Back to the 90's | Sabrina, Teenage Witch

31 July 2013

Listens : ♪ The B-52s Love Shack

Hey dolls ! This morning I started feeling nostalgic and I watched a few episodes of my old favourite TV shows like Hey Arnold !, Angry Beavers, Johnny Bravo, Sister Sister and so many others (I will make a blog post about it) and obviously Sabrina, the teenage witch
I loved this show so much, no surprise why later, Charmed became one of my favourite ever. The story was cool and many metaphors were actually very intelligent, like the Bus Guilt and so many others. Salem obviously was the star of the show with his jokes and his adorable costumes ! I always loved Sabrina' style before I realised that the 90's were up and down when it comes to fashion. Today we can wear the best of it and laugh about our old pictures !
In this list is one of Sabrina's outfits, very easy to wear today and of course some elements of her room. I LOVED her room ! My room never was pretty and decorated so whenever I watched this show I just wanted to sit on the bed and light on a candle. 
You can find some very old looking books in any vintage shop, yard sales or charity shops, usually, they are quite cheap.


I hope you guys enjoyed, what was your favourite TV show as a kid ? Today they are so different !

Food | Chocolate Chip Cookies (easy)

30 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Lana Del Rey – Video Game

Hey guys ! Today I share with you my first time making chocolate chip cookies ! I am not good in the kitchen but I am trying once in a while. They turned out pretty ok, there is still room for improvement ! Some of them are with strawberry on top, I just added them before putting the cookies in the oven.
Here is the video that helped me bake them, super easy and cheap !

I hope you guyes enjoyed, have a good day ! xx

Brand Crush | Genki Health and Beauty

28 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

Hello girls ♥ Today I am sharing with you another brand I discovered this weekend. I just fell in love with the packages and the cute theme on each products. My favourite crush must be the Blush palette with all the amazing colours or maybe the little monkey, so cute ! I leave you with the link so you can check it out yourself ! 

Makeup Look | Mermaid Eyes Fashion Week Inspired

26 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Collective Soul – Precious Declaration (remix)

Hello ♥ Today I am sharing with you a look I loved last winter during Fashion Week. The Glossy Eyes makeup that I adapted for Summer (ok I just called it Mermaid Eyes). It's a super easy look but it requires some practice because the glossy effect on the eyes can get messy. Makeup artists might be using many different products to get that shiny look but I decided to go with Vaseline. As simple as that. This is how I got that glossy, wet look that shines so much under the light, the most perfect party look. Apply your makeup as you would usually do and finish with a touch of Vaseline applied with your ring finger. Be careful, it can get messy but it lasts pretty long and it looks really nice.

Eye Shadow : Accessorize Makeup Palette Exposed
Mascara : Essence I ♥ Extreme

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! ♥

Top 4 Rimmel London Lipsticks

24 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Tegan and Sara – Goodbye, Goodbye

Hello darlings ♥ Today I am showing my favourite Rimmel London lipsticks. If I could, I'd be getting all of them. I love the textures, the colours and they smell actually very good. Also, they are about 6 to 7€. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, this post is the first one I did using a tripod. 
Have a good day !

Virgin Mojito Recipe | Sober is the new Drunk

23 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Rogue Wave – Figured It Out

The weather is so hot right now in Ireland, everyday between 20 to 25°C, it's amazing and I love it ! This kind of temperatures makes me want to try new cooking recipes like the S'More Ice Cream Cake or this Virgin Mojito
I don't drink alcohol, I never had a glass of it in my life but I always feel frustrated when I see some yummy and gorgeous looking drinks, with the colours, the effects, but all of them are with alcohol. So I had to stick to my boring (but healthy) orange juice or diet coke. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, 
What is your favourite drink ? I love Ice Tea Peach !

