Cinema Club | "Drive" with Ryan Gosling 2011

30 August 2013

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Hi darlings ! I've been watching a lot of movies this summer and it was stupid of me not to share them with you guys. So I decided to create this new topic called Cinema Club where I will be sharing the movies worth talking about.

I love Ryan Gosling since I first saw him in the Notebook. I loved him in Blue Valentine and other movies. But I wasn't sure about Drive because of the theme of the movie. Action, drama about apparently a guy who drives a car and a lot of violence, I thought it would be some other Fast and Furious. How stupid I was. Drive is nothing like it and it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

The Story of a Dark Hero :
I don't like Batman, I never did, I always found him boring and I'm pretty sick of all the fuss about him (sorry if I hurt some of you, that's my opinion). But « The Driver » is what I call a « Dark hero ». He is touching, you want to fall in love with him but also he is scary as hell, at the end of the movie I was terrified but I couldn't help loving him. It's like this dangerous man with a strong killing power who just wants to be loved. Dark without really wanting it. This character is so deep , there is so much to write about him and I will stop here because as I know myself I could go on and on. 
What I loved the most :
Drive is a different movie. I would say about the first 45 minutes are just the story about this guy who doesn't talk much (Ryan doesn't say a word for like 10-15 min!), you just see his lonely world and at that moment I didn't know what to think about it yet.

Was the movie borring ? I guess not because I couldn't stop watching and not due to Ryan's sexyness.

There is something about the movie that is really calm, very serious and nothing really happens, you are drawn into a world that many people used to the big budget American productions would call boring but it was an amazing part to me. Nothing was happening and I understood why only later.

When the crude violence appeared in this calm movie,
I just couldn't take it, it was too intense.

There was almost no music during the violent scenes, almost no sound and
I remember my chest being tied, my heart racing and I was in panic but with no superficial effects. It was just a brilliant directing with a great acting that set the mood for the first 45 minutes and then I was addicted to the story, I was scared and lost, and the end was great. You don't know who to hate, who to love, who you would like to die next. That's when I understood how great this movie was.

Here is the video of my favourite soundtrack of the movie, I love it so much.
So this it for today I hope you guys enjoyed xx

Let me know if you watched it and if you enjoyed or not, or maybe if this article made you wanna watch it too !

Get the Look | Aria from Pretty Little Liars "Tiger on Tiger" outfit

28 August 2013

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Hey guys ♥ Today I share with you one of the looks Aria was wearing during the 4x11 episode of Pretty Little Liars. Lucy Hale is such a gorgeous and lovely girl, I can't resist her. When I saw the jacket she was wearing I fell in love with it ! It's divine and I managed to find the original one. I was surprised how she rocked the look "Tiger on Tiger" with the blazer and the top. I would have never thought it would turn out so good. For the rest of the look I went for some regular Disco Pants, but you can use leggings, denim etc. And for the shoes I went for Ankle boots with the gold detail on the back that was very "Aria " to me. I hope you guys enjoyed !


Which one of the #PLL is your favourite ?

OOTD | That Lucky Soldier

26 August 2013

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Hello dears ♥ Today I'm back with another very very simple OOTD. I styled this "LYCKY" tee in so many ways this summer from casual to party look and I'm happy to know that I will be able to continue this fall ! This kind of look is typical of what I'd wear to College all year long.

Jacket : Primark 9€ (sales)
Top : New Look 6€ (sales)
Leggins : Primark 4€
Creepers : Shoe Zone 10£

Sorry I can't remember where I got the ring. I think it was in Cracow last year. I hope you guys enjoyed anyway, have a good day !

OOTD | Back To School

24 August 2013

Listens : ♪ Rogue Wave – Siren's Song

Hello dears ♥ Today is a back to school OOTD. In this look I put together the items I got in Belfast with my top and faux leather jacket from Primark. I love this outfit but according to my mum it is still 30°C in France so I am not close to start wearing my beanies. Anyway, here is the look for some inspiration, hope you guys enjoy !

