Beauty Review | Sleek Blush BY 3 shade Pumpkin 363

31 July 2014


Hi dolls ! I'm super excited to share with you my review on the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette ! I wanted to try Sleek Makeup for months now but I didn't want to order online (I like to see what I buy). I got so happy when I finally found the blushes. I almost bought the full range (gorgeous colours !) before deciding that it would be better to try at least one and see how it goes.

First, the packaging. I love the picture on the cover and the box itself is so sleek (duh!). It's big and small enough, the huge mirror inside is such a great plus. I simply love the palette !

These three shades are warm and extremely pigmented. They can be used as eye shadows which is always great. I love multitaks makeup. Beside the strong pigments, they are easy to blend and to build on. They stay on the skin for quite a while and the result is very natural. I wore the orange color a lot on top of my bronzer and it just gave that delicate touch of warmth. Love it !

This is such a gorgeous platette, I seriously cannot get over the shades and how pretty it looks ! I have it for a short while now but I already want to go and buy more of them !

This it it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Let me know what is your favourite blush or if you ever tried some Sleek products ! Have a good day dolls.

VIDEO | Friday and Saturday nights out

29 July 2014


Hi dolls ! Here are the pictures of my weekend. I've been spending some fun time with friends and co-workers. I've been vlogging our Saturday night, I still need to improve my filming skills. Not that easy, especially in a crowd !

I also wanted to tell you that I'm officially nominated for the Blog Awards Ireland, thank you so much for supporting me ! I am running for the Fashion, Beauty and Diaspora Awards. I will keep you updated ! Thank you again, this is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and video. 

Let me know what you did last weekend or what you will do this weekend ! 

OOTD | Striped Maxi Dress Boho Style

26 July 2014


Hello dolls ! I am back with another super casual outfit ! The weather keeps on being amazing so I took a few hours of my evening and tried to shoot as many looks as possible before the sun went down.

I am so in love with this dress from Primark. The cut is very casual but yet very elegant, it's easy to dress it up or down. The texture is also extremely soft and the stripes are super cute and chic. My favourite thing besides the cut is the weight of this dress. Some Summer maxi dresses are so light that you can feel almost naked but this one has the perfect amount of weight.

For this look I've decided to go with a boho inspired style. Nothing too crazy. It's the perfect look for a casual day out, hanging out with friends or running errands in a comfortable but yet stylish outfit !

Outfit : 
Dress : Primark 17€
Hat : Paris St Michel 20€
Ring : Primark 1.50€

This is it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed ! Let me know what you think about this outfit and how you love to style a maxi dress. Do you go casual or you like to dress it up ? I love maxi dresses because all you need to do is put it on and you're good to go ! I wish you a very good day !

Wednesday, chill day

24 July 2014


Sandals : (top) Zara - (Bottom) Primark

Hi dolls ! Yesterday the weather was incredible in Ireland. We reached 26°C and my boss was kind enough to give us the day off. So Eva and I went to town, shopping, we had a good time in my apartment enjoying the good weather.

I am loving this picture of Dariusz. He's my favourite subject, I could take pictures of him all day long ! I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what you like to do when the sun is out ! I wish you a very good day !

OOTD | Pimkie Printed Shorts

22 July 2014


Hi dolls ! I bought these printed shorts in Pimkie when I was still in Orléans. When I saw the pattern and the cut I just fell in love with it. The shorts came with a jacket but it was sold out sadly. Here's a very simple outfit, showing mostly the shorts, I still have other ways to style it !

Shorts : Pimkie 26€
Top : Primark 3€50
Shoes : Primark 15€
Necklace : Primark 5€

This is it for today ! I hope you guys enjoyed this simple outfit ! I love these shorts, they can easily be dressed up or down. I wish you a very good day ! 

Beauty Review | Etude House July Box (Lock'N Summer)

20 July 2014


Hi dolls ! I am back with another Beauty Review, this time from Etude House. I got the chance to play with their new collection the Lock'N Summer.  Here are the products and what I think of them ! First all the packagings are adorable, as usual with Etude House. They are super small and cute, which makes them even easier to bring everywhere in your bag !

Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion : As you can see on the picture above, the product is way too dark for my skin tone. But I am using it under my eyes, on top of my concealer to highlight the area. The texture is quite liquid (which I love) and easy to blend. I was happy to see my face looking more awake and yet natural.

Lock'N Summer Cushion Blusher : The colour is adorable and quite pigmented. The texture is very similar to the first product. Liquid, easy to blend with a natural finish. Love it !

