OOTD | Born Pretty Wrist Watch

31 October 2013

Listens : ♪ Joshua Radin – Beautiful Day

Hi little criminals ! Today I'm very very excited to tell you about the watch I received from Born Pretty Store. I told you already about this online store, I love it, everything is so nice and cheap ! Thank you so much for sending me this watch, it's gorgeous. I am not a watch person but I really liked this one I picked myself. The colours and the shape feel very fancy but it's around 7€, can you believe it ? The white faux leather is lovely and goes perfectly with the glass part. Quite a chic but casual watch to wear on a daily basis.

The great thing about Born Pretty Store is that now you can get 10% OFF by using my blogger code SARACC10, there is also FREE 24h INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ! It's just too awesome for my little heart ! You can find everything you need in there. Also, if 10 of you guys buy on the shop and use my code, I will be able to organize a FREE GIVEAWAY for you sponsored by Born Pretty Store. All the reasons to go online !

A big thank you again to Born Pretty Store, make sure to check it out, there are so many cool things in there. 
I hope you guys enjoyed, I wish you a good day ♥

Beauty Review | Genki Health & Beauty Cute Monkey Nail Polish Dryer

27 October 2013

Listens : ♪ The Pigeon Detectives – Take Her Back

Hello dolls ! I took a little break from blogging, after the long trip to Ireland, I just wanted to spend some quality time with my fiancé. But I have been using this adorable Monkey Nail Polish dryer as I was applying my new Nail Polish from Ess shade Bleu Klein. It was sent by the lovely Sian Miranda, thank you so much for the gift ! It's adorable !

First, it's quite small, not heavy at all and looks very cute. You only need two AAA batteries, then push on the plate with the bananas to make the monkey blow. I don't know if it's me or the plate, but I find it quite hard to push, but I have no strength in my hands at all. It blows nicely and directly on the nails. Be careful if you are clumsy just like me not the damage your nail polish while pushing the plate.

This monkey is really cute and I love the idea of this Nail Polish Dryer. Check out Genki Health & Beauty shop, you will find more beauty products, makeup tools etc. 

Have a good day xx

Makeup Review | Light in The Box 180 Eye Shadow Palette

24 October 2013

Listens : ♪ Miles Kane – Rearrange

Hi little criminals ♥ Today I am sharing with you a Makeup Review. I bought this Light in The Box 180 Eye Shadow Palette in September, it cost me only 23€ with free shipping, so I had to grab it ! It's the kind of makeup palette you find pretty much anywhere on the Internet, even on Amazon. I didn't do a review about it before because I felt like I had to use it a little while first and I still am not that sure whether I like it or not.

First, the size is really nice, the eye shadows are pretty large and you have so many colours to choose from. Every morning is a fun time for me ! The thing is that you get what you paid for : 180 eye shadows for 23€, you won't get amazing quality. The pigmentation isn't that great but again, it depends on the eye shadows. For example, the colours on the "nude" palette are pretty great, I really love them. But some colours on the colored palettes are not that pigmented and are pretty useless to me. So at the end, what I'd recommend you doing is to get only the nude palette and not the 180 colours. I still have a few shades I haven't tried so I might be surprised. For now, I don't completely regret buying it, but the shades could be more pigmented.

Long story short, I don't dislike this product but it's not the find of the year either. The nude palette stays my favourite, a mix of matte and shimmer shades, I love it.

So this is it for today, hope you enjoyed xx

Makeup | High on Brows

22 October 2013

Listens : ♪ Golden Skans – The Klaxons

Hello my darlings ! I don't know about you but I have been recently obsessed with eyebrows. I am so happy it is back in trend (since the 70's!) so I can enjoy the inspiration and the many tutorials. Honestly, I started wearing makeup (almost) daily for only a year. I bought my first foundation last November ! I had a few lipsticks but that was it, so I'm still learning a lot. Let me know if you want me to share the "no makeup look" I did in the pictures above. All I know is that I am loving the thick eyebrows everyday !

Also, I wrote an article for the website Clothes.ie about Fashion Bloggers and Body Issues, do we have a part to play ? I would love if you could go there and read it, let me know what you think because it's a serious subject. Do we, as bloggers, have the power to help girls to feel better about themselves ? I hope you will like it !

I really love that picture of Vanessa Hudgens, she looks gorgeous. What do you think about that trend ? Do you like it ? Do you even draw your eyebrows when doing your makeup ? I started doing it a few weeks ago and I now love it ! Let me know what you think. 

Life Update | Collaborations

20 October 2013

Listens : ♪ City and Colour – The Girl

Hello my little criminals ! I think that in two years of blogging I never ever did a blog post like this. I feel like updating you guys about my life because there is a lot going on in the blog but nothing that is already visible, and I don't want you to be lost when it happens.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting few collaboration posts with free samples I have been gifted. Thanks to some of them I got coupon codes for you guys (don't forget to check out Born PrettyStore) or giveaways, and I'm so very happy about it. I never thought I would have people reading my blog, commenting it and now brands collaborating. Why I feel like explaining to you is because they will all happen at the same time for a particular reason. As you know I live between France and Ireland. All the photography equipment is in Ireland where I am a few days every two months. So when a brand wants to send me free samples and expects high quality pictures I tell them to send it in Ireland. So, some of the products I will feature on the blog have been waiting for me since September. I haven't suddenly sold my blog, it's just that somehow, even brands I was supposed to work with this Spring sent me the packages now.

