Dariusz Cooks | Mahi Mahi Fish

29 June 2014


Hi everyone ! Dariusz has many talents and one of them is cooking ! This past month he experienced with the Mahi Mahi Fish (delicious!) by cooking it in so many different ways. Each of them were very spicy, fresh and summery. The only sad thing is that Dariusz never ever uses a recipe, so you never have the same one twice.

Here are a few pictures of some of his dishes, I hope you guys enjoy and will try someday some Mahi Mahi Fish.

On the picture above : tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, salt, pepper and olive oil. Very simple and tasty ! This is it for today, let me know if you like to cook or if you had some Mahi Mahi fish. I wish you a good Sunday guys ! 

OOTD | Festival vibe

26 June 2014


Hi babes ! When I saw these shorts in Zone Fashion I knew I had to have them. I fell in love with the cut and the prints. They scream festival season ! This Maybelline lipstick is a perfect dupe for the Mac Candy Yum Yum but half the price. Extremely pigmented and creamy. With that all you need is a good old white tee and a statement necklace. I wear my new one from Primark almost every day. It's my new crush right now.

Outfit :

Top : Primark 3€50
Shorts : Zone Fashion 16€
Shoes : Sammy Dress 10€47 (HERE)
Necklace : Primark 2€ (sale from 5€)
Sunglasses : Primark 3€
Clutch : Aliexpress 13.78€ (HERE)
Lipstick : Maybelline shade Fushia Flash 9€99 (HERE)

So this is it for today's look. I did something very different with the pictures from my usual editing style, hope you enjoy it ! Let me know what is your favourite festival item

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I wish you a good day !

Beauty Review | Etude House 101 Pencils (Everyday Makeup Look)

24 June 2014


Hi dolls ! A few weeks ago I got the Etude House 101 Pencils (review here). This is the look I've been wearing, created only with the pencils. They are easy to use and versatile. This makeup look is very simple, quite natural and great to wear on a daily basis. 

As you can see on the pictures, the pigmentation isn't very strong but I actually love it. However, the black shade is extremely pigmented, dark as night ! The shimmer and the soft colours are perfect for a natural makeup look. For my lashes I used the Benefit They're Real Mascara.

This is it for today. I'm not a makeup artist (I actually got into makeup not so long ago) but I though I'd share with you the look I create with these pencils. The colours don't show on the pictures as they do in real life. I love the soft and romantic effect it gives to my eyes. These pencils are super creamy and easy to blend even with the fingers. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, I wish you a very good day.

OOTD | Off duty

21 June 2014


Hey guys ! The weather has been amazing this past week here in Ireland ! Feels like summer for sure. I've been rocking the black denim look this season, it's so comfortable and easy to put on in the morning. I'm not the kind of girl who plans her outfit for work. A white tee always makes any outfit casual but yet put together. Mine is super soft and from Primark, only 3€50, such a bargain  !

I saw these sandals weeks ago and I couldn't decide if I should buy them or not but yesterday after work I did. My office is dangerously close from Primark. Daaamn youuuu... This look is quite simple, I just wanted to go out shopping, it was so hot today I didn't even bother to put makeup on. This is why I put on some rings and a chunky necklace on top of this gorgeous holographic clutch to still look put together.

Top : Primark 3€50
Jeans : Primark 8€
Shoes : Primark 13€
Necklace : Primark 2€ (on sale from 5€) 
Rings : H&M 5€ (lot)
Clutch : Aliexpress 13.80€ (HERE)
Sunglasses : Primark 3€

This is it for today ! I hope you guys enjoyed ! As you can see my outfit is almost 100% from Primark but I can't help it, it's just too great ! Let me know what is your Off Duty look. Also don't forget that you can support the blog and vote for me for the Blog Awards Ireland HERE (categories Fashion, Beauty or Diaspora).

Have a good day guys xx

Beauty Review | Etude House 101 Pencils

19 June 2014


Hello dolls ! Back again with another Etude House review ! I simply LOVE Etude House. The products, the packaging and the brand in general are just so lovely and they always pay attention to detail for their customers. 

