the skin. Using clean tools/hands is really important when applying make up. 

After cleaning the brushes with the Shampoo I finished with the Anti Bacterial Spray that you are supposed to leave on the brushes and not rinse. The hair feel really soft and the smell is very nice. In general these two products are very good, and I enjoy knowing that they will clean my brushes from bacteria. I would recommend these to anybody, especially since some brands sell these types of products for about twice or more Makeup Revolution's price. I usually create my own "cocktail" with products you find at home that works as well. Let me know if you are interest in my home made "recipe". 

In general, these products are doing the job, they are cheap and easy to use. If you want something efficient and on budget, these are great.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what you are using to clean your brushes, did you buy a specific product or do you mix your own cocktail like me ? I wish you a lovely day !

24 Random facts about me

I guys ! This is officially my birthday ! I'm turning 24 and for this occasion, here are 24 random facts about me !

  1. I was born and raised in France but my mother is from Morocco and my father from Algeria. 
  2. I have two brothers. 
  3. I am obsessed with hands hygiene. People that don’t wash their hands drive me crazy, especially when you know they come back from the bathroom. 
  4. Addiction to fries is kind of a family thing. Any day, any hour is a good time for some fries. Just because fries. 
  5. If I could learn other foreign languages they would be Polish and Arabic. 
  6. I have really bad motion sickness. After a few minutes in a car, bus, boat, anything, I feel extremely dizzy. For the next two days. 
  7. My favourite Disney movies are Monster Inc, Hercules and Kuzco. 
  8. Dancing brings me back to life. 
  9. When people say something in English that I don’t understand, I just pretend I do and hope for the best. 
  10. I have trust issues. Earning my trust is hard, but once you got it, you’re good. 
  11. Half of my friends are people who hated me when they first met me and now can’t remember why. 
  12. I love the smell of washing powder so much that I sniffed some by accident more than once. 
  13. My favourite smell on Earth is Soap from Marseille, a traditional product from this city located in the south of France. Simply amazing whether it’s in soap, fairy liquid, shampoo, washing powder, I just love it. 
  14. I discovered I was claustrophobic once I entered a Pyramid in Egypt. 
  15. I want to learn how to dance Salsa, Tango and Lindy Hop. 
  16. I know how to belly dance. 
  17. I am so loud when I speak, I feel sorry for everybody. 
  18. People touching my face or putting their hands in front of it are risking being punched. 
  19. I know how to punch. 
  20. I go nowhere without a lip balm. I have one on my desk, in my bag, in my jeans pocket, on my night table. Just nowhere. 
  21. I get scared so freaking easily. All you need to do is enter a room while I’m back to the door and I’ll get scared. You knock ? Still get scared ! 
  22. I make some pretty good chocolate chip cookies. 
  23. I always start singing if I stay up after 1 am. I don’t do it on purpose and I never noticed until my fiancĂ© realised there was a pattern.
  24. Turning 24 freaks me out as much as I feel blessed. But I'm mostly excited ! lol

This is it for today; I hope you guys enjoyed ! This was a quick and fun way to celebrate my birthday with you guys ! I wish you a lovely day !

Kubiss Lipgloss Review (favourite drugstore nude lip combo)

24 January 2015

Shop the look :

Hello beautiful babes ! A few weeks ago as I was at the drugstore I came across the brand Kubiss. I never tried it before, never heard of it either. But I saw that one lipgloss that had such a unique shade that doesn't quite show on camera. It is a light nude colour but with kind of a grey undertone. It caught my eye so I decided to buy it and here is what I think !

The shade lets your natural lip colour show through and since the colour of the gloss is so gorgeous on its own, I wish it were more pigmented. I wore it without any lipstick under and was quite unhappy with it at first. The texture became really fast quite tacky and uncomfortable. It's a 3€ lip gloss, I wasn't expecting much. However, the moment I applied this gloss on top of a nude lipstick, everything changed. The products stays on forever ! It obviously becomes a bit tacky but only a few hours later and it wasn't bothering me so much.

