Wish list 61 | Get the Bronze On

30 March 2014


Hi dolls ! If there is a makeup look that I love to rock all year long but especially in Spring/Summer it's the bronze golden one ! In this list are some of my favourite products ever. MUA is a brand I loved since I first moved to Ireland about 3 years ago, it's cheap and the quality is amazing. The blushers got to be some of their best products ever. Miss Europe is a brand I only found in France for now, in Babou. They have a website with all their products. They do amazing and cheap makeup that works great for fair to very dark skins. The pigmentation is so strong, I actually have to buy some more for this summer. 

This L'OrĂ©al Sublime Bronze is my very first self-tanning product I ever bought. This year is going to be my 3rd Summer in Ireland and I realized that I lost my natural brown glow I used to have when I was in France. I got pretty white for an Arab girl ! So this self-tanning lotion is my first, I still want to experiment a little more before giving a full review but so far so good. I love it and it cost me only 10€ !

Let me know if you want me to make a tutorial for a bronze look with my tips and tricks to look natural but glowing. So this is it for my very affordable wish list. I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what is your favourite Bronzing product ! xx

Wish List 60 | Casual Tropical

27 March 2014


Hi dolls ! Tropical prints are one of my favourite trends since last Spring. I think it's funny, retro and casual. This look is perfect for a day out shopping, going for lunch with your friends, any day you want to be super comfortable but yet fashionable.

So this is it for today, let me know what is your favourite Spring trend this year ! I wish you a very good day ! x

OOTD | Firmoo Sunglasses

24 March 2014


Hi guys ! A few months ago now, the online Firmoo.com sent me this pair of sunglasses. The weather in France has been amazing all March and I had the chance to style and try them for the past weeks. Firmoo is an online eyeglasses store where you can purchase prescription Eyewear but also sunglasses as I did. They also have a First Pair Free program worth checking out (>> HERE <<) ! They have so many types of glasses, it was really hard for me to pick, but the amazing thing about Firmoo is that they have a Virtual Try-On System that helps finding the perfect shape for your face.

I've decided to go for a very classic look and shape. These sunglasses are really good. My eyes are very sensitive (since I actually should be wearing glasses and I don't !) and the sun or strong day light really hurts. I always have them in my bag. They were sent with this hard box, perfect to protect them. I am very happy with the quality of the product and the packaging. 

Top : Vintage
Skirt : Belfast (can't remember the shop)
Shoes : Primark
Lipstick : Mac Ruby Woo
Sunglasses : Firmoo

This is it for today. Don't forget to check out Firmoo.com , they have so many different glasses, it's time to get ready for the sunny days ! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the review and the outfit. I wish you a good day !

Wish list 59 | On Mondays we wear Black

20 March 2014


Hi dolls ! Today I have a very sexy and cute wish list oriented towards that adorable bag from Bershka ! The moment I saw it I knew I had to style it. This outfit is perfect for a date night or shopping. Any day you just want to feel a little girly. You can dress it down with sneakers and/or a jumper for the colder weather. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, I wish you a good day x

Makeup brushes review (Aliexpress)

16 March 2014


Hi dolls ! If you read my blog for a little while, you might know that in November I went a little crazy on Aliexpress and ordered a lot. At the beginning of December the website had massive sales. I got these brushes for 11€ but the price is now back at 17,38€. I have been using them for about 3 weeks now and here's what I think of them ! 

You get a set of 10 brushes, 5 for the face and 5 for the eye shadow (some people might use them for concealer as well). I already cleaned the brushes and they go back to shape perfectly, the hair is so soft and they are generally nice to use. For 11€ I'd recommend them to anyone. 

What I don't really like about them is that some of the brushes can feel a little bit too hard on the skin so if you are not really delicate you can actually move your product instead of blending it. Also, now the price is back at 17,38€, I'd recommend buying a kit from Real Techniques that is a little bit more expensive. I got mine at Boots for 26€ but it has been a year and a half and they are still amazing, after many washes and travels the shape is still perfect. 

At the end of the day, I really like these brushes, I needed some more for my kit in order to try new techniques and for 11€ they are worth it. But if you can afford Real Techniques brushes, then go for it. The Aliexpress brushes are gorgeous and nice to use but I am not in love with them. The fact that the hair is so dense and tend to move the foundation instead of blending it really bugs me. That's actually my main and only problem with the brushes. 

So here was my review, let me know what brand do you use for your brushes or are you using your fingers ? Hope you guys enjoyed !

I have been using these brushes for months and they are not as dense anymore. They actually feel super soft and I end up using them more often than my Real Techniques. They just need a little time to soften. I love them now !

