Challenge | 3 Miami Outfits

30 April 2014


Hello guys ! Today I'm back with a very special blog post. I've been contacted by Kendra Thornton a well known travel expert who has been featured on several news channels and shows such as Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus. She told me about her really fun Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge in collaboration with Miami Hotels. I need to create looks to inspire her for a future trip to Miami, so here is what I did !

Top : H&M here
Sunglasses : Asos here
Clutch : Bershka here


When I put this look together, I was wondering how to be super trendy but yet casual. Miami is a very warm place where the temperatures can become uncomfortable very quickly. This is why I chose light fabrics and loose cuts. The stripes and the hot pink go perfectly together. You can decide whether to wear heels or sneakers. Both look great to me ! This is a simple but yet chic and trendy look. With this outfit, your shopping day will be also comfortable and that's what we want during the holidays !

*   *   * 

Jacket : Farfetch here

Top : Nelly here

Shorts : River Island (out of stock)

Sunglasses : Farfetch here
Laptop Cover : River Island here


When I saw this laptop cover from Rivers Island, I knew it would be a strong item to style. The colours and pattern are gorgeous. I wanted to style it very chic and simple. The top is all white to tone down the shorts and the shoes from Louboutin. Some of these items are expensive but you can easily find some dupes in Primark, H&M or Zara. This is a look perfect for brunch, meetings, anything where you can use your laptop. Pretty much how I'd imagine a blogger in Miami !

*   *   *

Shoes : Asos here
Clutch : Rivers Island (out of stock)
Necklace : Shop Bop here
Rings : H&M here

This look is for a romantic night out. Miami is to me a colourful city, very warm and tropical. What best colour to represent it than orange ? It's everywhere this season and looks great with blue. I usually go for black when on a romantic night out but why not trying something different in Miami ? That gorgeous Rivers Island clutch puts the outfit together, making it elegant but yet flashy.

*   *   *

This is it for this challenge ! It was so much fun for me, Miami is a city I'd love to visit and it inspired me more than I thought it would ! All these colours and prints, it's amazing. I hope you guys enjoyed these 3 looks. 
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OOTD | Tropical look and Neon shoes

23 April 2014


Hello guys ! I know I haven't been updating my blog and social media accounts these past days but I'm spending some really well deserved quality time with my family. Today, I am sharing a look perfect for this Spring/Summer. I love the tropical trend and neon shoes. I paired them together in a black outfit to keep it very chic. You can wear this at the office or on a night out. This top is actually a beach dress from Etam (2013 Summer Collection).

Dress : Etam 20€
Skirt : (can't remember)
Shoes : Babou 15€
Eye Liner : Maybelline Gel Liner

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I wish you a good day ♥

Makeup Look | Bronze Queen & Fake piercing (Aliexpress, Miss Europe Makeup)

18 April 2014


Hi little criminals ! As I said in my last Makeup wish list I really wanted to go buy some more Bronzer, contour and blush from the brand Miss Europe that I love. You guys said that you wanted to see a tutorial on how I warm up my face and get that Oriental glow on. Today I felt like trying my new items. I like it very dramatic and since I'm not a makeup artist, the tutorial will come but not right now, it has to be done right. Don't worry, it should be just in time for the Summer !

In this blog post I wanted to share mostly my new trend crush : the ring piercing. Since last Autumn/Winter I've been reblogging on my Tumblr pictures of girls with that piercing. I really love it but not enough to commit to a real one. I change my mind way too much when it comes to fashion and beauty. This is why I went on Aliexpress, my favourite place to shop online and got 8 fake piercings for about 2€ (+ free shipping).

Miss Europe Compacte Powder shade n°3 (Foncé)
Miss Europe Terra Cotta shade n°6 (Bronze Irisé)
Miss Europe Concealer stick shade n°4 (Beige foncé) 

These powders are my favourite ever and since they are so difficult to access outside France I was thinking of doing a giveaway (not sponsored). Let me know if you'd be interested. Also, let me know what you think about this look in general, if you have been loving that ring piercing trend too or if it's not for you.

I wish you a good day x

Wish list 63 | DresSale shoes

15 April 2014


Hi guys ! I've been pretty obssesed with shoes these past months I must say. I bought a few pairs which is quite rare since I mostly wear Dr Martens and Nike. But College is almost over and I won't be travelling as much as I used to so it's time for me to get my heels on again ! 

Here are the shoes I picked from the website Dressale. They are the ones I liked the most and the n°6 shoes are my favourite from the store. How gorgeous the heel is ! These shoes are great for the Spring and Summer, for a casual day or a night out ! Let me know if you are a shoe-lover type of girl just like me and so many other girls ! 

Have a good day ! x

Blogger tips| Is working with brands such a great idea ?

13 April 2014


    This is a subject I wanted to talk about for quite a while now. There are so many things to say but I'm going to do my best to keep this short and sweet. I had a blog before this one called Crime of Fashion as well. It wasn't doing great. For about a year and a half, the visits were barely reaching 20 people a day and I had almost no comments. For a very long time I felt like I was blogging just for myself and I realized that it was enough. Blogging was something fairly dear to me to keep going, “success” or not. After a technical issue (that happened a year ago now) on Over-blog and losing pretty much everything, I've decided to start all over again on Blogger. This is when things started changing very fast. I remember looking at other people's blogs thinking “they have so many followers on GFC, that's what I need but I'm so far behind... These bloggers have brands that want to work with them” etc. I blogged for almost just myself for a year and a half but to me, working with brands was a proof of success as a blogger. It was the goal I needed to reach and I did. Since I started The Crime of Fashion I created business relationships with amazing small to big brands. Being able to launch giveaways and give back to you guys is one of the best parts. But the more I get to collaborate the more I wonder, is it an actual good idea ? What do I really earn and give up ?

