Poland Part 2

11 July 2012

Listen : Santana - Maria Maria
Krakow baby ! What an amazing city ! Not like Dublin or Rome, where they are more tourists than natives, here, in Krakow, Poles are everywhere and it is very nice. The Old Town might be my favourite place. My boyfriend and I found a room in a Hostel on Florienska Street, which is right in the centre near absolutely everything. The funny fact is that our hostel is right above a strip club called “Gentleman's Taboo” ahah Visiting Krakow is very nice, by walk you can find your way easily and chill out at the terrace of a cafĂ© or restaurant. People are so fashionable and shopping is quite cheap when you come with Euro. An exquisite place to come with your friends but I didn't know how romantic this city could be. Here are some pictures, see you soon ! #Xx♥!


Poland Part 1

8 July 2012

Listen : My boyfriend's brother playing the guitar next door
Hi guys ! Oh God, I don't know why I had this idea that Poland was supposed to be a cold weather country. Some friends tried to warn me about the very high temperatures in summer but I guess, after a year in Ireland, I stopped believing about the existence of the sun ! Poland is absolutely amazing, very nice people even if I have to face the fact that as an French/Arab girl in a small town, I might be one of the most exotic tourist some people ever saw so they keep starring ahah But it is very sweet. The food is very nice and fresh and if one day you have the chance to taste a dish called “Miseria” I recommend it ! It is very close to the Greek dish Tzatziki but more watery and very nice with this hard weather.
Here are some picture about one of the shop “Inglot” which is – if I am right – a British brand but created by a Polish. The products are absolutely amazing and you can try everything. The colours are endless and it is difficult to make a decision. It is quite affordable and the quality is very good. I let you enjoy the pictures, see you soon ! ♥

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