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28 September 2014


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Hello my beautiful babes ! This is a very special blog post today. I was contacted by the lovely team from to share with you my dream wedding. Some of you might already know, I am engaged to Dariusz who is from Poland (I get the question often). We have been engaged for two years now and I think about the wedding quite often. Doing this collaboration was amazing since it gave me the opportunity to put together the general vibe of what I would love to have. 

Before I start talking about this collage, let me tell you a bit more about This website is a dream ! You will find anything you need whether you are engaged or you just love weddings. I especially love seeing the pictures of real weddings. I don't know why, they just inspire me so much. There is something different about pictures showing a unperfect but gorgeous moment and pictures created by a team of professionals with models not feeling the love. On this website you will find anything from wedding dresses (oh my god!), decoration ideas, invitations etc. I am pretty sure that when Dariusz and I start organising the wedding, I will be often on the website ! 

When it comes to my dream wedding, it was actually hard to select just a few pictures because I don't want to share too much. I want to keep the surprise for the guests and I still don't know if I am going to share the full process with you guys or not. I want to keep some things private but then, I remember I'm an obsessive blogger. Let me know actually, if these wedding stuff, engagement stories interest you ! 

I had the choice between 3 styles of wedding : rustic, city or beach. Without even thinking, I picked the rustic one. Wooden tables, fairy lights, boho hair, lace wedding dress... Sometimes I just can't wait to be on my wedding day ! This hairstyle is the one I want. When  I saw it on the Runway, I knew it would be amazing for a glamorous summer day or a wedding. 

So this is it for my collaboration with I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know if you are engaged, to be married or married ! How was the big day ? What do you dream to have ? I'm a big wedding lover, so feel free to share with me !
Have a good day dolls !

The small black bag

26 September 2014


Bag : Primark 5€ (was 11€)

Hi dolls ! I have been wearing the same very small black bag for more than a year now. I have 2 or 3 other bags but I always tend to grab this one or my big back pack that isn't stylish or feminine ! This week I was in Primark (for a change...) and saw as I was about to leave this gorgeous bag. I think the cut is super cute and extremely chic. I love the shape and hard texture of it. It sure looks more expensive than it really is. The unique and big pocket gives it such an elegant vibe as well as being super simple and easy to carry around. I just love this bag so much and can't wait to wear it on a daily basis ! 

This is it for today, Let me know if just like me you always tend to grab the same old bag or if you change all the time ! I wish you a very good day !

OOTD | Workpants, tropical and neon orange lipstick

23 September 2014


Outfit :
Top : Primark 11€
Pants : New Look 15€
Shoes : Babou 6€
Sunglasses : TK Maxx 13€
Bag : Primark 11€

Hi guys ! Long time I didn't post an OOTD on the blog ! I have moments like that when I'm more into Fashion or more into Makeup. After all, my blog is an extension of myself and I love having the freedom to talk about what I love whenever I want ! 

Today I'm showing a look I was wearing this week as the weather in Ireland has been pretty amazing. Again, I am wearing my work pants that I'm loving, styled very casual. I didn't wear my tropical print top for a while, I actually forgot about it but I'm happy to style it through this autumn winter. It's not because the weather is getting colder that we all have to stop with tropical prints and neon colours ! 

Recently I have been wearing a lot of orange lipstick. It took me almost a year to find the perfect combination. I still need to improve it for many reasons that I'll explain in another blog post all about orange lipstick. Whenever I wear it, I'm asked what brand it is, where did I get it. Truth is, I have several lipsticks on to get the colour I love. Anyway, stay tuned for the detailed blog post ! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this OOTD. Let me know how is the weather where you are. Are you back at school/College ? Or just like me, newly on the job market ? 
I wish you a very nice day xx

Beauty Review | Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection

11 September 2014


Hi dolls ! I'm back with another Pink Box from Etude House.This one was on the theme of Disney Princesses and let me tell you how adorable this is ! I had like 50 pictures of just the boxes and it was hard to pick just a few of them. The packaging is super cute and they put so much effort in it, with details and nice quotes. This is what I love about Etude House, they always have adorable packagings and amazing quality products !

Products :
Snow White Lipstick

The Jasmine nail polishes are my favourite of them all. First, the packaging is super adorable and the quality is amazing. Only one coat is enough, the colour appears super thick and pigmented and it dries within a few seconds !

The Cinderella eye shadow is looking gorgeous, the texture is super nice and applies like a charm. I love the shade as well, super cute for Autumn !

The Snow White Lipstick is super cute. That colour is great for any skin tone. It's creamy and quite pigmented. When it comes to my red lipstick I prefer matte shades but this one is lovely. Love the packaging too !

The Belle Blush is super adorable. The shade isn't that pigmented and I think it would be better on fair skins but adds a lovely tint of colour for daily wear. I love the rose design inside. 

Thank you again Etude House for this new Pink Box. I love the Princess Theme and each product was super cute. I really enjoyed the packagings. Etude House is a brand that I honestly love for years now this why they became one of my partners. Each box is a delight and my beauty routine has many of their products in it. 

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This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this new Etude House Pink Box, I wish you a very nice day ! 

OOTD | How I style work pants (boho chic)

7 September 2014


Outfit :
Jacket : Primark 9€ (sales)
Hat : Paris St Michel 20€
Top : H&M 7.99€
Pants : New Look 14.99€
Shoes : Primark 5€
Necklace : Primark 5€
Earrings : New Look (sales)

Hi guys ! You know you are becoming a grown up when you start wearing "work pants" ! For me, they are these boring wide legs trousers and I never really liked them. But the time has a come, I can't go to a job interview anymore wearing jeans. 

What I love about the work pants section in New Look is that you can find anything you need. Short, normal or long legs, wide or skinny cut. All of that for a budget. The ones I'm wearing are the normal width and length. I wanted the skinny short legs but there wasn't my size anymore, I need to check again. 

I am loving these pants so much, they are super chic and comfortable ! What I love the most is the modern, simple cut and texture which make it easy for me to dress them up or down. I will post several outfits on the blog, styling these trousers for different occasions. 

For this look, I went super casual but with a bit of edge. That's how I dress pretty much everyday, usually with black jeans. To dress down the pants, I put on some leopard flats and boho inspired accessories. Statement necklace, chunky rings and a hat, that's all you need ! 

Let me know what you think about work pants, is it your thing ? Are you starting school or College this month ? Good luck if you are !

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I wish you a very good day ! xx

Mood | September 2014

3 September 2014

ISTENS : ♪ Red Hot Chilli Pepper – Dani California

Hi dolls ! I've been feeling a bit stressed out and nostalgic these past weeks but that's pretty much always the case whenever I prepare a big exam. However, it is starting to change already and I'm super excited for my new big step in life. The real adult life, after College ! It's quite scary but I've been a student pretty much all my life and it feels good to finally get the chance to do something else. 

I am seriously looking forward to being in Autumn, I'm pretty sure it's my second favourite season after Summer. Candles, warm scarves, hot drinks, bold makeup... Love it ! These past weeks, I've been seriously inspired by Paris and I'm going to carry it on this month. Black and white, stripes and red lips, nothing else needed. 

A lot is going to happen to me this Autumn and I can't wait to share this with you as it goes. Until then, let me know what inspires you the most this September. Are you going back to school ? Starting College ? Share it with us in the comment section ! I wish you a very good day ! 

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