Artwork : Spring Girls

29 April 2013

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Hello dolls ! Here are the finals drawings. I can't believe it took me so long to finish them since the end of february. I colored it with Photoshop. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy

Review | Gemey Maybelline Rocket Volum'Express

27 April 2013

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Hey guys ! Here is my review on Gemey Maybelline Rocket Volum'Express. I heard so much about them all so when my last mascara was empty I decided to go for it ! I got this one on sales for 6€ which is already quite expensive for a mascara, at least to me. But Gemey Maybelline is one of my favourite makeup brand so I trusted their reputation. Here is what I think of it !

I really like the packaging. The mascara seemed a bit too big at first but I got used to it. I like that the collection is so colorful when it comes to the packaging, it's more fun ! 
The brush is GREAT ! I absolutely love it ! Usually mascaras are too soft on the lashes but this one really catches them from the roots and lengthen the hair. The colour is also very pigmented and changes your look from the first coat. In the pictures below, I wear nothing but mascara. 

This mascara is perfect for a simple but dramatic look, although I don't think it would fit girls that like more natural eyes. Also, when using it, be sure that you have a very good makeup remover because it's really heavy. It takes me way longer to remove it totally and I noticed that I tend to lose lashes while doing it. Which I don't really like. 

Rocket Volum'Express is really great, the brush is amazing and the doll eye effect is gorgeous. But I don't like losing lashes when removing it ! 


Hot Wave Essentials

25 April 2013

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I'm back with a summertime makeup list ! I don't know about you but when the weather is that hot like today (26°C !) I just hate to wear a lot of makeup like foundation. Here is a list of basic natural colours to highlight your beauty and brand new summer tan. For the lips, if you don't want to wear anything at all, go for a lipbalm, it's very important to hydrate them all year long. I just found this MUA palette and I can't wait to try it

Makeup Review | Gemey Maybelline 14h Stay

15 April 2013

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It has been a while now since I first talked about the Gemey Maybelline 14h Stay Lipsticks. I wanted to try them for so long and here they are ! First, the packaging is really lovely, cute and practical. The lipstcik is so easy to apply, I was even surprised. The colors are really cute and easy to work, wear and mix together. About the long lasting that is the main point : it's great ! I love it ! It didn't stay on 14h with all the talking, eating, drinking and teeth brushing but it holds really long ! At the end of the day, I still had colour on, it didn't go all over my face and you don't leave lipstick on anything you touch with your mouth. So it's definitely one of my favourite right now and I've tried quite a lot. If I had to give it a grade I'd say 8/10. The creamy texture doesn't leave your lips dry and even when the colour is fading, it fades naturally and nicely. There are some more brands I'd like to try and get another Rimmel London Apocalips.

WIP | Nekomix Artwork

11 April 2013

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Hey dolls ! I don't know if you remember, but in February I posted on Instagram and Facebook some sneak peaks of drawings. They were for a last minute project and here it is ! Nekomix is a French comic book where comic artists get the opportunity to show their art. I was published a few years ago when I was in high school and it's with a big surprise that David, the chief editor, asked me to send him some drawings for this new issue. I still haven't received my magazine and I hope to show you soon. For now, I'll be showing you the process of one of my drawings. Hope you guys enjoy.
First, I usually look for some pictures on Tumblr that inspire me. Sometimes I don't even use them but this board just helps me getting in the mood of what I want to draw.
And this is one of the last steps. Then I just scan the drawing and clean it on photoshop. Because I was at my boyfriend's and I didn't expect to actually draw, I had no material, I just ended up taking a picture of my drawing and work it how I could on photoshop. And next is the final result of what people get in the magazine !

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