Wish list 58 | French Spring

13 March 2014


Hi little criminals ! I am back with another French inspired outfit. I almost feel sorry but I love my stripes so much, even more during Spring/Summer, so be ready to see a lot of it. I will however try my best to shake things up !

Anyway, this look is very chic and casual, perfect for a day out shopping or for College. You can change the shoes and wear instead flats or even sneakers ! The Acne jacket is perfect for the end of the afternoon that are quite cold during Spring here in France. To give some edge to the outfit, nothing better than a gorgeous red lipstick. My favourite of the moment is Dangerous from Mac

I hope you guys enjoyed and found some inspiration here. I am thinking about trying and get out of my comfort zone and maybe start getting more involved with my Youtube Channel that I never ever update ! What do you think about chatty videos, blogging/college tips and Q&A ? Let me know ! 

I wish you a good day ! xx

OOTD | Faux leather and neon green (with Rosewholesale.com)

10 March 2014


Hi dolls ! Long time I didn't post any pictures of my outfits but Dariusz and I took some time to shoot while I was in Ireland. Thank you to Rosewholesale who kindly sent me this gorgeous clutch. I am so in love with it, the quality is amazing and the texture is thick. You can hold it by the hand or use the strap sent with it. As you can see on the pictures the size is quite large and there are several pockets inside to make it way more practical than any other regular clutch.

I know the colour can be quite intimidating but as you can see, I am wearing a very simple black and white outfit. I am crazy about the neon trend and I can't wait to style it this Spring/Summer. So don't be scared to go out of your comfort zone when it comes to your accessories, sometimes one simple detail (or colour) can turn an "alright" outfit into a Fashionista class one.

Top : New Look 6€ (sales)
Skirt : Primark 11€
Shoes : Primark 15€

I hope you guys enjoyed this OOTD. Don't forget to check out the Rosewholesale website, as you can see they have gorgeous items for very very cheap (especially their amazing shoe collection >> blog post here << ). I wish you a very good Monday !

Wish list 57 | Prints & Textures

7 March 2014


Hi dolls ! This wish list has so many trendy pieces I'm looking forward to style this Spring/Summer. This bandana print is one of my new loves from this season Fashion Week. I love how casual it looks and how easy it is to dress it up with faux leather and a white blazer or jacket. Who else is also obsessed with these skater shoes ? I'm happy to see that this year again, fashionistas can be comfortable in their sneakers ! Let me know what are the trends you are loving this season !

Also, don't forget to enter my Vichy Skincare product giveaway, just a few days let ! Good luck !

Beauty Review | Etude House February Box

5 March 2014


Hi dolls ! Today I'm back with another Etude House product review. Etude House is a brand I genuinely love. I have never been disappointed with the products so far and I use most of them daily. I started using these two creams when I arrived in Ireland last week. Just like my Vichy cleansing gel, I used these creams when my skin was at its worst state. Anytime when I travel, I get spots, breakouts, my face is hurting and tied. So when I started using these products to moisturize my damaged skin I was very please to see the amazing results ! Thank you Etude House for sending me another box !

I used this cream all week. My makeup was flawless and my skin was moisturized without feeling heavy. This is what I love the most about these two products, the textures are amazing. This face primer was efficient enough to be used as a primer and a moisturizer even in the Irish cold weather and on my damaged skin. I little goes a long way, after you apply it, your skin is soft and the product can be hardly felt !

This product comes with a little spoon to collect the cream. I am crazy about the feeling it leaves on the skin. My face feels like velvet and is highly moisturized. Also, both creams have a gorgeous packaging. As the cream says, my skin does feel like 20 when I apply it.

So this is it for today, here is my review about these Etude House creams, I love them both and I will be using them daily. Have you ever tried Etude House products ? If you want to check them out click the links in the blog post. Also don't forget to enter my Vichy Skincare giveaway, only a few days left !
I wish you a good day x

Mood | March 2014

1 March 2014


Hi dolls ! I know I didn't update my blog much this past week but I had a lot to do while my one week in Ireland. However, I am back with my March mood. As you can see, I'm very into light and neon colours (but always my black pieces you know me). I am still looking for the perfect shade of orange and if you follow me on Instagram or twitter you know that right now I'm mixing two lipsticks to get the result. I'm thinking about getting the MAC morange, I need to think about it.

Anyway, Spring is on its way and I couldn't be happier. This is my last year of Master degree and Spring means my last weeks of College. I'm so excited to start the next step of the adult life and I'll be happy to share it with you guys ! So let me know what is your mood for this month and/or what you love the most about Spring ! I wish you a very good day x

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