Top : Primark 5€
Jacket : Primark 9€ (sales)
Beanie : Urban Outfitters 16£
Skirt : Chemestry
Creepers : Shoe Zone 10£

This is it for today, I will be back soon with more OOTDs.

How they party in Bratislava.

22 August 2013

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**Be careful with alcohol**

Dress Topshop 12£ • Lipstick MAC Ruby Woo 15€

Hey guys ♥ Here are the pictures of Tuesday Night. We had a party at Martin's my next door neighbor who accidentally appeared in one of my blog post earlier in the Summer. He is such a great guy and he is going back to Slovakia this Friday. We are all going to miss him. That night was so much fun, mostly because Dariusz and I will have to say goodbye again in a few days when I go back to France as well. It was a chance to celebrate, have fun but also remember to enjoy the last days we have left together. Here are the pictures of our house party and then we ended up in the club. I loved the fact that everyone was or from Slovakia or from PolandI am not advertising alcohol in here, actually, if you know me, you know that I don't drink at all.

I hope you guys enjoyed xx

Belfast Goodie Haul | Topshop Urban Outfiters Shoe Zone etc

20 August 2013

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Hey dolls ♥ I know I have been blogging a lot about Belfast but so much happened in two days ! And I didn't even blog about everything ! But I will come back to it later in September to share with you my tips about how to be ready for Fashion Week as a Fashion Blogger. Let me know now if you want to read this article sooner. Here is a part of what I got myself in Belfast, I love shopping there it's so great. I hope you guys enjoy xx

Topshop 3.50£ instead of 8.50£ each

Urban outfiters 16£

Paperchase stickers • Calendar 4.50£ • Notebook 3.50£

1.000.000$ Chocolate Bar Candy Lab

Creepers 10£ Shoe Zone

Oh my god ! I wanted Creepers for such a long time ! I remember I had a crush on them when I first started blogging 2 years ago. But for some reasons I couldn't find them (and I don't like to buy my shoes online) and when I could they were like 25€ or more. For some this is not expensive but to me, at that time it was because I really didn't need another pair of shoes. Also, I remember in Ireland, everyone was wearing them. Everyone. It is still very popular but less. When I saw them for only 10£ I had to have them. So easy to style and perfect for the fall I am in love !

So this is it guys, I hope you enjoyed and let me know about the Fashion Week Blogger Advice ! xx

Our trip to Belfast

18 August 2013

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Check out my interview from Belfast Fashion Week Press Launch !

Hey guys ! Here are the pictures of our trip to Belfast. It was Dariusz's first time and we both loved it so much. Belfast is very unique and I have a huge crush on this city. We had a great lunch at the gorgeous Café Vaudeville after the Fashion Week show. We went shopping at the Victoria Square (Haul coming soon !) and had a nice hot drink in Starbucks. I used to hate Starbucks and somehow, it just changed. The Botanic Garden is something to see also because it is close to the University in the student area. Such a lovely place !

This is a picture of me just before the Belfast Fashion Week Show in the early morning. You know me, I love to rock my runners in the city ! We stayed at the Lagan Backpackers Hostel in Belfast, in the student area. The prices were so cheap even if all the hotels were booked because of the festivals. It's a clean, calm, superb and very close to the city center. I would recommend you going there if you want a great place to stay for cheap !

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! xx

Belfast Fashion Week A/W 2013 Press Launch | Backstages and Show

16 August 2013

Listens : ♪ Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

Pictures by Dariusz Bombik

Hey guys ♥ We are back from the Belfast Fashion Week A/W Press Launch. It was an amazing experience, and even better than the first time I went. Everybody was so nice to Dariusz and I (he was a little nervous to enter into the cruel world of Fashion but was surprised to see how cool everyone was). We met amazing people and I have so many updates to come to you guys ! Hair, makeup, interviews ! If you want to see more pictures check out my Facebook Page. Today is going to be about the show in general, with the backstages, the show, some of the looks.

The amazing Andrew Mulvenna

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. I will update soon more information about the next trends this Autumn/Winter, it's gonna be gorgeous and I can't wait to share them with you !

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