Wish List #53 | Shoes to take you anywhere

28 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Pharell – Happy

Hi dolls ! Today I am in a mood for shoes ! I bought some black boots last November, they were supposed to be my Christmas gift to myself but they arrived in Ireland like last week. So, I didn't even get to see them that I already have other boots I want to get. Shopping problem for sure... 

Since my last giveaway for you guys, I have been working to get some cool other ones on track and they will be starting soon. One of them will be with the online shop Rose Wholesale. As I was looking for a prize, I came across these shoes that I find really cute. And yes, 3 of them are boots ! They are super cheap, so worth the purchase !

I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what are the kind of shoes you are crazy about right now. Feel free to check out the Rose Wholesale website, there are many great and cheap items to catch ! 

Beauty Review | MUA matte Palette

26 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Pharell – Happy

Hey guys ! I got this MUA matte eye shadow palette in December, I wanted to try it for a long time since their Heaven and Earth is simply amazing. This palette is almost the perfect one, but for about 5€ I'd have to say that it's one of the best you could pray for.

First, the shades are simply amazing, from pinky nudes to warm browns, all the nude shade lovers out there are going to be pleased. You can use this palette for everything ! Day to night look, smoky eye, I even do my eyebrows with it. I use the darkest brown Truffle and the black Smoke. I finally have the perfect shade for my brows.

In general, I love this palette. The shades are great, it's big and small enough, very versatile. Also, the packaging really is pretty. Why I don't think it's the ultimate palette ? I just wished that the light shades were a little more pigmented. But the darker shades (all of them on the bottom) are highly pigmented, and look great. So, this is an almost perfect palette, that I'd recommend to anyone, even more to the beauty lovers who are building their kits.

So this is it for today, I hope this review helped you. This palette is really great and very cheap for what it is. I love it and I have been using it everyday since December. So let me know if you ever tried this palette or if you know another nude palette that is also great !

Have a good day !

Valentine's day look | The Girl worth Gold

24 January 2014

Listens : ♪ The Black Keys – Howlin' for you

Hi dolls ! I'm back with a very sexy outfit perfect for Valentine's day or actually, any Friday night ! This is the kind of look I would wear if I go out to a pub or a club with my fiancé or some girlfriends. I wouldn't really recommend this for a first date because it's very sexy but if it's the look you want, then go for it !

I just love this dress from Pink in Tokyo. Bandage dresses are perfect to shape your body into a slimer shape or on the contrary to give the illustion of a curvier line. I must say, they are not the most comfortable ones but who cares as long as you look fab ? 

What are your plans for Valentine's day ? Dinner at home ? Club ? Romantic night out ? Or are you going to be home alone just like me (long distance relationship sucks !). Feel free to share with me, I wish you a good day !

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Valentine's Day gift ideas for HIM (From 1$ !)

22 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Beenzino – Aquaman

Hi dolls ! I put together this funny list of gifts you can get for your boyfriend for Valentine's day. I wanted to do something different from the mug, underwear and headphones. Here are ideas from 1$ that I found really funny and cool. Gifts he will be able to enjoy or at least have a laugh when he sees it. That's exactly the kind of gifts I would get my fiancé, especially the gums. He forgets where he puts his keys all the time !

I love the ice skull mold and the Pizza USB flash drive. The cool thing about the flash drive is that the price will change according to the memory space. You also have the choice between a lot of food like sushis, burgers etc. The cap is so chic, it's the best way to dress up your man with one accessory !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what are your plans for Valentine's day. I wish you a good day !

Beauty Review | Etude House December Box

19 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Beenzino – Nike Shoes

Hi dolls ! I am always late when it comes to introducing my boxes from Etude House, but this is the one I had in December, I had the time to use some of the products and I really love them all. So let's start !

The products from this box were from the Marie Antoinette collection. This perfume is such a delight to me, it has my favourite flower ever : peonies. I love perfume that are not that sweet and smell a lot like flowers. This is how this one is, very light and delicate, perfect for everyday wear. Also, do I need to mention the adorable packaging ? I really feel like Marie Antoinette when I use it !

I have been using this mascara since the day I opened the box last month. I love it so much ! You have 3 different steps from natural to dramatic. I don't really see any difference between the steps 2 and 3 but there is a very clear one between these two and the step 1. The step one (see on the picture above) is my favourite for everyday wear, see how my lashes look natural ? It's like I'm wearing nothing but still, I have texture, length and intense black lashes. This is my favourite item from the box !

These are the items I didn't take back to France with me. Not because I didn't love them but I try to travel as light as possible. The lipstick has a gorgeous and creamy texture that will be great for Spring and Summer. I know I prefer more dramatic and bold colours in the Winter time but do whatever you want ! 

