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28 May 2012

Ecoute : Dawn Landes – Young Girl
The weather is f*cking hot in Ireland right now, unbelievable ! I can't help feeling artistic and enjoying this very nice weather drawing in the park. Soon I'll come back with some summer wish lists etc... For now here some of my newest drawings. #Xx♥!


DIY | Friendship Bracelet

7 May 2012

Ecoute : Mak & Pasteman – Do The Same
I remember when I was in middle school and with my friends we were really into “friendship bracelets” or called literally in French “Brazilian bracelets”. Cheap and personal jewellery we could easily make ourself with colours we choose, it became for some of us a hobby. Just like I said in the past posts, I'm getting more and more into “Aztec fashion”. Those bracelets are a perfect example of jewellery you can wear with this trend, but not only. As I was remembering how to make some and trying to get inspired about colours to buy, I realized that Brazilian bracelets were actually back into the trend but in another way that I like a lot.
This spring/summer fall, girls will be wearing their handmade bracelets with some “real” bracelets bought in shops. But to make it more edgy, you have to make sure that the bracelets you bought are more grunge, elegant and/or rock that the ones you made for a real contrast. Gold or silver only are the two best. I think it is a good way to add some colours to your outfit without having to adopt a full Aztec/bohemian/hippie fashion. Here are some pictures to inspire you and some of my colours selections to make bracelets if you don't really know which ones to buy at first. Also, you can have some patterns to help you to learn how to make hundreds of different ones in this very nice and simple website right >> • HERE • <<
• Here are some of my colours selections :

Hope you enjoyed, see you soon #Xx♥!        


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