What's in My Bag | Travel Edition

29 June 2013

Listens : ♪ Phoenix – Trying to Be Cool

Hello there ♥ I was packing some of my stuff for a quick trip and I thought I might make a blog post out of it. So here is inside my bag, I did only the beauty, makeup products because I haven't decided yet what I will be wearing.

The plastic bag comes from Primark, with 3 bottles and 3 cream pots for 1€50. Inside, I have my shampoo and conditioner from Balsam 1€, my favourite ! I have Bioderma makeup remover and some random toothpaste, both are travel size. Also, my new Nivea day cream for face and some eye drops.

I didn't take all my Real Techniques brushes, only the ones I use the most and my eye shadow/blending brushes. I believe I took too much makeup for one day trip but I like having options. The Accessorize makeup palette is perfect, you can create so many different looks with this one, you don't need anything more.

My handy bag is going to be in my handbag and not in my backpack. Inside, I have pretty much the same things as I do in my regular handbag. I just added some medicine (my wisdom teeth are growing and it's killing me !!) and some plasters in any case my shoes hurt me. Also, I didn't show it here but I have a bottle of water cause you need to keep yourself hydrated !

So this is it for this post, sorry my pictures are not amazing but I'm kinda busy packing and cleaning around. I hope you guys enjoyed ! xx

TAG | The Colours of The Rainbow

28 June 2013

Listens : ♪ Hey Geronimo – Why Don't We Do Something ?

Hey dearsI decided to do a tag I saw on Youtube and that I found pretty nice. The colours of the Rainbow tag consists on showing beauty products, accessories and clothes according to some colours. I didn't show clothing because I am feeling very sick and I was too lazy to go through my closet. So here is my selection !

Rimmel London Kate Moss shade 110 - Bourjois Healthy Serum Mix Shade Light Beige

Real Techniques Buffin' Brush - Miss Europe Bronzer Shade Tomette 
MUA Blush Shade Lolly

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - L'oréal Elnett Hair Spray 
Miss Europe Nail Polish Rose Nature

Tea Tree Foam - Earrings Streets of Cracrow - Sunnies H&M

Nivea Toner - Nivea Night Cream - 2True Nail Polish Shade 15

Hask Argan Oil - Earrings AWear - Turquoise Eye Pencil Essence

Beauty UK Lipstick Shade Snob

Urbanista Face Brush - Essence Mascara - Gemey Maybelline lipstick Fushia Flash

Pantone Notebook - Collection 2000 makeup palette - AWear Earrings

This is it for this tag ! I had not much to share about the Violet because I hate this colour. I'm sorry, I know it's quite popular but I just can't. I love lilac, I found it very sweet but when it comes to purple and violet I just can't stand it lol. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, have a good day ! xx

OOTD | That Gypsy Girl

26 June 2013

Listens : ♪ The Neighbourhood – Afraid

Hi dolls ♥ I got this fringe skirt in New Look on sales for only 7€ a few days ago and I couldn't wait to style it ! I used my other New Look top from the post How I Style Runners and my ankle boots from A-wear (How I style Fushia Lips). The hat comes from Paris, St Michel 20€. The Egyptian Key of Life earrings are from New Look as well, 1€ instead of 5€. The handbag is from Primark 9€. This outfit is the proof that you can use all over again the same piece of clothing (hat+T-shirt+boots) but having a total different look because of the unique skirt. On my eyes I used the Accessorize Makeup Palette Exposed.

I hope you have a good day, 
Can't wait for the weekend ! 
See you in my next one ! ♥

Nominated for the Liebster Award !

25 June 2013

Listens : ♪ Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Colleen

 Hi everyone ♥ Today I have a very special update ! I have been nominated by the lovely Afroditi Kateli for the Liebster Award ! That's a funny and exciting blogging game I can't wait to play. This Award was created for bloggers who have under 200 followers and is a way for them to connect. Here are the rules. 
  • You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
  • You yourself must then pick 11 blogs with under 200 followers to also be nominated for the award.
  • You must think up 11 questions for these nominees to answer & also notify them.
  • You must link back to the blogger who nominated you for the award.

 Here are the questions I was asked !

1. Who is your favorite youtube beauty guru ?
Beauty Crush.

2. What is your favorite foundation ?
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

3. Summer or Winter ?
Summer ♥

4. How do you start blogging ?
It was during the summer just before I leave to Ireland for a year. I had nothing to do, a lot to say and a lot to come. It took me weeks to really start it.

5. What's your favorite lipstick color ?
I love pink, orange, coral etc. But I wear nude most of the time, I must say.

6. What is your dream destination ?
San Francisco.

7. What's your all time favorite movie ?
The Notebook or The Vow.

8. Who do you want to play Christian Grey in 50 shades of grey movie ?
I never read the book, I heard it's terrible !

9. Say one random fact about you
I come from 3 different countries.

10. Say one beauty thing you suck at
Cat eye. It takes me ages to get one wing but the other always looks ugly.

11. Are you going on holiday this year ? Where ?
I am just back from Disneyland and Paris. I plan to spend a weekend in Galway soon, if that counts lol.