Lock'N summer Waterproof Cushion Eyeliner : This product is amazing ! When doing the swatches for the picture above, I realized that about 2-3 seconds after applying the eyeliner on my skin, it was already completely dry. I tried to make it go but nothing happened. It's an amazing eyeliner, worth trying !

I love these two products ! They are now part of my everyday makeup routine. I use the face conditionning after doing my base and at the very end. My makeup stays on longer, my skin looks fresh and healthy. I love it ! 

This Baby Sweet Sugar powder looks adorable, it's so small ! I am loving the packaging and the size ! The texture of the powder is extremely light and doesn't make my face look powdery but also way too matte to be nice. 

So this is it for today ! Thank you Etude House for this new box ! Again, some of these products are now part of my daily routine. I really love the items and as usual they are looking adorable ! I wish you a very good day and let me know what is your favourite Etude House product !

Blogger Talk | Reasons why you are not a (happy) blogger yet

17 July 2014


I wish I could be a blogger but it's just not for me. I think.” This is something I am starting to hear more and more these past months and especially this Summer. Girls come to me and say “I wish I could do it but people wouldn't find my blog interesting”, “I don't have enough style”, “I could never have a successful blog”. And so on, and so on.

Truth is, I used to tell myself the very same thing. I was reading fashion blogs for about 2 years before starting my own. I had a small, alright camera and not the most fashionable wardrobe. I come from a very modest background and it seems like I spend a lot of money on fashion but I actually have a very strict budget. Being a student, an intern with no salary makes everything more complicated. I love fashion, I love going shopping but I simply can't spend all my money on it. Also, being a blogger doesn't mean I have to.

Talking with these girls asking me how I became a blogger, made me realise that it wasn't as complicated as they thought. I just did it. It was scary but this was the best decision of my life (after going on a first date with Dariusz ♥). So here is a list of reasons I hear all the time and why they are BS.

You think you are not good enough

That's the first reason I usually hear. Lack of confidence, thinking “why people would like my blog when there are already so many of them ?”. That's actually a good question. The first one you ask yourself and you should do it every time you write a blog post. The answer is simple : because it's you. It's your voice, your style, your background, your imperfections, your beauty. Anything ! This is the Internet, you will always have at least one person that will love what you do, same for the haters.

I used to think that being from a modest background, overweight, having quite a boring life (school>home>bed) meant that I couldn't have a blog worth reading. But we are now over 500 fashion criminals (love you!). I am not saying that you will be a successful blogger in a few months (what do I know about it ?) but you will write and some people will read, enjoy and share. Isn't it what blogging is about ?

You think money is the answer

I am not going to lie. Fashion is a budget, just like makeup. For me it's not a problem since I love to dress whether I'm going to blog about it or not. If you don't like spending a lot of money on your wardrobe, being a fashion blogger could be complicated. However, you don't have to as well. For about my first 2 years of blogging all I did were collages on photoshop. I was styling items I didn't need to buy. Totally free and I was staying trendy. The only limit is your creativity, money is just another excuse. You can borrow items, reuse in different ways what you already own, accessorise !

When it comes to investing in high tech equipments, I do believe that a good camera does a real difference. But I know bloggers that are incredible and take their pictures with their phones or old cameras. Photos are very important but not as much as the content. Great quality photos showing a borring content won't take you anywhere. Again, you can create a partnership with someone who loves photography and has the equipment.

You compare yourself to other bloggers

Don't compare your beginning with someone's middle”. That's something any blogger should remember and I have to remind myself from time to time. How many people (and I do too) look at a blog and think "I will never be as popular". This is someone else's middle, not yours. Get to work, love what you do and someday people will look at your blog thinking this is what they want. Don't give up on starting a blog because you think you are not as good as the others. How can you know what blogger you'll be (good or bad) if you don't at least try ?

You over think it in general

Asking around how others do, reading about it won't really help. You need to have your blog to know what kind of blogger you are and want to be. Time will come (sooner than you'd think) when you realise that you already had all the answers. How many hours is good enough for you, how many times a week, do you love it that much ? Stop asking questions and get proactive. When I talk about my blog, how I run it, some people get scared because it's a lot of work. I usually remind them that I'm a business student, so no surprise that I run my blog like a small business. But at the end of the day, it's still a hobbie. You don't have to stress about it, you can do whatever you want, you are your own boss.

