Haters on the internet, Bloggers vs YouTubers

29 November 2014

Recently, the subjects of haters took a different and interesting turn in the blogging and Youtube communities. For years you could hear or read people saying that haters are part of your life, you have to let them talk until they get bored of you and start hating someone else. Haters are everywhere, whether you have a strong online presence or not. We all have that one friends that loves checking everybody's Facebook account and make fun or her or his pictures. Some people have many Facebook “friends” just to be able to spy on their lives and criticise. I'm going to be honest with you, I had so many haters in my life, I'm surprise I still didn't have any on my blog yet (at least someone that let me know). I swear. Every single comment I had was adorable or an honest critic to help me improve. This blog post isn't to talk about me but about the blogging and YouTube communities in general. This is an open conversation, feel free to share your experience and/or opinion on the subject !

A few weeks ago, I heard that Pewdiepie shut down the comment section on his videos. Other YouTubers said that it was against the idea of YouTube itself and without the comment section, it's was just like TV. Which is very true. But Pewdiepie did this because he got tired of all the spams and haters. Shortly after, Zoe (akaZoella) wrote a blog post that I found very interesting and it made me feel like some kind of revolution was starting. She chose her words carefully to express how she couldn't handle the hate comments anymore on her daily vlogs. Same for Essie Button, who decided to react after Gabby's video. Alfie from Pointless Blog as well in one of his vlogs said that people had “to chill”. It all felt like a snowball effect. Youtubers starting to tell haters that it was enough. I am very sure that many others addressed the problem as well.

"Some people would say that being judged just comes with having a youtube channel and "what do you expect, having over 6 million subscribers?", but I would never subscribe to a channel I disliked" Zoella

This subjects interests me because since I've been reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, people always said “haters gonna hate”. And it's true. You can't stop living your life because somebody isn't happy about it. It's your life. For so many years, YouTubers and bloggers made it sound like, it's ok to have haters, it's part of the job, you just need to ignore them. But now I am wondering. By simply ignoring the haters, didn't we allow them to grow bigger and meaner ? Alfie got a comment on his video that made me smile and hurt me at the same time. Somebody said “you are were you are today thanks to us. We made you”, something like this. For sure, bloggers and Youtubers are nothing without people interested in the content, growing the traffic and sharing. But that comment made it sound like bloggers and Youtubers don't work at all, like it's not hard and stressful.

Let's open the conversation. I have been reading blogs two years before I started my own and never did see a mean comment. Some bloggers do filter their comments but many don't. I have a YouTube channel but I'm not really involved with it. I love making videos, editing them but I do not want to be a YouTuber. Because as much as haters gonna hate, they seem to hate even harder on YouTube. This is something I have been noticing for a long time now. Is it just me ? I am reading blogs that luckily don't have any haters ? Do you know bloggers that have to go through this everyday ? During Twitter chats with fellow bloggers, the tone is so polite, friendly and everybody wants to help each other. So when all these YouTubers started complaining about the amount of haters, I wondered. Is it just on Youtube where people think it's ok to tell somebody to go “kill yourself” ? Zoella stopped daily vlogging, Pewdiepie closed his comment section. If the haters cannot hate on YouTube anymore, where will they go ?

Feel free to share your opinion and experience in the comment section. That's an open conversation and I do not have a clear opinion on the subject. I just know that the haters on Youtube can be really cruel and are more frequent than in the blogging community, at least to me. Let me know your story ! I wish you a very good day !

Beauty Review | Makeup Revolution Iconic Dream Palette, Liquid Blush, Viper Mascara, Blush and Contour Palette, Brow Tint, Primer

28 November 2014

Shop the items :

Hi dolls ! I am back with another Make up Revolution review ! They sent me some of their new products and I'm super excited to share my honest review with you guys. 

Viper Mascara : I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago Benefit mascaras, They're Real vs Bad Gal. I have been using these two for months now and didn't think I would find a product that could compare to them. Especially Bad Gal which is my favourite ever ! But I must say I was super impressed with the Make up Revolution Viper Mascara ! As you can see on the first picture of me, I am wearing it and my lashes look FAB ! They look full, long and curly (not using a lash curler). It's such a good mascara and it's so cheap. That's not the first time that Make up Revolution releases products that are incredible for such a small price. I also loooove, the packaging and the fact that the wand reminds me a lot of a cobra head. That's just details but I love it ! 

The One Fluid Blush : These two adorable bottles are blushes. Very pigmented and so easy to blend! When I first used it, I put too much product but I didn't have to clean anything. Just keep blending and the product will go away very naturally, leaving just the right amount of colour. It has a velvet finish on the skin and on the touch, it's so lovely. I also enjoy the packaging that is very practical. The tube is made so you can release the product one drop at the time (if you don't squeeze too hard!). It's obviously not the most practical type of blush since it's so liquid, but it does leave a gorgeous and natural finish that you don't always have with powders. 

