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Bohème chic

24 August 2016

Paris, France

90's inspired off duty summer look

19 August 2016

Boots you'll need this Autumn

14 August 2016

It's 30°C almost everyday in Paris this week and here I am lusting over some boots. I spend the whole year dreaming about sun and warm summer days and yet, Autumn fashion gets me excited already. There is something about Autumn fashion that I love so much. It's not so cold yet, you can incorporate winter items while still wearing some summer ones. 

The one item I am the most excited about has to be boots. Is it too soon for boots ? I was about to buy myself a pair last week and then the temperatures just kept on getting warmer and warmer. Until the weather cools down a little, here is a selection of what I saw in the shops and online recently that I have been totally loving. Zara has a gorgeous selection of boots. I heard so many times that shoes at Zara have got to be the least comfortable shoes ever made so I am worried to spend to much money on a pair of boots there. Let me know if you have some from that store and how they feel. 

I am so inspired for Autumn already but until then, I will lust over boots and build up my next season collection slowly. The sun is still out so I should better enjoy it because I will be missing it soon enough ! 


Paris, France

Polette California Silver Sunglasses

8 August 2016

Hi babes ! I am back with another Polette Sunglasses post ! Polette has been for over a year now my favourite sunglasses brand alongside with Ray Ban. I love their style, it's always so trendy and affordable. 

This Summer, they created the California sunglasses. As you can see on the photos above, they have been with me the entire month of July, they are constantly on my handbag and anytime the sun shines, I'm ready to pop them out ! This collection has a vintage vibe but also feels even higher quality. The details on the branches, the packaging, it's all on another level ! 

This round retro shape might not be for everyone at first but it actually fits with way more styles than most people would think. They can be quirky or classic, depending on what you are wearing. I chose this simple grey colour to be able to wear them on the daily with any looks. Also, if the shapes intimidates you already, this model is the best to start with. 

I need to mention the packaging one more time, I feel like I'm on vacation any time I clean the lens. It's so colourful, high quality and fun ! I'm really loving this new Polette Sunglasses collection and I can't wait to see what's to come next !

Paris, France

ZAFUL Whatta Babe Dress

4 August 2016

Hi babes ! It still feels like Summer in Paris and I couldn't be more excited. Today I am sharing this dress from ZAFUL with you that could as well be perfect for transitioning into Autumn. I would wear it with a thin high neck top under and some thick tights to keep warm.

Right now, as it is still quite warm, I simply put my favourite boots ever from Bershka that I bought last Autumn and let my hair loose. This dress has a very nice and breezy material that will keep you fresh under a warm summer sun. This maxi dress looks just like the photo on the website, I was very happy with my order. It is such an easy item to wear at the beach, on vacation, for a casual day out or even a summer night out. The price is extremely affordable, you can"t really go wrong with it. Also, the red is quite muted so it still looks bright but yet elegant and not cheap at all. 

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know if you are a maxi dress kind of girl for Summer or more into short dresses ? I wish you a lovely day !


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