Goodbyes in Costa Coffee

31 August 2014


Costa Coffee - Cappuccino Iced Coffee

The Summer is ending and to be honest I feel quite sad. I've been waiting for the past 3 months almost all year long and now they arrive to an end. I had an amazing time at my internship, my boss, Chris and Eva were awesome to me. Eva and I went to Costa Coffee (her first time) to have one last drink together since she was going back home to Spain. She made me laugh so much this Summer, especially the day when in the office she said that I was fanny instead of funny ! Oh Eva... ;)

Right now, I'm preparing what is supposed to be the very last exam of my life. After this one, whether I pass or not, College is over. I'm nervous but cannot wait for this step to be done. Even if I feel a bit sad that this awesome Summer is ending, I'm super excited for the future and I will let know as I go.

This September will be the month I will know whether I am a finalist or not for the Blog Awards Ireland. I've made it so far and I really hope to make it to the next step. Remember that you can support me and vote for my blog HERE (link last on the list). It takes just a few seconds but makes a difference to me. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if you like coffee shops like Costa Coffee and what is your favourite drink. Mine is the Cappuccino Iced Coffee or the Caramel Latte ! Wish you a very good day !

Photography ¦ French babe style

29 August 2014


There are days when you don't feel like putting a full outfit together or doing your hair. When that happens, I usually love to do a French braid on the side and put on my favorite hat that I bought in Paris, St Michel. For this casual look, I channeled my inner French girl with this thick cat eye using Maybelline gel liner. I tried many types of eye liners and this one is the best to me. 

To give more a 60's babe vibe to your look, put on your best darkest mascara (and fake lashes if it's your thing) as well as white eye liner in your water line. Your eyes will look bigger and romantic. On my lashes I have Benefit They're Real Mascara

All I wore with this look is my white tee shirt, black denim, leather jacket and leopard flats. It's all about wearing key pieces that will complement your style. As you may know already, I have been loving this year the Boho trend and I intend to continue during the Autumn/Winter times. The easiest and fastest way to do so is to put on chunky rings. Add a lot of hairspray to keep this messy look all day and you are good to go! 

This is it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this look and the pictures. I had fun experimenting with my camera and creating the gifs as well. If you have any request about Fashion/Makeup in general or French style please let me know!

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Thank you so much, I wish you a very good day xx

Life Updates | New shop, Blog Awards, EgoManiaMag Interview etc.

26 August 2014



Hi guys ! I am super excited to tell you about my shop on Society6. You can now purchase my designs and illustrations. The cool thing about it is that you can pick from cards, iphone cases, pillows, Ipad cases etc etc. I will be updating my shop regularly, so don't forget to check it out often !

I also have the pleasure to announce that I've been shortlisted for the Fashion Blog Awards ! I'm super excited to be in the competition. In September, I will know if I'm one of the finalists. The competition is still on for the Best Blog Post Award ! You can vote for me here, it takes just a few seconds and it would mean so much to me.

My interview for EGOMANIAMAG is now live, you can read it here. It was such a nice experience, let me know what you think of the questions and answers. Also, feel free to ask me anything in the comment section below !

I don't really know how to call my style but it sure does have origins. My Arabic roots inspire me as much as the French touch I tend to add everytime. This is my French side that always gets me thinking “keep it chic and effortless”.

I hope you enjoy and that you'll find something you like in my shop, the link is also under the header ! I wish you a very good day ! xx

Sunkissed Bronze Gold Summer makeup look

22 August 2014


Hi guys ! Here is a makeup look I've been wearing all Summer especially when I had my Cocoa Brown fake tan on. The makeup is all about the skin and the eyebrows. All I wanted to do was enhance my tan. For this look, I layered contour, bronzer and highlighter until I felt like I was looking bronze enough.

To make this look even more natural, don't forget to put some bronzer on your nose, where the sun would normally give you some colour. I just realized I forgot to put the mascara I used for this look, it's the Benefit They're Real

With this look, I wanted to show how you can make your tan and your skin in general look so much better and glowy with just focussing on the bronzer/contour/highlighter. For me, these are some of the most important steps of my makeup, with the eyebrows of course !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what is your makeup trick to enhance your tan, are you going full on bronzer like me or no makeup ?

Also, you can support my blog and vote for me for the Best Blog Post Award HERE (you can do it once a week). I really need your support, thank you so much guys ! xx

(link last on the list)

Thank you so much, I wish you a very good day ! xx

OOTD | River Island Hot Pink trousers

19 August 2014


Hi guys ! Today I'm sharing with you this simple but quite strong outfit. I wanted hot pink trousers since last spring but there was always something wrong. The size, the cut, the colour, the price etc.