Here are my nominations : 
Czesc Mnie
Dubai Fashionista
Love This Thread
Lisa Schmidt
Emma Wears What ?
The Pixie Picks
Art Style Love
I Am Daisy Alice
Prints and Brogues
Style With Friends
The Equinox Fashion

My questions for them : 

1. The one makeup step you never skip
2. Your favourite fashion blogger
3. Your favourite fashion item for this Summer
4. Your favourite TV Show
5. Your favourite makeup brand
6. You are invited to a party, you don't know the dress code, what do you decide ? Taking the risk to be overdressed or underdressed ?
7. A foreign language you wish you could speak
8. Real or fake lashes ?
9. What do you love the most about blogging ?
10. A blogger you'd like to be friend with
11. The biggest fashion/beauty/hairstyle mistake you ever did

So this is it for the award ! I hope it was as fun for you that is was for me ! Feel free to answer my questions in the comments, I'd be curious to know ! ;)

*** EDIT ***
I happened to be nominated twice, on Zoe Amanda's blog ! I answered her questions on her blog post, check it out if you are curious, she has such a lovely blog ♥
Thank you Amanda :)

OOTD | Miami Rain

23 June 2013

Listens : ♪ Phoenix – Don't

Top 8€ - Skirt 10€ - Shoes 15€ - Lipstick 7€

I had to style these shoes ! In this look I enjoyed mixing the textures and the inspirations. I didn't do it on purpose but all the items come from Primark. I styled a sporty and casual jersey top with a very dressed up pleather skirt and sandals heels. On my lips, Rimmel London Kate Moss shade 110. I don't know if you can notice on the pictures but yesterday it was raining like hell and Dariusz and I had to wait for the few minutes when the rain wasn't that strong.

Have a good day xx

Primark Black Pumps

22 June 2013

Listens : ♪ Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Colleen

I wanted shoes like that for months and months since I've seen them in Zara but they were too expensive to me. Haven't you realise that the moment you want to buy something but for some reasons you can't, it's everywhere on the Internet ? At least, it feels like this to me lol. I decided to wait a little longer and finally here they were today in Primark for only 15€ ! I love them not that hard to walk with, they feel so delicate I can't wait to wear these shoes !

Have a good Saturday ♥

Random Memories | Special announcement

19 June 2013

Listens : ♪ Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis

Hi dolls ! Here is a quick update of what I've been doing these past two days after work. Nothing special, just chilling with Dariusz and enjoying the sun ! 
I realized as I was making this quick video that I didn't share with you guys the fact that Dariusz and I are engaged ! I couldn't be happier ♥ We might do a blogpost or a tag about this in a very short future. Anyway, for today I leave you with this video !

See you in my next one ! xx ♥ 

How I Style | Fushia Lips and Aztec Dress

18 June 2013

Listens : ♪ The Whitest Boy Alive – Burning

Hi dolls ♥ Today I will be showing you one of my last makeup purchase : the Gemey Maybelline Sensational Shade Fushia Flash 902. Fushia is a colour I only wear on my lips, I found it very fresh and it can make an outfit. I styled it with very nude eyes from my makeup Palette Accessorize and my mascara Gemey Maybelline Rocket'. The dress comes from New Look, I had it on sales for 6€. I love it, I love the prints and the shape. The leather jacket is a gift from my mum, she got it in Morrocco. The bag is from Primark 9€. This is a very simple look you can wear with any lipstick colour or even a nude one. The messy hair bun and the nude eyes add a casual touch to the outfit that tones down the brightness of the lipstick. 

See you in my next one ♥

Accessorize Makeup Palette

17 June 2013

Listens : ♪ The Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Hi guys ♥ Today I share with you one of my last purchase which is the Accessorize Makeup Palette Exposed. I got it in Superdrugs for 9€ and it's gorgeous ! 32 shades of nudes from brown to deep pink and black. With this palette you can do pretty much any look and I love it ! The fact that there are shimmery shades as well as very mat ones is the best about it. I don't really need any other palette, all the essentials are here. And the price is quite affordable. The colours are very pigmented, it's such a great purchase. I'm loving it !

Have a good Monday !

OOTD | Printed Bomber

16 June 2013

Listens : ♪ Maribou State – Larks Rise

Printed bombers were already very trendy last year, when I got this one. I loved the mix of oriental, Chanel and 90's grunge. This kind of prints was seen recently on people like Rihanna, Beyoncé or Rita Ora. It's quite a difficult piece to wear for me because of the prints and colours, I usually match with only black. But I love going from a street look to a very dressed up one with this jacket. The brand is called Modo, I got it in a small local shop in Ireland, but I saw last summer this very same jacket in New Look. I had this one on sales for 20€. The beanie 3€ comes from EBay and the shoes are Dr Martens. Leggins and tank top from Primark 4 and 3€.

Necklace H&M 9€99

I wish you guys a good weekend.
Love xx

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Kit

14 June 2013

Listens : ♪ The Get Up Kids Overdue

These Real Techniques brushes are known to be some of the best you could ever use, sometimes even better than Mac. So when I saw 4 brushes and a special case for 26 € (single brushes 12€) you understood why I just couldn't pass. It is always very hard to find the ones that actually are right for you. When it comes to brushes, the price doesn't mean anything. So I decided to give these babies a try.

The brushes themselves just feel so professional. It might sound stupid but they are heavier than the ones I own and the texture of the brush feels so fancy. Also, the hair is so soft, it's a delight to apply on the face. I can't wait to start using them. They look beautiful, they feel beautiful, let's hope they will make me beautiful ! ahah

What is your favourite brand for makeup brushes ?
No need to wish you a good day, it's Friday ! ;)

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