Wish List #45 | Gift Ideas For Her

30 November 2013

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Hi dolls ♥ Christmas is on its way and I couldn't be more excited about it. Here is a very simple gift list for her, you have a large range of products and prices, great for small budgets. It is for best friend, sister, cousin or any girl in general. Some people are just great with gifts, no matter how little they know the person, they will just get it right. When in another hand, there are still people that have trouble every year. If you are one of them here are my ideas. 

Nail polish : Barry M nail polishes are under 5€, they have amazing colours and textures. A nail polish is always a good little gift, just to say that you thought about her. If you don't really know the person and don't want to go wrong with the shade, go for classics like a red or a beige.

Cute earphones : You can find them anywhere on the internet and the ones from Asia are ridiculously cheap. Some are even under 3€. This is perfect for any girl of any age as long as you find the perfect ones. Some girls will prefer them chic, cute etc. The thing with earphones is that we always need some.

Perfume : This is already another budget but perfume is always a great gift. I know it is difficult to chose a fragrance for someone so go for a brand that will please the person. Even if you don't like Burberry, a girl will always be happy to have a beautiful bottle in her room. That perfume is only 25€ on the website MEDIPHARM, it is way cheaper than Sephora (74$). This perfume is affordable and will seem even more expensive than it is. Also, I used to wear my mother's and the smell is incredible, very chic and light.

• Jewellery : This is another classic. The best place is Primark, I always get my jewellery there because it's gorgeous and cheap. But Accessorize has amazing and unique pieces that will please any girl.

• MUA makeup palette : Any girl needs makeup, even the ones that don't especially enjoy it. Sooner or later you will need some for a birthday, a wedding, new year's eve etc. Why not being one that offers a perfect basic palette ? You can't go wrong with MUA amazing shades and quality eye shadows. You can do any look from day to night. If you are not sure, nude shades are always great and not scary to wear. 

So this is it for my list. Nothing too crazy, it is really to inspire some of you that struggle with finding ideas, even more when you don't know the person that well. With these ones, you can't go wrong. 

Tell me what do you want for Christmas ! 
Have a good day my little criminals ♥

My Eyebrow Routine | Products I use (Gemey Maybelline, Beauty UK, 2 True)

27 November 2013

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Hey dolls ! Long time I didn't post anything on the blog. Sorry but I needed some time off with my family and then my Internet connexion was getting on my nerves (still does actually). Today I wanted to share with you my eyebrow routine. This is not a tutorial because I have been doing this on a daily basis for a few weeks only and I do not consider myself qualified enough to teach anything. There are plenty of amazing tutorials on YouTube. Right now, I'd like to share the products I use and love.

This is the look I wear everyday. I did a blog post already showing thick eyebrows inspiration. I love them very large and it has been years. I'm happy that the trend is back so now I can learn many ways to achieve the looks I love. There are days when I do my brows more on the brown shades like on the pictures above (they say you have to use one or two shades lighter than your hair colour) but most of the time I just love to go for black brows. I simply use the brown shades and then, I add little touches of black matte eye shadow (go light and then build the colour).

Here are the products that I use. The beauty UK matte eye shadow palette is a very small palette that I usually take with me when I travel. You can do anything with it from eyebrows to daily look to night time looks. It's amazing and under 5€. To brush my brows and keep them in place I use a cheap transparent mascara mine is from 2True (that turned brown with the uses). It costs about 2€ and so far so good.

The Gemey BROW Drama brow mascara is the last eyebrow tool I purchased in October when I went back to Ireland. It was around 5€ and I really love it. I wish there were darker shades than "Dark Blond" because even if my hair looks brown on the pictures I actually have black hair. But I really love it, I do not regret purchasing it. It does sculpt the brows and make your hair look thicker and your brows more natural. 

So this is it for today, let me know what do you use to sculpt your brows or if you are lucky enough to skip that step ! I wish you a very good day ♥

OOTD | One million Diamond Scalp

21 November 2013

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Hi dolls ! Last time I was in my hometown, I went shopping with my mother and I found these amazing flats in the French shop Babou. Only 6€, I got them in black and blue. I simply couldn't decide which ones I prefer the most and I actually can't wait to wear the blue ones. It was almost impossible for me to shoot this look when I was in Ireland since the weather was so terrible. Windy and rainy all the time, the days were so dark even shooting indoors was not an option. And as you can see, when the sun was out, it was so bright I couldn't see a thing. That's Ireland. 