Today I will be talking about the 101 Pencils. Etude House released these pencils to make makeup fun, quick and easy. Each pencil has a main purpose (eye, lip, cheek) but you can use them however you want and really have fun with the textures and colours.

I used all of these pencils to do my makeup for work and I loved it. Each pencil gives a very unique finish, most of them are shimmery or glittery. The brown/nude shades are not that pigmented but it didn't surprise me since it's a Korean brand and Korean girls like natural looking makeup. However, the black pencil is extremely creamy and pigmented. I was really surprised. I used the pink on my cheeks and on my lips, leaving a matte and creamy colour. Also the light yellow shade (n°8) goes perfectly on the water line. I will recreate a look using only the pencils very soon.

I am so excited about these pencils and I can't wait to use them. They have so many other colours worth trying. Thank you again Etude House for sending me another Pink Box, as usual I love it ! The little bottle is adorable and perfect to keep cool water in my bag during Summer !

In general I loved the pencils, even if the pigmentation is not extreme on the nude shades, the finish is incredible. I went to the gym right after work and no matter the sweat, it just didn't move. 2 hours later, my eyes were still shimmery and glamorous yet natural looking

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. This is my true opinion and I love these pencils. Let me know if you already tried Etude House or what products you'd like to try. 

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GIVEAWAY | Sally Hansen Airbrush legs vs Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan mousse

15 June 2014


Hello dolls ! I'm back today with another very special blog post : a GIVEAWAY ! My dear partner Medipharm.ie allowed me to try and review two very different self tanning products: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and the Cocoa Brown 1h Tan Mousse. I've been using these products for a few weeks now and I'm super excited to tell you that on top of the review you will be able to win one of these items !

I never did self tanning before since Summers are usually lovely in France, but this year is my third in Ireland and I just miss having this golden glow on my skin. These past weeks I had the opportunity to try these two products and I'll let you know all about it ! 

The best way to describe this product is "a makeup for legs". When I first used it, the colour scared me, it is so orange but it's super easy to apply and it dries really fast. You are left with a soft bronze glow on your legs. It doesn't only give some colours to your skin, it works also as a "concealer" and covers your veins, redness, anything you would want to hide. 

The great thing about this product is that you can apply it with your hands, it washes off perfectly. Once you have a shower, the product will wash off as well. 

This is the perfect product for someone who doesn't want to do fake tanning but wants to have a lovely glow on their legs. No commitment, no hard work, takes just a few minutes. The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is one of my favourite product right now and I always spray some on my legs before wearing shorts or a dress, it's so fast and simple !

I never did any self tanning before and using this product was quite intimidating. But the process happened to be so easy ! The mousse comes out with this light coffee shade and turns dark brown and liquid when touching the skin. This makes it even easier to apply since you can see where you applied to product. It took me about 15 minutes to do my full body. For a first time, it was super fast !

After just a few seconds you can see your skin getting darker. If you wait 1h you get a nice glow, 2h a nice tan and 3h a strong tan. I left the product for 3h on my skin and I have now this amazing bronze colour. Also, the smell is incredible. I love it ! It took quite a while before it stopped feeling a little bit sticky but totally worth the wait. The moment I got in the shower, the product washed off without leaving any weird patches.

This product keeps on developing days after the application, so you are left with a gorgeous tan for 5 to 7 days. I was really afraid of self tanning before, I saw so many orange girls in my life, but this product definitely convinced me ! I can't wait to apply it again and have a much deeper tan !

I really love both products and I'd recommend them to anyone.  Sally Hansen and Cocoa Brown are both very good brands worth the hype. I wanted to introduce both types of self tanning so you could decide what you love the most. A quick glow or a lovely lasting tan ? 
Now, time for the giveaway !

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to European Countries only.

So this is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed the review. I wish you all good luck ! Don't forget that I also have a coupon code for Medipharm.ie FASHION20 and get 20% off any products on the website !

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Collaboration‏ | Crime of Fashion for Thierry Mugler #AngelTribes

12 June 2014


Hello everyone ! This blog post is a project very dear to me and I'm so excited that Dariusz and I are able to share it with you today. Last week I received an email from the lovely Camille from Thierry Mugler who told me about this amazing collaboration for their Angel Perfume campaign. The point is to share a picture showing your "Tribe", the women that you love (friends, family...) etc. It was quite a difficult task for me since when I'm in Ireland my Tribe is all about Dariusz and I. So for this project I've decided to represent the women of my Tribe in a different way.