Ultra Aqua Brow Tint : Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I did some research and all but I couldn't find any proper tutorial on how to use this thing. So I just tried on my own and it was a disaster ahah. It did tint my eye brow but I don't think I used the right tools so I tinted my forehead as well in the process! No panic, the product was easily cleaned with make up remover. I wish I could review it more but my lack of knowledge makes it quite impossible ! Sorry :/

Ultra all day Prime and Anti Shine : This is a new favourite of mine. As you may know, I use Make up Revolution Primer everyday so I was interested to compare with this one. The result is pretty much the same. Your make up holds longer, looks fresh and glowy (see on the first picture of me). What I like the most is the packaging. The fact that this primer isn't liquid means that it's going to be my new travel bag essential ! The sponge allows you the focus only on the troublesome areas of your face and not being carried away like you can be with a cream. Very good primer, extremely chic packaging ,feels so much more expensive than it really is !

Ultra Blush and Contour Palette : This palette... How can I explain how in love with it I am ? The packaging is incredible. Each shade looks absolutely gorgeous ! I could take pictures of them all day ! The shades are very different which allows you to create many looks. I love, love, love the contour shade. It's perfectly matte and not too red, finally ! I have been in the constant search for a not too red contour shade for sooo long ! And here it is, in this palette ! The white highlighter is amazing, the glow is so real ! I simply love this palette and I use it everyday since I got it ! New essential in my daily routine !

Iconic Dreams Eye shadow Palette : Let's just take a moment to look at the gorgeous shades in this palette ! The brown and green tones are so amazing ! I love shimmery shades right now, I have been all about the matte for years but now, it's the opposite. It has to shine, gurl !! I am going to post a make up look using this palette, you have a sneak peak right now, as a Holiday makeup look, so stay tuned for that. The shades are extremely pigmented, especially the green ones. It's my 3rd or 4th eye shadow palette from Make up Revolution and I've learned with time that you can't go wrong with them. The shades are always great and the pigments are there. 

Wanna know what I use to do my brows ? Product review here !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know which one of these products do you like the most. Would you purchase some of these ? I wish you a very good day !

Blogger Tips | Top 10 Favourite Free fonts (How to install a new font)

27 November 2014

Hi dolls ! As I was working on my Media Kit blog post and creating some free templates for you to use, I happened to download some new and awesome fonts. I was thinking, since I've been sharing a lot recently, why not sharing the names of my favourite free fonts. All my fonts are from the website DAFONT.COM. This website is awesome, you have access to endless amount of fonts that are for free and organised by categories which makes it so much easier. Also, if you know the font you are looking for, simply search for the name with the search bar ! 

How to install a new font : 
On the website Dafont.com , next to each font will be the option "download". A file will appear in your download section in your computer. In this file will be several font documents (one for bold, italic etc...) or sometimes just one. 

I created a file where I put all my downloaded fonts to keep everything organised. You can copy/cut the font file somewhere new like I did or leave it where it is. To install it, all you have to do is open the font file and click the option "install". Your font will be ready to use. And the cool thing on Photoshop is that you don't even have to close the program, the font is there instantly ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know which one of these fonts do you like the most, do you have a website where you get yours ? I wish you a very good day !

OOTD | Flannel shirt and black dress

26 November 2014

Outfit :
Jacket : Primark 9€ (sales)
Shirt : Primark 11€
Dress : Primark 11€

Hi dolls ! There are days when you just want to be super comfortable but also feminine and stylish. This is the kind of look I'd put together when I'm in this mood. I love this black dress from Primark. I bought a year and a half a go and I wore it to death. In the Summer, I would wear it several times a week to work because it's so put together and so light. All you need is a clean make up look and hair style. I stayed very casual and street for this outfit. This would be a great combo if you just need to run out for some errants or to go chill at some friend's or family house. Of course, since the weather is crazy cold I'd recommend wearing a big scarf and some tights with this look. 

Cheap and awesome gift ideas for him

24 November 2014

Shop the list :

Hi babes ! I feel like buying a nice gift for a guy is really difficult. The ones that surround me always seem to have everything and the things they really want are just too specific to buy without their opinion. With time I came up with some "safe" gifts that any men should like and that are actually nice. There is a very wide price range on this list, I hope this will be helpful. 

Cards, Pizza USB Key, Bat Mug : These are really funny and geeky gifts that will put a smile on his face. That's the kind of gift that will fit people who enjoy funny items around the house. It can be great for a boy or a grown man. 