Anyway, these shoes are adorable. I love the details on the scalp and the shape of the flats really feels chic and classy. It's the kind of shoes you can wear with a very casual outfit, the "diamond" scalps will do the difference. This fluffy jumper is the only item I bought in Derry, 10£ in Primark. This jumper is not the most flattering if you have shapes as I do but it is so soft and warm, I didn't really care.

Lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo

I hope you guys enjoyed. Don't forget to enter my giveaway and have a chance to win a dress worth 44$ but also to help single mothers in Columbia. 

I wish you a good day ♥

Wish List #44

18 November 2013

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Hello little criminals ♥ This is quite an edgy wish list I have for you today. I will be honest with you, I wouldn't rock all the pieces together in one single outfit. I have the feeling that it is or the necklace or the jumper and that the skirt or bag might be too much. But these pieces are simply amazing to me and I wish I had them in my closet. I love this new trend with the word necklaces. The transparent bag and the holographic clothes are both trends I still love as if it's the first season. I seriously need to get that Féline beanie.

Let me know what is the piece of clothes you think can rock any outfit (from this list or not). 

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY here and win a dress worth 44$ !
I wish you a good Monday ♥ 

GIVEAWAY | The 23 Shop handmade black dress

15 November 2013

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Hi guys ! Today is a very very special post that I couldn't wait to share with you ! A giveaway ! I haven't done one since July and I wish I did more of them. But this time it's more than fashion. The TWENTY THREE SHOP has a specific goal that really touches me. All the clothes on the website are handmade by single mothers in low resources communities in Columbia. By shopping on that website you don't only get lovely clothing but you get to do something special for these women. So make sure to check the website out and share it with your friends or readers. 

For this giveaway, you will be able to win that gorgeous handmade black dress. The texture is very light and delicate. The work is amazing, I could feel how many hours this represented for these women. I really want to thank Tamara for sending me this gorgeous dress. I picked it up myself. Any girl needs a cute black dress that is not too sexy or too dressed up, this one has the perfect twists with the different textures and the cut on the side. The dress is normally a bit longer but I decided to wear it with a belt since I have (many) curves, I had to accentuate the waistline.

Please share this article or the website because it's not just about the giveaway or fashion, this could actually help people.

It is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY and will end on the 29th of NOVEMBER. The results will be announced on the blog and my Facebook/Twitter page so make sure to check it out ! The winner will be chosen randomly.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much little criminals, I hope you enjoy this giveaway.
Have a good weekend and good luck ♥

Beauty Review | Gemey Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

13 November 2013

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Hello dolls ! Today I want to talk about the Gemey Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner that I bought when I was in Ireland. I have been looking for an eyeliner for ages, I always got disappointed about the texture. Most of the time it was fading away very quickly or on the contrary it was so intense that when I was opening my eyes, I got black everywhere on the lid (even hours after). So for a long time I simply gave up on it but in October I really wanted to rock that thick wing look and I thought a gel liner might be the best.

It cost about 10€ and first, when I opened it, I really loved the packaging, even though I expected something bigger but at the end, a little goes a long way. The gel liner is super easy to use, the packaging is absolutely lovely and the texture is amazing. It's super pigmented and stays on all day. I am loving it and it's worth the purchase ! I do think that the price could be a little cheaper for the size of the bottle.

Hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what is your favourite eye liner ! What do you prefer ? Liquid, gel or pen ? I wish you a good day, stay tuned for the giveaway coming soon !

Wish List #43

11 November 2013

Listens : ♪ The Wooden Sky – Take Me Out

Hi dears ♥ Today I'm back with another wish list. I had a massive crush on the flats and the jumper, I had to style them together ! Hope you will like it. The Chanel bag is worth like 2000€ (which is quite crazy) but I loved the shape so much and couldn't find a cheaper dupe. I hope you guys enjoy, stay tuned I have a giveaway coming this week ! 

Have a good day !

Beauty Review | Etude House Autumn Collection

9 November 2013

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Hi dolls ♥ Today I am very happy to share with you my products from Etude House ! As you might know, I did a blog post about it a few weeks ago, Etude House is a brand I always loved and wanted to try. They were lovely enough to send me some products from their new Autumn Collection which is simply great ! Here is my first impressions and review.

The eye shadow palette. Oh my. First, the packaging is just adorable (like everything from Etude House), the shades are amazing for the season and very pigmented. I wish I had a picture but I used the purples and brown to create a scar on Dariusz's face for Halloween. It looked so real, the colours were just great. I also did several makeup looks with it and I couldn't be happier about this palette.

The pencils are so lovely. I wanted to get that nude, champaign shade for a very long time. I use it daily on my water line to open my eyes but it is not as hard as a white pencil. They both are very pigmented and soft. Also, the packaging, again, is adorable.