As you may already know if you follow my blog, I'm not only French, I'm also Morrocan/Algerian. I was born in France but I was raised in an Arabic family. The women from my Tribe are all coming from North Africa and this is what I illustrated with this oriental makeup. Of course the woman that inspires me the most is my mother who went to Hell and found the strength to get out of it. She is this strong Morrocan woman who always speaks her mind.

To me, my Tribe means home. I travel so much, I moved around a lot these past three years and it's easy to get lost in this big world. But the moment I'm back with my Tribe, I connect with myself again. They know me, they know who I don't want to be and if I get lost they're the one showing me the way back to my roots. The great thing about the people of my Tribe is that no matter where we are in the world, just a phone call makes me feel like home.

What makes our Tribe unique might be the fact that we all speak our mind. We fight a lot but at the end we all care about each other. You need honest people that sometimes tell you the truth you don't want to hear. And if they were wrong, at least you took a minute to assess yourself and the person you want to be. We also have a lot of fun and go through hard times together. This is my Tribe.

PS : This is not Black Henna on my hand but liquid eyeliner. Black henna is dangerous for the skin.

So this is it for this collaboration with Thierry Mugler and the #AngelTribes ! I hope you guys enjoyed. Dariusz and I had a lot of fun shooting these pictures and going for this blurry, desert like spirit. Let me know what you think and maybe what is your Tribe ?

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Have a good day !

OOTD | Black Leather and Gold

9 June 2014


Hey guys ! I've been wearing a lot of black lately, especially these new shorts from H&M. I love faux leather and these ones are simply perfect. The casual cut makes it easy to dress down with some sneakers or dress up with a blazer like I did here. This is a look perfect for work or even a chic night out. It's rather cold in Ireland so I'd wear this look with some black jeans

I got this blazer last summer in Primark for 13€ only. The texture, the cut, it feels way more expensive than it is. The handbag and the top are also from Primark. I love shopping there because some of their pieces are simply amazing and chic. I kept my makeup and accessories simple, only this gorgeous statement necklace from Sammy Dress to put the outfit together. 

I talked about these black heels on a previous blog post, I love them ! Again, 20€ from the French shop Babou, they feel way more expensive than they really are and super easy to walk with. I love the fact that they are very low on the inside, showing more of the foot. 

Blazer : Primark 13€
Top : Primark 4€
Shorts : H&M 15€ here
Shoes : Babou 20€
Bag : Primark 11€
Necklace : Sammy Dress 2€76 here

I hope you guys enjoyed this look, it wasn't easy to shoot because of the Irish weather ! I wish you a good Monday and let me know what is your favourite piece to wear at work/school.

Wish List #63 | French Riviera Chic

6 June 2014


Trousers : HERE • Top : H&M • Sunglasses : HERE • Clutch : HERE • Shoes : HERE

Hi dolls ! Back with another wish list ! When I saw these pants I knew I had to style them. This is a very nautical inspired look but it could be as well perfect for shopping, brunch or a casual day at work. The orange lipstick is a great touch of colour and goes well with the blue on the top. You can also wear hot pink or red if orange is not your colour !

So this is it for today, don't forget to vote for my blog for the Irish Blog Awards it would mean a lot to me ! Thank you so much, have a good day !

Mood | June 2014

4 June 2014


Hi dolls ! Can't believe this is my 3rd June in Ireland ! Again, I'm so sorry for not updating the blog more often but I am still super sick (it actually got worse since the last blog post) and I also started my new internship. I have so many blog posts to share with you as well as my adventures as an intern. Let me know in the comments or on my social media accounts if you want to know more about internships, tips, my experience etc. 

This month is also the beginning of the Irish Blog Awards LINK HERE. Please take a moment and vote for me in the categories Fashion, Diaspora or Beauty blogger. It would mean the world to me to have your support ! I can't wait to feel better so I can share all my ideas with you. 

Let me know what you are looking forward this month, what inspires you ? I wish you a good day !

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