How I Style | Summer Cocktail Look

21 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Vampire Weekend – Blurred Lines Cover

Hi little criminals ♥ Today is a very special update, I present to you my new purchase : my sequin skirt from A-Wear. Here is the story, I saw that skirt a long time ago and it was 65€, way out of my budget so I fell in love with it but I had to let it go. Then, I found it on sales for 30€. More than half the price but still way too much for a simple skirt, don't you think ? Only two left, a size 18 and a size 12, mine. I spent a week hoping for the price to go down but it didn't and Dariusz started to scare me saying that another girl in town will be wearing it. 
So I had to get it, 30€, I almost regretted it but the moment I put this baby on, I knew why I fell in love with it. It feels so fancy, elegant but also fun. It's the perfect skirt for Summer parties but even for New Years' Eve, birthday, girls night out etc... I love it, I don't regret it at all, I found this skirt absolutely divine.

Shoes : Primark 15€
Earrings : A-Wear 8€
Top : H&M 3€
Nails : MUA shade All Nude

This is it for today, hope you guys enjoyed, have a good day !

Make Haul | MUA; Collection 2000

20 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Foals – My Number

Hello lovelies ! Here is a very tiny Haul from MUA and Collection 2000. I never used any Face Primer when I put on makeup but I decided to give it a try cause my makeup tends to fade away during the day. I found this MUA Face Primer for 6€ I still need to try it. I taned a lot this summer, so badly that I had to change my face powder and my foundation. I went for a cheaper version than my Bourjois Healthy Serum Mix because I won't keep that tan all year long. Here is Collection 2000 Almond, 3€25. I also picked the MUA lipstick, on the pictures it looks way darker than it really is, such a lovely light coral and soft colour, 1€35.

This is it for today, I'm sorry if the pictures are not amazing, I am using Dariusz's new lances and I'm no photographer, I still need to learn so much about this art and I never thought focussing would be so hard to do ! 
Anyway I wish you a very good weekend !

OOTD | New York Snap Cap

18 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Pavement – Cut Your Hair

I wear a lot of beanies, I love them, it's my thing, and then I have my hats but I have never really been a cap person. Dariusz is the one collecting them and it is because of him I found this one in TK Maxx for 13€ instead of 19. I love the tropical prints and that royal blue, two of my favourite in one piece of clothing, cap or not cap, I had to get it.

Thursday already, can't wait for the weekend ! Have a good day ♥ xx

Instalife + Video from Galway

16 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Sam Roberts – Brother Down

Hey lovelies ! Here are some random pictures I shared (or not) on Instagram (@crimeofashion) this past month. When I have a look at all of them I realise how obsessed with food I am ! Also, here is the video from our trip to Galway with Dariusz. I never took the time to post it when we came back with the Swap and the Giveaway and then I forgot about it. But here it is and I hope you enjoy !

Hope you guys enjoyed this piece of my life ♥

OOTD | Blue Tiger

15 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Alpine – Gasoline

Hello dears ♥ Today I share with you another very simple OOTD. I style my new Blue Tiger top from Primark 8€ with my other Primark Pumps 15€. I can't remember where I had that grey skirt but it's very simple. It's a look you can wear with heels for a more dressed up feel or with flats, sneakers for a more casual purpose. On my nails, I am wearing the gorgeous Blueberry nail polish from Barry M.

Hope you guys enjoyed, see you next time !

Charity Event | Girls Night Out

14 July 2013

Listens : ♪ Arctic Monkeys – Dancing Shoes

Hi there ♥ Friday night I went to the Girls Night Out Charity Event, organised by my friend Ashley. She put together a crazy night. A large group of Irish women gathered in a glamorous room full of handsome waiters and other kinds of charming men. I didn't take any pictures of them because, I guess, I'm the kind of girl who is too busy taking pictures of the sparkling things in the room. It was a very nice night and Ashley's boyfriend was the DJ, loved his music. Here are some pictures of the event.

I wish I had some pictures of my outfit that night, I will do this look again (which happened to be quite popular) and ask Dariusz to take a few pictures for me. 
This is it for today, see you in my next one ! ♥

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