You have no reasons, you're just scared

Any of these reasons are BS, let's get real. A few years ago, being a blogger meant having a small space on the internet, expressing yourself and being part of a community. Nowadays, people think that being a blogger means working with brands, money, luxury and most of all a career. But it's not. You can blog for yourself, your friends, the community. The followers, the brands, the events, they come later and only if you focus on it. It's your blog, do whatever you want with it. You want to blog once a week ? A month ? A year ? Who is telling you not to ?

To the people who want to start their own blog or bloggers who are unhappy with their own, none of these reasons are enough to make you stop. If you love it, do it. If you don't, then don't. Be true to your readers no matter the amount. As I always say, “love it, wear it, blog it”. That's as simple as that. The 3 steps to a blog post. Don't miss a chance to have one of the most exciting hobbie just because you are scared you're not good enough or people might judge. You're a blogger, you're over it.

This is it for today guys. I hope you enjoyed and didn't get annoyed by my tone but I felt like I needed to be true to you. It's sad knowing that some really cool people don't do what they love because they're scared. And to be honest, I just love being a blogger !

Let me know if you ever have insecuries regarding your blog (I know I do !) or if you are thinking about starting your own. I hope this was helpful, have a good day dolls !

Beauty Review | Makeup Revolution Haul

15 July 2014


Hello dolls ! I am very excited to share my Makeup Revolution haul and review ! I want to thank the Makeup Revolution team for sending me this incredible box full of cute items ! I got to play with it as you can see on the picture above. I created this very natural summer look with berry lips.

First, the packaging is amazing ! The palette feels luxurious, the shades are gorgeous for day to night looks. You can do anything with these colours all year long. I really enjoyed the mix of matte and shimmery shades. The pigmentation is very good and the price is extremely affordable ! I also really enjoy the huge mirror inside, that's always a plus.

The lipstick is very creamy and applies nicely on the lips. I really like the shade, however I would have loved it to be as dark as it seems to be on the website. It is still very pretty and perfect for Autumn. 

The velvet lip lacquer was my biggest "wow" of the lot. The pigmentation is incredible ! As you can see, the colour is very strong (a perfect dupe for Mac Candy Yum Yum). It dries matte on the lips but tends to highlight any dry patches so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before since it can be a bit drying. The colour is so intense, I really loved it. Perfect with a tan and a nude makeup during the Summer.

The mascara is a new crush of mine. As you can see on the pictures, the result is truly natural. As I was applying it, my lashes were looking darker, longer and yet, still as if I was wearing nothing. It's not for the gals out there who love dramatic lashes. This is the kind of mascara I would wear for work or for a "no makeup look". I especially love the wand.

The Kajal eye liner is very soft on the skin and the water line. Very smooth. I love the shape, makes it super easy to use.

So this is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Thank you again to the Makeup Revolution team, I love each item and I'm super excited to create more looks. Let me know if you ever tried some Makeup Revolution products, what is your favourite or what would you like to try ! 

I wish you a very good day !

OOTD | Casual Tropical

12 July 2014


Hi dolls ! Here's another OOTD 100% from Primark, sorry about that. This is a very simple look I've been wearing a lot this month to go to work or shopping. I love this top, the prints and the cut are super cute and it feels more expensive than it really is. To add a touch of colour, I've painted my nails with this gorgeous neon ORLY nail polish !

Outfit :
Top : Primark 9€ (or 11€)
Jeans : Primark 8€
Sandals : Primark 13€
Bag : Primark 13€
Earrings : A-Wear 8€

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this very simple and casual outfit. I wish you a very good weekend !

VIDEO | Shoe Collection Summer 2014

9 July 2014


Hi ! I'm back with a type of blog post I haven't done in a very long time : a video ! Getting a little bit more involved with my YouTube channel is something I wanted to do for a long time now. Last time I uploaded a video was in January !

This is my Summer 2014 shoe collection. As I know myself, very soon I'll have to do an update because I just love shoes so much !

Links : 

I really hope you guys enjoy this video, I've never done something like that before, it's out of my comfort zone ! I wish you a very good day and let me know what is the one thing outside your comfort zone you'd like to do or did ! 

Live Music | El Sequoya, Kessler Effect, The Pox Men

7 July 2014


Hi guys ! Saturday night with some coworkers we went to the Green Room to see a live show and most of all to support our friends El Sequoya. It was their very first  gig and their music is amazing. I fell in love with the melodies and the lyrics. The night went on with two other groups, very nice as well. 

I leave you with the pictures of the night. This is what I love the most about Ireland; it's festival season all year long, not just in the Summer time. 

Do you like live music or you prefer clubbing ? I love both I must day. Let me know about you ! Have a very good day ! 

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