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16 February 2013

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Hello darlings ! If you wondered how to have perfect looking and healthy hair for nothing, don't search anymore ! All you need is here ! You can use one product at the time or all of them at once as a hair mask. I don't really have any measurement, I simply add what I need the most, for example olive oil because I have dry and thin hair. Right after I apply it, my hair look totally different, too bad I can't go out like this because of the weird smell lol. Once all the products are on my hair I tied them as a bun and wait as long as I want. My grand-mother used to sleep like that with a scarf on her head, to let her hair "drink" all the oil out. Do one shampoo, use a conditioner for extra health and nice smell (because you will need it !) and you are done ! 
Have a nice Friday night Xx

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