The Bling Bling eye Stick and the Tear Eye liner were perfect for the Holiday Seasons or for any sparkly makeup look. You can use the liner in the inner corner part of your eye or to simply create a cat eye look. The stick is very creamy and the colour is really cute. 

How cute this blush is ? I love the peachy pink shade and the packaging is simply adorable. I feel like a little girl when I use it. Again, a very soft texture that blends perfectly on the skin.

Etude House was a brand I always wanted to try and I am so blessed to be able to review some products each month. The packaging is always so pretty and the quality is amazing. If I would recommend one item from the December box it would be the mascara. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, have a good day x

Wish List 50 | The Baby Blue PVC Skirt

17 January 2014

Listens : ♪ The Killers – Somebody Told Me

Hello dolls ♥ This winter, the PVC skirts are everywhere and they will for sure be a statement piece for this Spring/Summer 2014. I've decided to get one myself, I just can't decide wether it will be pink or blue (since I can't find an affordable nude one). Let me know what you think ! Pink might be a little too barbie for me...

Anyway, today I am sharing with you a way to style that strong and sexy PVC skirt. My look is casual, urban, chic and simple. Wearing a pencil skirt with flats can make you look shorter than you are, but I usually prefer to look shorter and being good in my runners. Since the PVC skirt is so intimidating, go easy on the accessories. Wear any loose top (white or grey) to give your outfit an easy and casual look. A black jacket and a nude lipstick are perfect together. You can't go wrong with them !

So this is one of the many ways to style a PVC skirt, it is actually harder to style it casual than dressed up. What do you think about that trend ? Which colour do you prefer, pink or blue ? 

I wish you a good day ♥

Beauty Review & Tutorial | EASY Almond Shape Nails

15 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Kasabian – Fire

Hi dolls ! The Almond shape false nails is a trend that has been going on for years now. I first saw it on Lady Gaga or Rihanna and I just loved it but thought I could never wear it without looking weird. I am turning 23 this month and I decided that if I don't do it now, I won't do it as I grow older ! So I went on my favourite website aliexpress (I talk a lot about it, I'm not sponsored, I just really loved it) and got 500 false almond shape nails for only 5€61 with free shipping within two weeks !

There are 10 different sizes, all of them are in separate bags and each nail has the size number written on it, so you can't go wrong. I love the shape, I love the texture, they are super easy to use and take off. I am a true beginner with "nail art", my biggest new step last year was to buy a base coat and a top coat ! I love to apply some nude nail polish to give it an edgy but yet chic look !

What I used : 
Barry M all in one (basecoat/topcoat/hardener)
Apply a coat of your base, let it dry. My nails are very delicate so I actually added a second coat for more protection. 

I added a few drops (not too much) of the glue on my dry nail, added the false nail (make sure to try the sizes before starting all of this). Hold the nail and the glue together for a few seconds. 

Barry M Nail polish shade Lychee
I applied one single coat of this gorgeous nail polish. It does require a larger amount of product.

To remove the nail, don't pull it. Take a plastic bag, fill it with acetone (you can find some in Boots, Superdrugs etc.) and leave your nails for a few minutes. The nails are going to get softer and some parts will even melt. You can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube.

What I think : 

• The Jet Dry glue is not the strongest (it holds quite hard if you glue it properly) but I actually prefer that. I am not a false nail person. It bothers me very easily and I damage them quite fast. But for a night out I will for sure rock that look, or a day off I want to look good from head to nails !

• The acetone is quite a hard product on your nails and fingers, make sure to oil them right after. For the sake of my delicate nails I will not do this daily no matter how much I love that look. I think it is very important to use a good base coat. 

• These Aliexpress false nails are simply gorgeous, the delivery was great, I am super happy with my purchase. All of this cost me about 10€ and I am not ready to use up everything !

I am very happy with these products, especially the false nails, I can't wait to rock them on a night out with the perfect glamorous outfit ! This is a very different look that not everyone might like or dare but I don't care, I do what I love and so should you ! 

Have a good day my little criminals, don't kill the style !

Home Decor | Cheap Makeup Storage under 5€ (Lipstick holder)

13 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Sir Sly – Gold

Hi little criminals ! Finding the right makeup storage is always quite hard. The ones I found on Amazone were around 15€, which is way too much for a simple plastic box. So I've decided to dig a little deeper myself and I finally found this amazing lipstick holder on Aliexpress ! It can hold up to 24 lipsticks and it cost me only 3€74 with Free shipping ! It's small, light and it arrived without being damaged or anything. I am very pleased. 

So here is my lipstick holder under 5€. I had no problem with the order or the delivery and I fully recommend it to anyone looking for good storage !

I wish you a good day dolls !