    These past two to three months, I received a few collaboration proposals that got me a little bit angry, one in particular. I am not going to give any name because I actually know a lot of my readers and favourite bloggers that work with these people. But that one brand contacted me, saying that they would love me to talk about them on my blog. So far, no problem, nothing new. However, attached to the email was a blog post fully written with pictures and links. According to the email, all I had to do what copy/paste it. It got me mad. It really did. A few months ago, I maybe wouldn't have had the confidence to say no. I would have said yes thinking that my blog is way too small to negotiate. This kind of proposal got me thinking : what kind of blogger do I wanna be ? Do I want my blog to be a public space for any so-called brand on the internet ? No. This is my blog. I am my own boss, I make my own decisions. So I kindly wrote back to the brand saying I enjoyed writing my blog posts myself. Then, a few weeks later, another brand contacted me. If I were “brave” enough to say no to a proposal, I could also be brave enough to negotiate terms. And I did. Instead of a 6 month advertising, I went down to 4. I could give you many examples like that. I even had a brand that was requesting the blog post every two days, reminding me that I accepted to talk about them. I did, but I also said it would be on my own terms according to my editorial calendar. When I felt the pressure, I wrote back to the brand saying that this wasn't the kind of business relationship I was expecting and we should renegotiate the terms before anything is done.

    This is not to talk down on brands. These examples are quite rare compared to the many other successful business proposals I had this past year. However, these proposals got me thinking and helped me build confidence. I do not want to sale my blog. This is the one great thing about being a blogger : you are own person. The blog is about you, a reflection of your personality, don't let the PR take it away from you. Dare to say no, dare to negotiate terms. If a brand doesn't want to arrange anything at all in order to work with you, chances are that they don't really like your blog anyway. It's just another cheap advertising space. I'd recommend starting small, like I did. You will always be stronger and a winner as long as you know what you want. I didn't feel bad saying no to these brands since it taught me that my freedom as a blogger was so much more precious than a so-called “success”. Now, when I look back at the blogger I used to be a year ago, the girl that used to think that collaborations were the dream, I realize that I've changed and learned. Working with brands is an amazing experience but your freedom is precious. This is your blog. Focus on creating long term relationships with brands that you really care about. I am now asking you : are you ready to offer your blog to brands in exchange of your freedom ? I sure don't, but that's my own opinion. 

Good luck and stay true. x

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Wish list 62 | Soft Storm

11 April 2014


Hat HERE | Top HERE | Bag HERE | Skirt HERE | Shoes (unavailable) | Glasses HERE

Hi dolls ! I'm back again with another wish list ! This is the kind of look I'd love to wear on a day out to go shopping and have fun with my friends or fiancé. It's the perfect look for these days when you want to be comfortable but also are in the mood for that Fashionista edge. The shoes are super casual and the bag puts the outfit together. It's sexy but really cute, nothing difficult to pull off ! 

I hope you guys enjoyed, have a good day ! x

Nike Shoes

8 April 2014


Hi guys ! Just sharing my new Nike shoes. It's quite different from what I use to wear but I've been loving these for a large amount of time. I just can't wait to style them this Spring/Summer for casual days out or for the office. I will make sure to share the outfits on the blog.

Let me know if you are sneaker type of Fashionista or you are more into the slipper trend !
Have a good day x

OOTD | Red lips and black jumpsuit (Primark)

5 April 2014


Hello guys ! I am super crazy about jumpsuits. I find them casual, elegant, sexy and chic at the same time. It's something I've been loving for quite a while now but it's always difficult to find the cut that works for me. I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing almost that very same jumpsuit and I loved it so much, it worked very well with her curves I knew I had to find one like that. Of course Primark had it for 19€ but it was in sales at 7€ !

I paired this look with my Primark Sandals and my Mac Ruby Woo. This is a very simple look that works perfectly for a night out or a day at the office. If you are tall enough, you can dress it down with sneakers.

I hope you guys enjoyed this very simple OOTD. I want to take a moment to talk to you about the Company Blogger Awards, as you can see I already have the logo on the blog since a few days now. I really hope you enjoy my blog enough to nominate me >> here << it would mean the world to me. The Crime of Fashion can be in the Fashion or International category. I really hope that you guys will give me a chance to be nominated ♥
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Mood | April 2014

2 April 2014


Hello dolls ! April. As I said in my last month Mood, this is my last year of College, so each new month brings so much happiness into my life. I remember like it was yesterday when I sat in my very first class thinking "It's just September, I will never see the end of it". But here we are in April and am I so excited. Although, you might have noticed that I've changed my blogging schedule from a post every two days to a post every three days. My College timetable is getting pretty rough and I really hope you still find enough inspiration here. 

Anyway, this is my April's mood. Again, a lot of light and bright colours (but always my black). I really miss eating healthy (which is not always easy with College and exams), so I can't wait to go back home in Ireland and start cooking again. This season I am also a lot into light fabric, sexy but elegant cuts.

I am also working on a few changes on the blog, Dariusz and I are talking about trying some new blogging and photography technics and I can't wait to share them with you. I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what you are in the mood for this month ! Have a good day x

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