You might not care but I felt like I had to share this detail with you guys, after all, it's all thanks to you. I don't have much to say except that I just can't wait to share all the products with you. Thank you for everything, I love you all ♥

Wish List #42

18 October 2013

Listens : ♪ San Cisco – Fred Astaire

Hi dears ♥ Again, another wish list ! This is the kind of look I'd wear any day in the Fall/Winter time. It's very comfortable but yet edgy. The beanie is definitely the piece of the outfit to me, with a dark lipstick, red or nude. I have a lot coming up for you guys and I will make a blog post dedicated to it, explaining everything. 

Until then, I want to talk you about the Born Pretty Store website. It is a store I am preparing a project with and I just love it. You can find anything and it is seriously cheap. If you use my blogger code SARACC10 you get 10% off (+ 24h FREE worldwide shipping !). When I get 10 people to use the code, I will be able to organise a free giveaway for you guys, so feel free to order ! 

So this is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed, I can't wait to tell you more about my projects to come ! Have a good weekend xx

Hair Care Tips | Pollen Pellets

15 October 2013

Listens : ♪ The Killers – Shot at the Night

Hi dolls ♥ Today I am sharing with you another hair care secret : Pollen Pellets. Like most of my secrets, I got it from my mother. She used to take a teaspoon of this once a day when she was pregnant. As you might know, pregnancy tends to weaken the hair and cause hair loss. Pollen Pellets are available in supermarkets and are 100% natural. In three weeks time you will notice a dramatic change in your hair but also on your skin. 

Here is a list of some of the benefits :
• Energy enhancer and reduce stress
• Smooth skin (and naturally treats several kinds of allergies)
• Helps the digestive and cardiovascular systems
• Immune system and fertility booster
• Treatment against all the symptoms of old age
• Weight stabilization : corrects any possible chemical imbalance in the body metabolism (abnormal gain or loss of weight)

Long story short : this product works like a miracle. It is everything your body needs to feel, look and be better, healthier. The only problem might be the taste, I know I don't really like honey so I usually take it like a medicine. One spoon followed right after by a glass of water. Breakfast is the best time of the day to take it. You can find on the internet plenty of websites that will give you all the information you need.

So this is it for today, let me know if you ever tried it and what you think !
Have a good day xx

Wish List #41

12 October 2013

Listens : ♪ Pacific Air – Lose My Mind

Hello dolls ♥ I didn't update much this week and I'm sorry, I hate not to do it but I have been very busy and generally tired. This is why I just can't wait for the end of the month to go back home in Ireland, see my fiancĂ© Dariusz, prepare all the amazing projects I have for you guys. And just be home. Also, I kinda miss travelling. 

Enough blabla, here is my wish list. I've mixed a lot of trends together, I don't know if you guys are going to like it but if these pieces were in my closet, I'd wear them together.

Have a good weekend, thanks for reading ♥

October's Mood 2013

9 October 2013

Listens : ♪ The Oh Hellos – Hello my Old Heart

A Brand - A Makeup Crush -  A cute Animal - An Outfit - Shoes
A Perfume - A Place - A Hairstyle - Flowers - Food - A Drink - Famous

Hello darlings ♥ Today I am sharing with you my October's Mood. I am so happy this month started, to me it's Halloween, it's holidays, warm drinks and grunge fashion ! It is still pretty warm in France right now, around 20°C. This is why my October's Mood feels a bit summery. What are you looking forward to enjoy this month ? 

Hope you enjoyed, have a good day !

Halloween Costume Idea | Daenerys Targaryen

7 October 2013

Listens : ♪ Modest Mouse– Gravity Rides Everything

Hey darlings ♥ Still thinking of costume ideas for Halloween. This time I thought about what might be a very popular one : Daenerys Targaryen, the Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons. I dream to dress up as herself and I believe not to be the only girl in the world.

For this look I decided to for an outfit she could have been wearing before she gets married (and gets all wild) or after, when she lives for a little while in the gorgeous city of Qarth. The good thing about this look is that you can create it with "normal" dresses that are wearable in everyday life. You just need to be sure that they have an oriental, Grecian vibe and to find the right accessories. The wig will make the different. You can find some cheap ones HERE.

For the makeup, I let you watch this tutorial !

I hope you guys enjoyed, have a good Monday ! xx

Wish List #40 | Autumn Look

3 October 2013

Listens : ♪ Woodland – The Paper Kites

Hey darlings !♥ Today I come back with another wish list for this fall. I created this look around this gorgeous Roses and Clementines floral crown. It's the one I wanted to get for a while now. Peonies are my favourite flowers and the colours are just perfect for the colder weather. It's the second time I feature this MAC lipstick and I'm seriously thinking of getting it. This is a very casual and comfortable look, perfect for a day out, College, shopping or even a date with friends or lover. 

Hope you guys enjoyed, have a good day.

Halloween Costume Idea | Phoebe Halliwell The Genie

1 October 2013

Listens : ♪ Lucy Rose – Middle of The Bed

Hello dolls ♥ Finally October ! I love October because it's the month when I usually go back home to Ireland. It's also the Halloween month and it's a big deal there ! With all the sweets, costumes and parties all week long

A few days ago, I was watching an episode of Charmed (again...) and Phoebe turned into this cute Genie. I forgot how adorable this costume was and I told myself it would be perfect for Halloween. Of course, hers shows a little bit more skin than the one I picked and I can understand that for some of you, it is still too much. Her makeup is really lovely and very Brigitte Bardot actually. Big false Lashes, pink cheeks and eye liner. 

I would love to dress like that, but I was already blond last year (Lady Gaga from Judas !)
What about you ? Do you like Phoebe as a Genie ? What is your perfect costume for Halloween ? 

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