OOTD | Diamond Beanie

11 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Lorde – Tennis Court

Hello dolls ! Long time I didn't post an OOTD on the blog ! The simple reason why is because while I was in Ireland, the weather was as terrible as can be. In some of these pictures it looks like it's almost night time but actually they were taken in the middle of the day. It was so dark, so cold and so rainy.

Anyway, today is a look I was rocking almost everyday while I was in Ireland. All black, with this gorgeous beanie I bought on Aliexpress and my red lips from Mac ! This leather top is the one I was wearing on New Year's Eve, I found it on sales in New Look the day I arrived and it became one of my favourite pieces. It just goes with everything !

I do believe that when you live in a country like Ireland where it rains a lot, you have to make sure that you are warm and comfy. But adding a few details to the look can add some effortless style, like the beanie and the bold red lips.

Beanie : Aliexpress (here) 3.48€
Coat : Primark 15€ (sales)
Shoes : A-Wear 25€ (sales)
Leggings : Primark 4€
Top : New Look 14€ (sales)
Scarf : Primark 2€
Lipstick : Mac Dangerous 18€

So this is it for today, I hope you enjoy ! I wish you a good day x

Video | New Year's Eve Party

9 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Blur – Boys and Girls

Hi dolls ! I remembered today after my exams that I actually filmed some small parts of the New Year's Eve party. I've decided to quickly edit them into this short video. I hope you will enjoy. I can't believe that I didn't update my Youtube account in 4 months. Well, it's not like I want to be a Youtuber actually. I really love the blogging community and I feel good here. But trying different things won't hurt ! Let me know if you enjoy and want to see more videos ! 

I still have two exams left so I'd better get going.
Have a good day x

Mood | January's 2014

7 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx – Gold Digger

See more pictures like that on my Tumblr The Crime of Fashion

Hi dolls ♥ 2014, I can't believe it. 2014 is going to be big for me. This is my final and last year of Master Degree but also College. It means that Dariusz and I will get to be together, no more France-Ireland long distance relationship, we already are so close to the end. 

2014 means as well that I'm going to be 23 the 25th of this month. There are so many things I wish I could do before reaching that age, but there are also many other things I didn't expect to do. For example, getting engaged at 21 ! I am so happy with my blog, with all of you guys. I just love the Crime of Fashion's community, you are amazing and it makes me happy to read your commentaries everyday. Thank you for the support.

Have a good day x

Blogger Tips | How to be “Blogger Ready” for Fashion Week

4 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Born Ruffians – What to Say

2014 just started but I am already talking about Fashion week. Why ? Because I do believe that a Blogger needs more than a few days to get ready and even more when it's a first time. Because of my schedule, I sadly went to Fashion Week only twice (both in Belfast). I will always remember my first time, I just started Crime of Fashion a few months before, I was all excited and I made the mistake not to research and prepare properly. So when I went last summer to the Belfast Fashion Week Press Launch, I was very ready. Today I will share with you my experience, what I've learned from my mistakes and what you should know for your first time. 

1) Planning

I always need at least a month to get ready for Fashion Week, sometimes even more. If you live in a city where Fashion week is happening, then lucky you ! But I usually have to travel, to stay the night and it means a lot of money involved. Being just a student, I need to be organised and save in advance. Here are a few things you have to think of before even signing for any event.

Hotel : Are the prices right for your budget ? How much are you willing to invest on one day ? Do you have friends that can share their place with you ?

Travel expenses : It's the budget killer. There will be a lot of small bills that you will have to think about, from a 1€50 subway ticket to a 40€ train ticket. If you check things first, you can be smart with your money and save as much as possible, or at least, not being surprised by the final bill.

At the end, you have to do the math and think about how much you will spend on that trip, is it worth it ? If you think it is, then go for it ! Also, if you are going to a city you have never been before without anyone to guide you, check on the internet how to get to the event, do you feel confident enough to cross a city, find a building in time ?

2) Set goals

One of my biggest mistake when I went to my first Fashion Week was to go as a tourist. I had a camera, something to take notes and that was it. I didn't set any goal for myself and for the blog. When I went back to Belfast the second time, I had a list in my head of things I had to do during the day. Here are some examples :

• Give as many business cards as possible
• Talk to the organisation team, introduce myself, thank them for the invitation
• Talk to the makeup artists, designers and get some tips/inspiration
• Get to be interviewed for the Youtube Channel

I am not especially a shy person. Thanks to my studies, I am quite used to public speeches but it is always intimidating when you arrive at Fashion Week, even more backstages. Everybody is so busy, you feel like simply being around is going to disturb the organisation. The first 15 minutes, I had to force myself and try to find the strength to go and talk to people. And I did, I had a conversation with everyone, from the PR agents to the makeup artists and even the interns. Also, I had a small speech prepared that would explain what I do, what is Crime of Fashion in two or three sentences. You don't want to stand there and looking for your words because you can't describe yourself or your blog. I gave my business card to as many people as I could, always had one ready in the hand. All my social goals were reached and when I left the event, I didn't have this feeling of failure, like I've missed a great opportunity to shine. I did my best, and next time I'll do even better.