Wallet, Grooming Kit, Watch : This is the kind of gift I would get for someone with a more mature style. Guys don't have as many options as we do when it comes to accessories so if you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to dress, then a chic watch or wallet is always great. Just like handbags, it doesn't matter that we already have one. A grooming kit is the perfect practical gift. Even if he already owns one, it will always break someday and he will be happy to find yours on the shelf ready to be used ! 

Also as another very lovely gift you can get him a perfume or a grooming set (shower gel, perfume, cream etc.). I personally bought these gifts above for my fiancĂ© (geeky), father (classy) and brother (stylish) for several occasions and they all loved them ! 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed my little list and that it will be a little helpful. I really recommend you checking out the watches in River Island, they are gorgeous ! Let me know if you have any other gift ideas for him, I'd love to hear your thoughts ! I wish you a very good day. 

FAQ | Ask me anything

23 November 2014

Hi everyone ! This is a pretty different blog post today. After Barcelona, I had to work double hours to catch up for my days off and as a result, my blogging schedule got really late. Especially with the Irish weather that has been pretty bad for days and didn't allow me to shoot much. Being so late on my schedule and not being able to take the pictures I wanted allowed me to shake things up a little. For example, yesterday I posted an article called 17 truths about long term relationships with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. All of this comes from my own experience and it was a lot of fun ! 

Since my schedule is totally up side down, I figured, why not taking a moment to ask you guys what you were curious about ! I really enjoyed your feedback on my last poll about my Wednesday Travel Series. The last blog post was about how to travel on a budget (read it here) !

I really want to take more time to write useful posts for you guys. About any subjects whether you are a blogger or not. Right now I am working on a Media Kit blog posts to explain why having one, how to make one and I even put together some FREE templates for you to use ! Stay tuned for this one coming maybe next Sunday !

So I am asking you today, what do you wanna read. What are the questions you want to ask me. Here are some examples :
Blogging, Travel, living in a Foreign Country, Erasmus, Inter-cultural relationships, College, Working with brands, hair tutorials, make up routine, make up tutorials, photography equipment, random facts, where I'm from etc etc

So the comment section below is for you to use, ask me anything, I'd be happy to share and help as much as possible ! Thank you so much for your time, I wish you a very good day ! 

17 Long Term relationship truths with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

22 November 2014

It's no secret that I love the Kardashian shows. I started watching them last year and it's a lot of fun ! Whether you like them or not, there are some real life quotes here and there. So today, I put together some long term relationship truths with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick !

1. He just can't lie to you. Not even for a surprise gift. You'll see it coming

2. When someone tries to hit on you

3. When you just can't handle any more drama 

4. You have each other's back like no tomorrow

5. When he really wants to kiss you but you wear lipstick

6. How you are in public

7. How you are at home

8. When he wants to go out without you and you just trust him that much

9. You taught him about fashion and now he's the diva in the house

10. Annoying each other is a daily game (bite, lick, pock etc...)

11. When you find out he's been playing with your make up

12. His compliments become more and more creative and you love it

13. No bullsh!t, just real support

14. When you don't have any arguments anymore

15. The power struggle is real

16. You share weird inside jokes and unpredictable dance moves

17. When he tells you he loves you

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! It was a lot of fun looking for the gifs online and putting them together ! Thanks for reading, I wish you a very good weekend !

(Small) Mac Matte Lipstick Collection

21 November 2014

Shade : Taupe, Relentlessly Red, Dangerous, Ruby Woo

Hi babes ! If you have been following my blog for a while now, you'll know that expensive doesn't mean stylish, trendy or good quality to me. I just don't really care about that especially in with make up. Drug store brands such as Makeup Revolution have amazing products for just a few euros. But when it comes to my lipsticks I must say that since I went Mac I could never go back. I own 4 of the matte shades and each time these are just so perfect ! The colour, the texture, the finish, everything ! I tried dozens of lipstick brands and I have some favourite but the Mac ones are the best so far. I never ever regret buying them. They cost 16€ at the airport in Dublin. 

So this is it for today, I hope you enjoyed my small Mac Collection. Let me know if you own some and which one are they, or if you have any shade recommendations ! Thanks and I wish you a very good day ! 

Tumblr Winter Fashion and Style Inspiration

20 November 2014

Hi dolls ! I have a tumblr for years now (http://thecrimeofashion.tumblr.com) that I never really promote since I use it as an endless mood bar, inspiration source that I'm happy to share with anyone. Here is a sneak peek of what you will find right now. I love looking for street style inspiration, celebs fashion, goodies and food. I am loving big coats, casual fashion with an edge whether it's with make up or accessories. These pictures above and the ones on my tumblr are inspiring me daily. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed my inspiration. Let me know what you are loving at the moment, any accessories or trend ? I'm crazy about the fedora hat ! I wish you a very good day !

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