From all the goodies I received, these lip stains are the biggest and best surprise. When I first saw them, I thought it would be another gloss (I'm not into gloss), then I thought they would be just lip stains, not that pigmented, not that great. How wrong was I ! These are matte finish (my favourite !) and extremely pigmented ! The pink shade (5015) is very bright, perfect for a party or summer time. And the dark red (5018) is also very strong and adorable for Autumn time. I wasn't sure about the applicator, the first time might be difficult but I ended up loving these ! Same as the pencils, I took them back to France with me for a daily use. They are AMAZING !

These two nail polishes are the only goodies I didn't have time to try. I did a lot of blogging in one week to make sure I'd have high quality pictures once in France. 

Thank you Etude House, this box was simply amazing and made me love the brand even more. It felt like Christmas when I opened it. The packaging is great, the makeup has an amazing quality. Everything is worth buying. Don't forget to check out their website for more cute products !

I hope you guys enjoyed, I wish you a good day ♥

Instalife | My week back home in Ireland

7 November 2013

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Hello my little criminals ♥ Here are some pictures I didn't have time to share on social media or on the blog yet. It was a really busy week I had in Ireland, between the collaborations for the blog (still a lot to come and giveaways !), my work for College and spending time with my fiancé Dariusz, it was really hard. Had to be up every morning around 8am (so much for holidays hu ?). Still I had an amazing time, I'm always happy when I'm back in Ireland and blogging. Hope you guys enjoy !

On one of the last days in Ireland I broke my favourite blusher. It was everywhere on the ground these are the only pieces I could pick up. I let you imagine how frustrated I was and also, what a mess it was to clean up. I love this blush so much because, oh wait, it's freaking pigmented ! My kitchen floor was all brown and I needed bleach to clean it up. I really want to get another one, this shade is absolutely gorgeous in daylight and on olive skins.

Anyway, I got to get ready for class, I hope you guys have a good day xx

Winter Skin Care Review | MEDIPHARM (Avène, Vichy, La Roche-Posay)

5 November 2013

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Hello dears ♥ I'm back in France and luckily all my classes of the day are canceled so I have the time to tell you about this great website Medipharm.ie . I had the chance to choose two products from their collections (thank you again) and as Winter is on its way I decided to go for deep skin care creams. I have extremely dry skin, redness and if I don't moisturize at least twice a day, my face just hurts really bad. So I was very excited to try the Vichy Aqua Thermal and the Avène Anti-Redness.


These products are simply AMAZING. And I am not saying that because they were gifted to me. Vichy and Avène are well known brands that have nothing to prove anymore. I am so happy I got the chance to try these products once in Ireland. When I arrived, my skin was terrible, all red, tired, dry and not pretty at all. It was the best time for me to test these and I felt the result immediately. I used the Avène in the morning and the Vichy in the evening after my shower (I just felt like it). My skin was deeply moisturized without this greasy feeling. Simply fresh. I still have some redness and blumishes but most of them are gone now.

I can understand these two products are little bit pricey but you literally need one drop of it for the whole face. Also, it is worth the price. You can spend all the money you want on foundation and concealer but if your skin is damaged, it will always show out. So invest in great skin care products. These two are simply perfect. I tried so many great brands that failed but these two became my Winter Favourite in a week time !

I was supposed to get only these two (amazing) creams but Medipharm was great enough to send me also a bunch of little samples and this travelling kit. I haven't use all of them yet but I took back in France with me the Physiological Micellar Solution from La Roche-Posay (it's a makeup remover) and I love the formula. It's very light, very soft on the skin. I think I will try the other products more in the Summer time and review them then.

So in general, I am deeply happy with all the products sent. Thank you so much Medipharm. Make sure to check out their website, they have so many products, and even great haircare collections. I really recommend you getting their Vichy or Avène creams, they are amazing and I am going to use them till the very last drop !

I wish you a good day, let me know what are your favourite winter skin care products ! xx

November's Mood 2013

2 November 2013

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Hello dolls ♥ November ! How great is that ? I'm on my last year of College so any new month means that I get closer to the end, and I couldn't be happier. November means winter and I am more in a cosy mood. Nothing too crazy , I just want to stay home, blog, study and drink hot tea. If you like the watch click here, same for the cute monkey nail polish dryer

Just before Halloween I've watched for the first time Edward Scissorhands with Johnny Depp. I can't believe and understand why I never did before. It's great, weird, touching movie. I'm really happy I did !

I hope you guys enjoyed, I wish you a good day and a lovely November xx

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