22 September 2012

Listens : Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness 
Hey guys ! Sorry sorry sorry to be gone for like 20 days but I was supposed to have internet in my flat and I didn't ! I still don't have it actually, it should be a matter of days now. I think that anybody from our generation can understand what I felt when I turned on my computer, alone in my new flat, in my new town, and realized I wouldn't be able to talk to my friends (cause my phone credit balance was dead too, of course or it wouldn't be that funny ~ ). For the ones who still need a picture, here are some funny gifs from Tumblr, cause Tumblr knows how to express your frustration ahah
At first, I couldn't believe that after having booked my flat for a month, my landlord still didn't put internet on (why even cutting it after the last resident ?). So I was like :
Cause yeah, it was written on the website that it was supposed to be part of the rent price.
Then, after a very long phone call to the internet company, they said I would have it in two days or maybe one week maximum. So I got my place in order, did everything someone moving in a new town has to do and waited the hole week, like a nice girl. Then, a guy from the company said I would have to wait till the 23rd of September. So I started to be like :
Because getting mad wouldn't solve anything I started to lose faith (I know that's not better...). The Internet guy said the 23rd but I don't really believe him anymore actually. So I got like this for a few more days :
Anyway, I spent some time in my college library (and my classes only officially start next monday xD) but I couldn't update my blog cause, call me weird, but I need my own space to look for pictures, being able to listen to my music, stop for a second and watch a best of Friends without having people looking down at me like I'm so mainstream... So I'd rather wait for my internet to really come back and take care of my blog. Once again, thank you for the people who kept coming here. You can follow me on my instagram my name is @crimeofashion, all the links are on the side !
Xx my little criminals ! ♥

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