Paris, France

France | Paris Day 1

31 May 2013

Listens : ♪ BB Brunes – Britty Boy

This is the 3rd part of my Trip in France with Dariusz. Our first day in Paris ! It was very nice but the thing that  got me angry was the manifestation against gay marriage, thousands of people at the Eiffel Tour, Les Invalides (we got caught in the crowd and had to walk with them for a while to get away) and the subway line to the Arc de Triomphe was disturbed so we couldn't go all the way there (by foot we could but we were too tired) so we stopped at the Jardin des Tuileries. Anyway, it was still very lovely, and our favourite place was Notre Dame and St Michel where there are adorable coffees, bookshops and restaurants. 

Shirt : Alain Manoukian
Leggings : Primark
Beanie : Ebay
Shoes : Dr Martens
Tank Top : H&M

Hope you guys enjoyed, have a good day ♥

Paris, France

France | Disneyland Part 2

30 May 2013

Listens : ♪ WEKEED – Wild Child

Hey dolls ! This is the last part of my Disney trip ! I promise, no more pictures or videos ahah. Next will be Paris, I can't wait to share it with you. The second day in Disneyland we had a pretty good weather and because we did everything in one day, with Dariusz we had the time to chill, enjoy and spend a lot of time in Alice's labyrinth. So huge, we got lost and it was really funny. Hope you guys enjoy, xx ♥

Paris, France

France | Disneyland Part 1

28 May 2013

Listens : ♪ Toadies – I came from the water


Hi guys ! I'm back in Ireland and it feels so good ! This is my home for sure ♥ Here are the pictures of my first day in Disneyland with Dariusz. The weather was terrible and at first we were pretty frustrated but that was before we realized nobody came to the park that day because of the rain ! It was empty and we did everything we wanted to without any queue ! The longest we waited was about 30min at the Star Tour. Unbelievable ! We were so busy getting crazy on roller coasters we actually didn't take that many pictures of the first day. 

The video is on it's way, stay around ♥


France | Beauval Zoo

23 May 2013

Listens : ♪ The Vaccines – WetSuit

Hi darlings ! I'm back to my hometown and Dariusz is here with me. We visited the Beauval Zoo, it's an amazing place and there are so many animals I just couldn't put all the pictures on my blog. The birds are my favourite, they are looking so amazing with the colours and the monkeys were just so adorable ! I made some videos but I will edit them when I will be back from Paris, right now I just need some more time off. Here are Dariusz's most gorgeous pictures, hope you guys enjoy, I will be back soon !

See you soon xx ♥

Time off | Going on Holidays

19 May 2013

Listens : ♪ The Vaccines I Always Knew

Hi guys ! Yes, I'm done with school ! It has been a week since I had my last exam but I stayed longer in OrlĂ©ans to get my things together and deal with some administrative procedures. As you can see on the pictures, at first my luggage has been just a big mess full of shopping bags but after a few days I managed to get it in order. It's always so hard to keep moving for a few months to another place. Even if this time I'm going back to my home in Ireland, well I still need to decide what to take and what to leave. 

Anyway !  I'm going back to my hometown, spend a few days with my family before leaving for Ireland. But before that I go to... Disneyland ! So excited ! I will be with Dariusz for two days and then we spend two more days in Paris. I can't wait to share the pictures and videos I will make with you guys ! So stay around if you want some OOTD, see how Disneyland is and of course, discover a bit of Paris ♥ 

I will have a few days off my blog because I need some time with my family and with Dariusz I didn't see for three months !! But I will be back with so many posts ! If you want some fast updates, don't forget to check my Instagram, Twitter and of course my FB page !

To keep you waiting here is an extract of the New Girl last episode that just made laugh so badly ! I loved this season, it was brilliant ! 


Love you guys ♥  


Wish List | Oh My Love London

15 May 2013

Listens : ♪ Kaiser Chiefs Good days Bad days


Hi dears ♥ I'm back today with another wish list ! Just so you know, when I decide to do a wish list about a brand I'm not sponsored. It's just that I want to share my crushes with you guys. And today it's about the gorgeous brand Oh My Love. The name is perfect because all I can say is that I love the clothes. Some can be pretty expensive but the part Sales have very interesting prices ! My favourite of them all is the 3rd one. So fabulous ! Hope you guys enjoy, I still need to finish packing to go back to Ireland in a few days for the next 3 months ! xx

Summer Makeup Look | Bronze it Up

12 May 2013

Listens : ♪ Best Coast When I'm With You

Hi dolls ♥ I'm here today with a summer makeup look. I decided to go with warm tones and shimmer for a lovely glow. It was pretty weird for me to take pictures of myself which is totally different according to what you want to show (makeup, nails, clothes etc...). Anyway this look is good for any skin tone just make sure to get the right blush/bronzer shade. But it's also a makeup look that is great when you have a lovely summer tan. I like to do it with nude lips as well for a very natural look. I applied the bronzer under my cheekbones and then the blush from my cheeks to the temples.

Blush : ELF shade Giddy Gold 4€
Foundation : Miss Europe shade Beige 2€99
Bronzer : Miss Europe shade Tomette 3€
Lipstick : MakeMeUp shade Passion 2€49

Hope you guys enjoyed xx

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