3) Outfit

When it comes to Fashion Week, people tend to think that the outfit is everything. The first time I went, my outfit was too casual, the second time, I believed it wasn't enough. I still need to find the right balance between trendy and casual. You want to shine that day, show your style but I believe that an uncomfortable outfit can also ruin this special day.

Be smart with your outfit, just like with your money. Be stylish but don't forget that you might have to do a lot of standing, or sitting and a tight skirt could be killing you. It is always a possibility to send an email to the organisation team and ask them : is it casual or not ? Is it in a cold building ? Will you be sitting or standing ? Don't go to an event thinking it will be a regular Fashion show where people sit and watch, at my last press launch in Belfast I was standing from the morning to the afternoon.

If you have heels, no matter how good with them you are, I'd recommend having some flats in your bag (I had my Nike runners in mine and leggins in case of rain). Don't take the risk to catch a cold or to be sweating like a pig because of the lights. At the end, the outfit has to make you look good not because it is trendy but because you seemed comfortable and you were not trying too hard. Also, don't wear an outfit you haven't tried before. Even if it was just a few hours at home, check how you feel in it. You don't want to change your mind at the very last minute because the dress you picked doesn't feel quite right.

4) What you'll need

Another reason why you should get ready a long time in advance is because you have to be prepared with your money, your outfit but mostly with your equipment. At the end of the day, having a great outfit won't help you as much as having a business card to hand. If you tell people you are a blogger, they will expect you to have a card to show. They can write the name down on a paper or on the phone but it won't be as effective as the card. Here is a list of items you should have with you.

A camera (you know how to use) : it might seem obvious to you but some of you might go to Fashion Week with their brand new camera and realize that the settings are wrong without being able to change them properly. Or using somebody else's camera. Even if you have a very simple camera, at least you know how to focus and turn on the flash. Don't try something new on that day.

Notebook + Pen : You will have your mobile phone with you but you want to save the battery as much as possible. You can't go wrong with taking notes.

Business Cards : As I said, very important. I've made mine on Vista Print (using Photoshop). They always have some great promotions every now and then.

A mirror, bobby pins and hair bands : you never know what can happen, rain, wind, heat, always be ready to change your hairstyle.

These are the basic items I'd recommend to anyone going to their first Fashion Week or any Blogging event. Some will also add extra batteries, cables to charge your phone, laptop etc., but also hand sanitizer and tissues. You will have to adapt according to your bag and also to how much you want to carry around.

5) After the event

Stay in touch with the organisation team, the PR agency that invited you or the people you met there. I personally tweet often, shared my pictures with the Belfast Fashion Week team that needed/wanted some. I also sent an email with my blog posts and anything related. Also, I wrote an email the very next day thanking everyone for inviting me, the warm welcome and the experience. Each Fashion Week is different from a capital to another, I heard about the others but I can say from experience that in Belfast, it's amazing. Dariusz was surprised how people actually respected the fact that we were bloggers, they gave us space and time, they really helped with everything. And it's not because you feel thankful that they know it, always send a message telling people that you are aware of what they did for you.

So this is it for my piece of advice. Nothing too crazy but it does come from my experience. If you go with these basics, you should have a good time and reach your blogging goals.

Let me know if you have other tips to help me or other bloggers to improve, one of your Blogging event experiences, or if you are planning to go to any Fashion Week ! I wish you a good day, don't forget to enter my Burberry Giveaway, it's the last chance to win.

Happy New Year 2014 !

1 January 2014

Listens : ♪ Arctic Monkeys – Why'd you only call me when you're high

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I wish you all the best. I started The Crime of Fashion on blogspot last April and I finish 2013 with 345 followers on GFC within a few months ! I thank you so much; I feel so happy and blessed that you enjoy reading my blog. I have so many things to be thankful for and you guys are part of it. 

Last night Dariusz and I went to some friends' house and stayed there pretty much all night. It was such a cool party, very simple, with good friends and fun people. We celebrated one of our friend's birthday. I wish I could share more pictures with you guys but not everybody wants to be on a blog ! so I leave you with some pictures of Dariusz and I. I was supposed to wear a sequin dress from Missguided but at the very last minute I changed my mind.

Top : New Look 14€ (sales)
Skirt : Exhibit 7€ (sales)
Necklace : Primark 3€
Lipstick : Mac Ruby Woo

I hope you guys have a great year, thank you so much for the support and I hope the Crime of Fashion community will keep on growing ♥

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