When I arrived in Ireland in May, my first time in River Island I saw these pants and I fell in love with them. The cut is super chic, the colour is perfect but they were 45€. I wasn't sure I should buy pants with such a strong colour for that price, so I didn't. But a few weeks ago, I went back to River Island just to see what was on sale and I found them. The last pair, my size and for 18€ ! I was so excited and happy but it didn't stop here, oh no ! When I was about to pay, the salesperson told me that there is a belt with it but it went missing so she reduced the price down to 12€ !!!

Quite an amazing shopping story ! I love these pants even more now because I don't feel guilty I spent a lot of money on such a strong piece that I won't be able to style that often. 

Top : Second Hand
Trousers : River Island 12€ (sales)
Shoes : Primark 15€
Sunglasses : New Look 4€ (sales)

This is it for today ! Let me know what is the one piece you don't wear often but you love so much ? Or what is your best shopping story ! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. 

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Thank you so much guys, I wish you a very good day ! xx

ArtWork | Dia de los muertos design

17 August 2014


Hi babes ! Today is a very different blog post, I am sharing with you some of my latest artwork. A few days ago, Dariusz was watching a trailer from a video game called Guacamelee ! and I simply fell in love with the designs. This game (that I've never played) inspired me to create these illustrations. Some of them are directly inspired from the game and others are inspired by my own skull shoes.

I have always loved Mexican influenced artwork and creating these skulls was so much fun ! I almost never have time to draw anymore which is such a shame, but it was really nice for me to spend a few hours on it this weekend. I'm actually thinking of using one of these as my new Crime of Fashion logo !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know which one is your favourite and if you ever played the game Guacamelee ! 

Also, don't forget that you can support my blog by voting for me for the Blog Awards Ireland HERE (my blog is the last on the list). It takes just a minute and it would mean so much to me !

(my blog is the last on the list)

Thank you for reading and I wish you a very good day !

My favourite Lipsticks

14 August 2014


Hi guys ! I am quite a lipstick addict and I usually have to do some serious work on myself in order not to buy every colours in the shops ! Here is my selection of my favourite colours and textures, the lipsticks I usually tend to reach for.

As you can see on the pictures, I really love matte colours and all of these lipsticks are quite cheap. Except the Mac ones but to me the quality is worth the price.

The Gemey Maybelline nude one is my most used lipstick. What you see on the picture is actually all I have left. This colour is perfect for a no makeup look or even to wear with a strong eye look.

Shop my list:

Mac Ruby Woo
Mac Dangerous
Make Me Rouge Passion

This is it for today, hope you enjoyed. Let me know what are your favourite lipsticks at the moment !

Also, my blog is officially nominated for the Blog Awards Ireland categories Fashion, Beauty and Diaspora. But I am also running for the Best Blog Post award. Which means that you guys can help me win this award by simply voting for my blog post Reasons Why You're Not a (Happy) Blogger Yet.

It takes just two minutes but it will make a huge difference for me. My link is the very last one on the list, easy to find ! So please, vote for me ! xx

(My link is the last one on the list)

Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate and I wish you a very good day !

OOTD | Boho white lace playsuit and Tikka

9 August 2014


Hi babes ! Today I'm super excited to share this look with you ! Dariusz got me this gorgeous playsuit for our 2 year engagement anniversary back in July. This is such a cute and romantic piece that can be styled for a casual day out, a date or a wedding ! I decided to go boho (what else ?) and give this piece a strong summer festival vibe

For that, I put my hair up in a messy bun and added this adorable Tikka from Claire's. That's THE accessory I was looking for this Summer ! A Tikka is the perfect piece to boho-up any outfit

As usual, I kept the look very simple, letting the playsuit talk for itself. I'm in love with the details on the back and the material is super light but not too much.

Outfit :
Playsuit : Ax Paris HERE
Tikka : Claire's HERE
Necklace : Primark 5€
Sunglasses : Claire's HERE
Shoes : Babou 6€
Lipstick : Rimmel London Pink Nude HERE

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what is your favourite summer accessory ! I wish you a very good day  ! xx

OOTD | Black jumpsuit summer style

6 August 2014


Hi dolls ! I have been looking for a cute summer jumpsuit for quite a while now. I love this item because it can be styled in so many ways from casual to chic. This time, I went for a dressed up look but Summer inspired. Put on some colourful sunglasses and nail polish, a big necklace as well as a messy top bun and you have the style !

Outfit :
Jumpsuit : Primark 17€
Clutch : Aliexpress 16€
Shoes : Primark 15€
Sunglasses : New Look 4€ (sales) HERE
Necklace : Primark 3€ (sales)
Nail Polish : Barry M shade Green Berry

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know how you'd style a black jumpsuit, are you casual or chic ? Grungy or boho ? I wish you a very good day !

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