I applied MUA nude lipstick that has a creamy formula under the Kubiss lipgloss. I love the shimmer and the shade so much, I usually add like 5 coats of gloss each time. I might run out of it very soon, especially since I've been wearing it almost everyday ! You can wear this gloss with any nude lipstick under, your lips will instantly look fuller, kissable and just gorgeous. This is the kind of cheap lip gloss that works better with a lipstick under. For the price of both products, you are still on a 5€ budget, you can't go wrong for that price.

I used to find lip glosses super gorgeous but I could never stand them on my lips, it was just bothering me too much. I must say that this 3€ Kubiss lip gloss simply converted me ! I wore it almost everyday since I bought it. So in love !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what is your favourite lipstick or lip gloss right now. I wish you a lovely day !

Virgos Lounge Dresses Wish List

23 January 2015

Virgos Lounge Website

Hi beautiful dolls ! I am back with a wish list, thing I haven't done in a long time. I came across the website Virgos Lounge a few weeks ago via Instagram and I'm simply in love. The dresses are so gorgeous, so elegant and unique. I love the vintage vibe every model has. It's like they took the best of the 1940's and added edge to it. A lot of pearls, elegant cuts, sexiness and class. This is the perfect place to find your dream prom dress, wedding, (office) party dresses etc. Here is a selection of my favourite ones on the website. If I had to pick just one it would be Marlene. Renata and Raya are amazing as well. These dresses are way above the usual price range I introduce on the blog but these are just so gorgeous I had to share. Sometimes, you have to spend a little more to get something unique. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know which one on the website is your favourite and if you ever bought from that brand. I wish you a lovely day !

My favourite shoes of winter 2014

22 January 2015

Shoes :
Sneakers : Bershka 35€ (here)
Loafers : Primark 11€
Leopard flats : Primark 5€

Like many people, I have an obsession with shoes. I could always buy more and more if I had the budget. But just like many people, I tend to always reach for the same ones. We all have these items in a wardrobe that we love, that feel like they represent our style best. I have been wearing these three pairs of shoes non stop since September. They all are quite different and are perfect for my many fashion moods. I have to admit that the loafers and flats are not warm enough for the Irish weather. But I tend to grab them, get out of the house and then realise my mistake. I think it's the French girl in me, always reaching for her flats without even thinking about the temperatures !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what are your favourite shoes you wear all the time. are you a flat shoes girl or more into high heels ? Let me know ! Don't forget that I have two birthday giveaways going on the blog right now with Polette (HERE) and Minga Berlin (HERE). Have a good day ! 

Birthday Giveaway #2 | Minga Berlin Gift Box

21 January 2015

Hi dolls ! I'm very excited to announce my second Birthday giveaway ! I still have another one to come for this month and guess what ? I will keep on spoiling you in February ! Today I am introducing another European brand, Minga Berlin. This brand is specialised in high quality socks that are fun and colourful. Something really cool to know about Minga Berlin is that they are eco-social, as well as their "socks are made from certified organic cotton and are manufactured to meet the high social and environmental GOTS criteria throughout the entire production chain". It is always amazing to collaborate with a brand that actually cares about the production chain, quality and the environment. 

The socks are amazing. I remember when Dariusz and I put them on for the first time we couldn't believe the feeling. They are extremely soft and they feel so warm I had to take them off in the flat. It's pretty incredible when you know how freezing it is right now in Ireland and how I am sick and cold all the time. So when I say these socks were keeping me warm, I mean it ! ;)

If you are not too much into socks as a girl, I know that a lot of men actually love them. It's a great and elegant accessory whether they want to keep it classy or super colourful like the ones above. You can always enter and offer the amazing prize to a brother, father or boyfriend. And if you are a girl that just loves really cool socks, then good luck ! 

This giveaway is open internationally. You will win a gift box (3 pairs of your choice). To enter, please use the widget below

This is it for today, I hope you guys are excited about this giveaway ! I wish you a lovely day and make sure to stay tuned for the next one (makeup this time !). Bye !

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