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30 October 2012

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Happy Halloween guys ! Here are some pictures of yesterday, when I spent my afternoon making some pumpkins with my boyfriend (who by the way impressed me with his). Hope you guys have fun tonight, can't wait to see all the costumes and to put mine on ! Today is crazy in Lk, music in the streets, people dancing and singing, all dressed up, a good night coming ahead ! See you Xx ♥
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Nudism : Next Summer Trend ?

3 October 2012

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An Old hippie trend ?
I know what you are going to say. Is she for real ? Naked the new Fashion ? But don't worry my little Owls, I have a perfectly normal explanation for that weird topic. Well, at least good enough to me... Last night I found on TV a surprising documentary about nudism. To be honest, I was bored and couldn't find my sleep so I started watching thinking “God, another bunch of hippies” but the more I was watching the more I understood it was something else, something deeper and beautiful. Naturalism is at least as old as the Bible with Adam and Eve and still so many people don't understand it. This documentary totally changed my mind on it and this is why I share it tonight with you guys.
I used to think Nudism was just about getting naked around weird and old people watching each other having sex in the bushes. Smoking grass, painting on each other, preaching love making instead of war but in a very negative and lazy way. Like you couldn't manifest peace with clothes on ? I must admit this documentary showed another side of Naturalism. The one with a real meaning that could actually have an impact in our society. Those people don't get naked just to show off and have sex. Actually, thing I first didn't know was they praise nudity in a non sexual environment. It is more about going back to basics and Mother Nature. No clothes to hide behind. You have to face the people around you the way God made you, and according to the people in the documentary, it is not that easy. More and more popular in Great Britain, this TV show was all about trying to understand what would make 20 years old people going back to basics like that. Just a simple but funny way to get attention or something harder to do ?
The body lovers.
Behind what you could call old fashion hippies is in fact a real matter of image. This is the reason why I started to enjoy this documentary. You had different kinds of people, the pretty and perfectly skinny girl and boy who just wanted to go back to Nature and two other guys that were going through deep image issues. The first one had been called fat all his life (and was actually looking perfectly normal) and realized that he needed to start loving his body, to feel good in it the way it is. Getting naked was the way he found to cure. Same story for his room mate who joined him not long after. This one used to suffer from anorexia and started to respect his body, to see the beauty in it the day he really got naked. Same for other girls who were thinking they were too fat for this society and found their self-esteem in nudity. One of those girls said she didn't think she would ever be naked all day long, but long enough to enjoy being who she is the way she is. It was a positive and beautiful picture to see; those people eating normal food, not thinking of nudity in a nasty way and actually respecting themselves. At that point of the documentary I almost agreed 100% with them, but still, something was bothering me. The girl and the guy, trying to make students join their group and looking perfectly gorgeous. It was like the message they were saying with their mouth was destroyed by their “politically correct” bodies. No fat, no stretch marks. Nothing. How different from Fashion magazines were they, then ?
As much as I think it is quite a good idea to face your fears, I am still part of the persons that think a little bit mystery doesn't hurt. But something else I liked about this community is that when you go to a “naked” event, you don't actually have to get naked. You do it whenever you feel it is the right moment. Some girls kept their underwears when others didn't leave even a sock (true). Open minded people won't hurt in this world full of judgements. But once again, I don't feel like I would be comfortable – not being naked – but having naked people around me.
Really a positive trend ?
I was happy one of the students they tried to enrolled spoke for myself. A cute ginger girl said the right words. The Naturalism association of the College was using the image of two persons with no fat. It is unfair and contradictory to their message. How people would want to get naked and find their true self if everybody around them is looking like in the magazines ? What would be the difference between feeling uncomfortable in a bikini than totally naked ? Same judgement, same society that always make us feel too fat, not good, tall, smart, rich, charismatic enough etc... This is on that point I am going to finish my paper. As much as I love the idea of looking for self-esteem without hurting yourself, I can't help being worried about this method. Alright, for years “normal” people were doing it, but now this is getting more and more trendy, the skinny and beautiful ones our society wants us to look like won't take long to take over that new fashion. How could we blame them after all ? No fat doesn't mean no issues. But if skinny people get Naturalism, what else is left for us ? The “too fat to be beautiful” ones ?
Here is an extract of an old funny French movie to finish on a good mood. If you went on my Facebook page first you may have already seen it. Sorry for the non speaking French, but actually you can still understand the humour. The magic of Luis De Funes is above languages.

What about you guys ? What do you think about showing some skin ? Feel free to share your opinion !

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