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15 February 2012

Ecoute : Rihanna – Rude Boy (Dubstep Remix)

For the ones who follow me on Twitter, you might already know that Monday I was in Dublin for a very important reason : I was working as an assistant for a fashion show with some of the best Irish Designers at the time ! I was so so so excited ! My day started at 9:30 at the bus station for nearly four hours bus to Dublin. I was very stressed because even if I know this city a little bit I've never been there on my own. But thank God everything went right and after a bus and a train I arrived at the Hartley's Hotel. Very fancy place. Just the time to put some red lipstick on, to change my flat shoes against some heels and I was starting my new job !

Organising a fashion show is quite crazy. I am lucky my boss is actually very nice and helpful. As a new assistant I had, of course, to do the less exciting things according to the others but I couldn't help enjoying it a lot. I was asked to take care of the accessories which brought me straight to Heaven ! All the bags, jewellery, shoes... ♥ Everything was so beautiful and very expensive. Some piece of jewellery could cost more than 1000€. Taping the shoes was the longest thing to do. Because we needed to give them back to the shops, they had to look brand new as if nobody walked in it. So taping would protect them. With another assistant, Linda, we did that on like 100 pair of shoes. Then we had to put them in the kitchen, to sort them by colour, form and size. Same for the accessories. Everything had to be ready and handy before the show not to waste any time.
Then I was asked to take care of the goody bags. At first, I really though I was the luckiest girl on earth and then it started to be a little bit tricky. On the picture you will see one third of the bags I had to put presents in. They were heavy when you had to carry a lot at the same time and you always have to make sure not to destroy them. After I had to put a rose and a goody bag on each seat which was very nice. While I was doing it, the models – who arrived late and created a lot of drama ahah – were trying on the designers clothes, walking in front of cameras for the Irish TV Show XPOSE (on Arté 3).

The hardest part started with the show. People arrived, the music was on, the food, cameras were everywhere. I couldn't enjoy the show of course because everything was happening backstage. The assistant were separated in two teams. Two girls with the shoes and accessory and two girls with the designers, dressing up the models. I was in this team and trust me, it is such a hard work ! You don't have time to breath. The models come and go, you have to give them their clothes, then to help them to put it on, putting back the clothes to the right section for the designers to pick it up after the show. You also have to make sure that the accessories are right. It is very hard because you have to listen to what the designers want and also you have to guide the models. Some of them are really nice and try to do as much as they can on their own when in another hand I had to handle some models who wanted me to put their shoes on while I had to close the dress at the same time, cleaning the place for the next round etc. It was my first time so I didn't do as great as I wish I would but now I'll be ready for the situation because you really have to be there to understand how stressful and crazy it can be. But at the end I just LOVED IT !
It was simply amazing ! A lot of stress, challenge, drama (a model hurt herself during the show and couldn't finish it) etc. It was real fashion ! I can't wait to try this experience again ! A video will be on line , I don't know yet but as soon as it is, I'll post it here for you my little owls Xoxo ♥

I'm on Irish TV !

3 February 2012

Ecoute : Daft Punk – Around The World
This morning, my friend Christelle sent me a link on facebook telling me to pay attention to the 40th second. You'll be able to see me, wearing my Halloween makeup inspired by Lady Gaga Born This Way video clip. In my article at the time I told about the fact that 3 cameras were filming me dancing but I didn't know why. Now I do ahah. It is actually for a TV advertising about Northern Ireland. Enjoy ;)
Ce matin, mon amie Christelle a posté un lien sur mon mur Facebook me disant de faire attention à la 40è seconde. Vous pourrez me voir avec mon maquillage de Halloween inspiré par Lady Gaga dans son clip Born This Way. A l'époque, dans l'article, j'avais parlé du fait que 3 caméras m'avaient filmée en train de danser mais sans savoir pourquoi. Maintenant oui, ahaha. C'est en réalité pour une campagne de pub télévisée à propos de l'Irlande du Nord et de son tourisme. Enjoy ;)


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