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24 November 2012

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Good evening guys ! Here are some pictures of my new makeup storage. Since I arrived in France I had to quickly move in OrlĂ©ans. In my place, my landlord doesn't allow me to change anything.So I just have a desk I use for my homework, my make up, to eat (cause the kitchen is too small). As you can see there is not much place left and it got worst when I came back from Ireland in November with my Huge makeup haul. So I had to find a practical way to put everything in order. This is how I happened to use a... plastic tea box ! I took off the lid and as far as I'm concerned, it's quite good ! In the shop I wasn't sure it would work out but it does ! Only 3€, mine is from the French shop Babou. For the non-French readers I guess those kind of tea boxes are available everywhere.
I hope this cheap idea helped you if you are having problems with your makeup. I wish you a nice Saturday night #Xx♥!

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